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I have been a member of since April, and have quickly become a veteran in the throwdown section of the site.  While I may not have a gaudy 43-0 record, or a 29-2 most anyone on this site knows who I am, and I try not to shy away from truly controversial topics.  I do want to say that I love this site, and I love a place where you can talk about anything sports. 


Now, on to my true topic here.  I have seen too many throwdowns on what needs to be done on this site.  Those of you that have read my blogs in the past I love to add my input to things that are out there.  Ex. Madden, or NCAA football So here it is, what I think we should do about the throwdowns. (note many of these ideas are my own, and some are ideas that I have seen from others.  I can not take complete credit.)


-Make actual throwdown leagues-  More and more of the groups are putting together tournaments and leagues.  Lets encourage this.  Have a way for that league to have standings, a quick link to the matchups.  Even throw in some playoff system to see who is the champion of that group.  I would also like to make it to where the members of that group can be the only ones that vote, or not if you so choose.


-Lets have a feedback program on here.  It is easy, as soon as you finish a throwdown with someone you will be able to fill out a feedback on that user. Have a couple of questions like.
          -How quickly did this person respond? (scale of 1-5)
            -Did the user stay on topic? (scale of 1-5)
          -Would you consider this person honest? (scale of 1-5)
          -Would you throwdown against this user in the future? (scale of 1-5)
          -Then allow people to add any comments they wish to add

Have this rating show with the user. So say everyone gives you a five you would have a great rating. People that are on the sketchy side would have poor ratings. This way you can opt to not throwdown with guys that aren't on the up and up.

Obviously this system only works if you can only feedback with someone you have been in a throwdown with.  Otherwise it would just flood with "ADAM LEE CHEATS" when people just see his record and nothing else.

-This would lead to some more changes- like give the person that makes the argument the option to accept the challenger.  This will give people the option not to face people that they don't trust.  Also people on here that have a real topic and get the "this is a dumb throwdown" response.  If you want to come on here and talk about soccer or hockey you should be able to without someone telling you no one cares.


-Let the person that starts a throwdown make the rules- give some options to the users.  You can choose who can vote, if that person is in a group.  You can choose how long you have to respond (keeps people from having stale throwdowns, I know his is getting to be a problem.  I even have two that are over a month old.).  


-Put the throwdowns into groups- right now all you have is the "open" "in progress" "completed" and "closed".  Make more options, such as NFL, MLB, or even let people have the choice to go by team.  This way you can see what's going on with your team.  This site has "My Truth and Rumors" why not "My Throwdowns?"  Also this will allow people to have their throwdown seen for more than just the first few hours of arguments.


-Let the users call a truce if they wish-  I have had a couple of throwdowns where foul play was suspected and both of us wanted to just delete the throwdown.  I have also seen where someone takes the throwdown thinking it was about something else. Example- today I saw someone argue about the #2 WR in the NFL while the other is arguing that someone was the best #2 WR in the league.  Easy to see how that is confusing.


-Either get rid of the leader board or make it a weekly thing-  Too many people have become obsessed about making it on the leader board.  I would use it to show who is winning the top group throwdowns, or update it with who has the best record that week/month.  This will help with people trying to get a head.


-Fix the ??? problem-  Like some other people on here I know that I'm not the best speller in the world.  In order to make my throwdowns about the topic at hand and not about spelling I type my arguments in a document then paste them over.  When you do this all of your ( ‘ ) become ( ???). Lately I have gotten better at this, but still it is annoying.


-Bring back the "who voted"- I know this just made matters worse of people crying cheater, but it lets you know who voted for or against you.  I think it would stop cheating more than it would promote it.  This really isn't a confidential vote, I mean come on.  I ‘m in a throwdown where someone is telling me KG is the biggest free agent this year, the guy isn't even a free agent and somehow he is getting votes.  I want to know who is voting for this guy.  Don't believe me, check it out


This is about all of the ideas that I have for now, as always let me know what you think.  I love to see comments, and other ideas.  Also, if this gets enough exposure then maybe a couple of these things can get done, you never know.


Remember to keep your posts clean. Profanity will get filtered, and offensive comments will be removed.

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