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We are at the end of the 2008 Summer Games....How would you rate this from former years for USA?

Watching Phelps break a record that has stood for 36 years made it a special year.  Expecially when 2 of the 8 races for Gold were very close.  Even his mom thought he had gotten Silver on the 6th medal.  However, it was clear when they watched it frame by frame.. he won.

Watching the ladies win the 400 and seeing the anchor pass the Russian runner the last 20 yards for Gold was amazing.  I also enjoyed watching the men dominate again in their 400.

The girls basketball team continued to show that the USA ladies are clearly the better athletes in basketball overall.  It was a great finish for the best female basketball player in history; Lisa leslie; when she won her fourth straight Gold medal.  The future still looks bright for the girls with many young and strong players.

The guys have always had the best talent but clearly had lost the chemistry as a team in years past.  Yes, It was a great team with several young players and clearly Kobe is in his prime and one of the best in the game.  However, It was the hire of Coach K who brought the discipline and unity the team needed to return to their championship form and win the Gold again.  Clearly the other nations have many NBA players now and are much stronger but USA is still the team to beat and when firing on all levels.. the best team in the world.  Spain played well and USA struggled at times with defense, but when the time came for clutch shots.. Kobe showed why he is still one of the best in the game.

I also enjoyed the girls soccer team as they won Gold.  It seems they lose strong players but always reload.  The goalie truly backed up her words when she openly said the move in the world championships in 2007 was what cost them; when she was benched for an older and clearly much worse goalie.  She was amazing with many great saves in the championship game.

The girls and guys volleyball teams were amazing to watch and clearly we are headed in the right direction in that sport.

The softball team finished their amazing run in their last Olympics with a loss but won the Silver.  It was shocking but as always.. anyone can be beaten on any day.  It is to their credit that getting a silver was so shocking...they leave with several Gold medals and championships.  They should be proud of all they have done over the years for that sport.

I do think boxing was a joke with their lack of control in the ring and clearly a scoring system that cost several fighters a medal.  There was even a Gold medal match where a fighter said he was bitten and that two points decided the Gold.  The other fighter also had 4 direct hits not counted and two of them were given to the other fighter.  Oh by the way...no marks or even a red spot was on his alleged bitten arm and no other person saw proof of a bite.  He won 16-14.

Last but not least... Seeing Bolt run was amazing.  He clearly was the fastest runner I have ever seen.  When he broke the first record he was celebrating the last few yards and cost himself a record that probally would never have been broken; he did set the world record anyway!  The next race it was clear that he was more focused as he broke another record and won his second Gold.  I kept waiting to hear a steriod report but he is clearly a clean runner who will be considered one of the best in history.  It was great to be able to see it happen.

Yes. There were many other moments that made us yell and cheer for our team.  I do think overall it was one of the best I have seen in many years.  I was 7 in 1972 and remember seeing my parents cheer and celebrate as the swimming record was set.  Now as an adult seeing it again was priceless.

What are things you enjoyed seeing and your thoughts on the overall performance of USA?


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