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dudeman is back. maybe.

September is a little more than a week away and I think it's safe to say that we can now begin to judge how well players have done since changing uniforms, and how good these deals actually were. Since there were many trades, I'm only focusing on the bigger names that were traded. I'll be grading their defense, offense, and they will all get overall grades. Players are in no particular order. This volume features Manny Ramirez, Mark Teixeira, Jason Bay and Xavier Nady.

Manny Ramirez

Defensively: Manny has never been known as the best defensive left fielder. He may be entertaining as hell, but he's not your ideal choice when picking gold glovers. In 19 games as a left fielder with the Dodgers, Manny has an error and no assists. He has 35 putouts, a better range factor, a better zone rating and a worse FP% with the Dodgers than with the Red Sox this year. He hasn't been horrible, but not spectacular.

Defensive Grade: B

Offensively: Offensively, Manny has thrived with his new team. In 21 games, he already has 6 homers and 21 RBIs. If he played a fulle 162-game season at this rate, he would have 46 homers and 162 RBIs. The homers would be a career high for a season, and the RBIs would be his second best single-season total. He has a .387 average, .484 OBP, .667 SLG% and a 1.151 OPS. He's been putting up insane numbers, and has definitely been better than what the Dodgers expected. He's brought this offense to a whole new level with his power and consistent hitting. The Red Sox are no doubt extremely disappointed that Manny wasn't willing to play hard for them, because if he was happy in Boston, they would be a lot closer in the AL East.

Offensive Grade: A

Overall Analysis: The production from Manny makes this move an extremely smart and timely move by the Dodgers. They jumped in when Manny was angry and stole him away from the Red Sox, and are now reaping the benefits. He's one of the best hitters in the game, and a legit threat in the lineup. His experience in the playoffs and in playoff races doesn't hurt either. Manny will be the key in their playoff push down the stretch.

Overall Grade: A

Mark Teixeira

Defensively: Teixeira was easily a Top 3 defensive first basemen in the NL when he was a Brave. He hasn't been as great with the Angels though. In 19 games at 1st base, he already has 3 errors compared to 2 with the Braves this season. His range factor and zone rating are both down, and so is his FP%. Although his defensive numbers with the Angels aren't exactly terrible, they aren't up to par with his numbers in the NL.

Defensive Grade: B-

Offensively: This is the aspect of Teixeira's game that the Angels were hoping would bolster their offense. His bat definitely has. In his 22 games as an Angel hitter, he has been superb offensively. He has 6 homers, 19 RBI and 15 walks as an Angel. His average is .367, OBP is at .474 and a SLG% of .620. His OPS is also extremly high, at 1.094. His number are extremely similar to those of Manny, and I believe he's had as big of an impact. Teixeira brings a badly needed bat into the middle of the Angels' lineup, and gives Vladimir Guerrero some protection.

Offensive Grade: A

Overall Analysis: Although the Angels may be put into turmoil with their many expiring contracts at the end of this year, and Teixeira just adds to it, I believe this was a deal that had to be made. With this deal, the rich became richer, as the Angels answered one of their very few questions. Although they have struggled a bit recently, they are more than comfortably ahead of the Rangers in the AL West, and the playoffs are on the horizon. This trade gives the Angels a lot more power and depth in their lineup.

Overall Grade: A

Jason Bay

Defensively: Jason Bay is not anything spectacular defensively, but he's not exceptionally bad either. His defensive numbers with Boston, however, are down. He has a lower FP%, range factor and zone rating. He does already have 2 assists at left field in 18 games, while he had just 3 in 105 games for Pittsburgh. Atleast he's not rolling around in the field.

Defensive Grade: B-

Offensively: Bay came to Boston with huge footsteps to fill. He hasn't been Manny, but he hasn't been an easy out for opposing pitchers. He has 4 homers and 18 RBIs in 20 games as a member of the Red Sox. All around the board, his numbers are higher than the stats with the Pirates this season. He has a .329 average, .385 OBP, .537 SLG% and a .922 OPS. Not exactly hitting out of his mind, but he's been a consistent bat in their lineup. He will always be looked down on, though, because of the success of Manny Ramirez cross-country as a LA Dodger.

Offensive Grade: A-

Overall Analysis: In retrospect, Bay is good hitter, dare I say great, but he's no Manny Ramirez. The fact that the Red Sox got Bay back in return after giving up such a great quality hitter in Manny, they lost on this deal. I'm not trying to belittle Bay, but he will never be the intimidating hitter in the Red Sox lineup that Manny was. I doubt pitchers in the AL are breathing heavily because Bay has replaced Manny, because I guarentee all of them are breathing sighs of relief. Especially the Yankees.

Overall Grade: B+

Xavier Nady

Defensively: In a Yankees uniform, Nady has been playing left field and right field. He's even played at first base once. He hasn't commited an error as a Yankee yet, and has decent defensive numbers all around the board. He hasn't been amazing, but he's been extremely consistent and a reliable defensive outfielder that can play both corners. His versatility is a huge plus.

Defensive Grade: A

Offensively: Nady has been absolutely crushing the ball in pinstripes. If he produced at the rate he's producing at through a whole season, he'd hit 50 homers and have 131 RBIs. Coupled with a .316 average, .380 OBP, .612 SLG% and a .992 OPS he'd be considered for MVP. Now, I'm not saying that he would be able to produce at that rate, but he could do wonders in New York. His been an absolutely huge part of this team, especially because he added a much needed right handed bat. This was a move that was unexpected and has paid off maybe the most.

Offensive Grade: A+

Overall Analysis: This is easily the best trade made by a team in the AL. Although the chances at a playoff birth for the Yanks looks bleak, I think this trade was still great for this team. Nady is a great hitter who could prove to be a great threat in front of A-Rod. I know that I might get some haters for this grade, but the impact Nady has had on this team, and the future impact he will have is huge.

Overall Grade: A


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