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Bigalke: We’re down to the final six here in round six of the Elite Throwdown Tournament. Last round saw both Porkins AND Ghost take a loss as neither seemed to have the throwdownin’ fire burnin’ in their bellies. Facing two hungry opponents whose seeding obviously belies a fierce debating acumen, neither can fall asleep at the wheel this time. All six competitors have one loss now, so this round is a win-or-go-home proposition for the remaining elite debaters of FanNation...


A Host Named NCshvDavid: 16 Days is WAY too long for a round- so things had to get done here.


Bigalke: Some interesting things to note before we break down the three throwdowns in this round. Three of the top ten seeds are represented here... as are three seeds in the twenties. This speaks to the incredible depth of this field... and the fact that there were no easy matches anywhere throughout the brackets. Setting seeds must’ve been a tall task, David... nice work. We see the true range of the field here... a low seed didn’t guarantee easy victory for their opponents...


AHNN: True- I’m kinda happy with the results so far- We got 3 from group A (top 16 by %) 1 from Group B (top 8 wins) and 1 from group C (at large) plus Ram- who got in due to a drop out


Bigalke: Also, three of the competitors here, while having a loss due to forfeiture or to entering the tournament late (Ram), technically have not taken an actual loss to their FanNation throwdown record yet in the tournament.  With guys like my esteemed colleague here in the booth as well as leaderboard and tournament stalwarts like D-Fan and hemo already out of the action, the fact that there are still three people whose “actual”  records remain unblemished by the Elite competition just goes to show the range of talents among our many throwdowners. Of course, one of these is guaranteed to fall this round in the 4/26 matchup, and Porkins will do well not to take his opponent lightly... I should know, he dealt me the first of my two losses in this contest.


AHNN: Well Porkins was my pick to win the whole thing – so I can’t complain


Bigalke: Well, enough analysis of the tournament... let’s delve into the actual match-ups for this round of the tournament. There are no winners’ or losers’ brackets anymore... just six guys still standing in the quest to be claimed the champion of the Elite Throwdown Tournament...


AHNN: Little different this time- the LARGEST MARGIN of VICTORY gets a bye – due to the Double DQ last week that kinda threw off my bracketology so that is what we are going to do- largest margin gets a bye to the Finals


AHNN: and our next 3rd person in the Booth- our first NON-Elite commenter- Lakers #1


#10 0x NBA/NFL Champion v. #21 rstowe


Bigalke: 0x made great inroads through this tournament, showcasing his craftiness in surviving the draw against several incredible throwdowners. From his tight loss to Porkins to his fortuitous misses of both Cain/Willis and Cassidy, 0x has shown both great resilience and great luck in getting to this point...


AHNN: 0x is pretty durn good- one of the ones I was wanting to see in action- and even though I beat him in a non tourney TD- I am still impressed, Stowe can Burn in HEII  of course


Bigalke: rstowe survived his defeat to Coach in the first round by blasting through the competition to get here. Shaking off the dust which can come when you are long on experience and more grizzled, rstowe should prove a formidable opponent for 0x. For two guys with nearly four-hundred combined throwdowns, this surprisingly will be their first encounter against each other.


AHNN: **stabbing a Lego Star Wars doll ** huh? Oh sorry.


Lakers : Hopefully Stowe can remember the topic, I know his alzheimer's isn't getting any better.

Winning this tournament would be a good going away present for Ox



AHNN: I’m going Stowe here- based on the fact that 0x is going to be dum enough to pick baseball

Bigalke: rstowe

Lakers: Stowe





#4 Ghost v. #26 Ram


AHNN: This is a matchup worthy of this late in the tourney – and would be a very good FINAL as well.


Bigalke: Another clash of titans, Ram entered the tournament belatedly to take his loss... while Ghost incurred one along with Porkins last round for failing to start within the time limit. Ram leads the lifetime series between these two  by virtue of his July 7 victory, the only time these two have previously met...


AHNN: I am REALLY looking forward to this- either TDer would be a worthy champion of the Elite.


Bigalke: It came as a shock when this tournament opened that Ram was not in the draw. Due to time constraints rather than cowering, his entry into the second round helped further legitimize this tournament. In this clash of two leaderboard regulars, it’ll be the absurdly low-seeded Ram who repeats his brilliance of seven weeks ago to advance to the next round...


AHNN: Well Ram got the seed because he missed the signups- and was given the highest seed of the dropouts- I don’t think if he was seeded 187th he would be over looked by anyone with a brain.


Lakers: This should be good. Ghost scares the crap out of me so I'm going to pick him. Plus I still have hard feelings toward Ram for beating me in a Td.





Bigalke: Ram

Lakers Ghost





#6 Porkins v. #25 GOAT


AHNN: Didn’t I BEAT this Jobronie??


Bigalke: What can I say? Both have beat me badly before... and both can throwdown with the best on here, as their current status in this tournament attests. Porkins will be looking to exact revenge for his “loss” of last round... while GOAT continues to prove that seeds are meaningless in such a format.


AHNN: GOAT is great but he is like Kobe Bryant to Porkins Michael Jordan


Bigalke: Porkins may be the higher seed here, but GOAT had the victory in the only previous time these two met up to debate. Further, that win came under the pressure of a tournament final (Tournament Throwdowns XVII), so this could possibly be the greatest throwdown of all this round. We’ll see... Porkins has the motivation, but GOAT has serious chops...


Lakers: As long as there isnt an all you can eat buffet anywhere in town that causes Porkins to miss a turn, I think he will win.




AHNN: Porkins

Bigalke: GOAT

Lakers : Porkins





Bigalke: So there it is, folks... the remaining matches should be awesome, so be sure to stop by each one and cast a ballot. David will be sure to send out links, so keep your eyes open to the GroupMail... and enjoy the debate from these half-dozen surviving Elite throwdowners!


AHNN: Thanks for viewing- your next stop should be


The Fannies!!


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