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You may have read the "5 Random Predictions" on SI's website, and I thought that that was pretty cool, so I decided to make that many random predictions plus 5 more for extra fun! Here are 10 things that I think will happen in the 07-08 College Football season. Some seem pretty crazy, maybe, but I calls em as I sees em!

  1. Southern Mississippi will defeat Tennessee- This seem wild, I know, but Southern Miss will be a great team next season, and let's not forget the UT-Air Force game last season that almost ended in disaster for Tennessee. Southern Miss will be returning their star running back in Damion Fletcher, and promise to have a powerful defense coming off of their 9-5 season last year. Also, this game is in between two road games, one to California, and another to defending champs Florida. Therefore, Tennessee will undoubtfully be distracted by this, and will have their guard down when the Golden Eagles roll into Knoxville. I smell upset.
  2. There will be 0 Undefeated Teams in the SEC- It's just too tough of a conference. This year, every team is in every game except Mississippi State. That's right. Everyone has a chance to beat everyone and the SEC will be wild. The team with the best shot will be LSU, but they will fall once or twice, and I have one of these losses highlighted in this list.
  3. Hawaii will be this year's Boise State- Hawaii will be undefeated and make a BCS bowl with a top team, and win! Hawaii won't really be as good as they seem, but they will get lots of points every game and have a cupcake schedule. The only tough game will be against Boise State, but they will win it, and will face a team in a BCS bowl, and find a way to win.
  4. Florida will lose 3 Games at Best- I'm predicting that Florida will lose at least to Georgia, who has a dominant defense and a load of JUCO players, LSU, who will be the best team in the SEC, and Auburn, who seems to find a way to win games like this. Even if they don't lose to these, they have some trap games @ South Carolina and @ Kentucky.
  5. Temple will win at least 3 Games- Temple has had 1 win in the past 2 seasons. However, now that they are joining the MAC, they will have much more opportunity to play games on a more level playing field. This will be a step forward for the program and was a good decision by the school.
  6. Kentucky will defeat LSU- Hear me out here. Last season, LSU beat Kentucky 49-0, triggering the turn-around of the Cats, winning 4 of their last 5. They will be playing a very tough schedule, and Kentucky will look sort of like a break for them. They will play in Lexington, and the Cats will finally win it, having come close the past 3 times LSU has been in Kentucky, including the infamous "Bluegrass Miracle." Kentucky will want this win bad and LSU won't be prepared.
  7. The Heisman Trophy winner will come from the SEC- I'm feeling it. Darren McFadden, Erik Ainge, Percy Harvin, Tim Tebow, Andre Woodson, and many more. This will be a great year for SEC football and the stars will shine.
  8. Louisville will win the Big East- Not West Virginia, or feel-good story of the year Rutgers. Louisville will use Brian Brohm's last year of eligibility well, and will get the Big East title, although they will lose to Kentucky early in the season. ;)
  9. Duke will not win a game...again- Duke's best chance to win one will be against Northwestern and UConn, and neither look to be a probable win for the Blue Devils. It's a good thing they have some basketball going, or they might be shipped out of the ACC!
  10. The National Champion will be wearing Yellow!- Michigan, USC, West Virginia, and LSU, I'm not sure who, but yellow is the lucky color this season!

Feel free to comment, or make your own random picks! Just having fun with things that shouldn't happen, but that I believe will!


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