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Predictions seem to be the popular blog post and I want to be part of the show.  The stats have been confirmed but most of this is my opinion, like most predictions.  I've tried to be as fair and unbiased as possible considering I bleed blue for my Giants.  Division by division, I'll go through the league and state what I believe.  Today I start with division rivals, the Eagles.

The best thing that organization has going for it is their head coach, Andy Reid.  He comes into every game with the winning attitude and expects nothing less from his team.  The players appear prepared and in shape.  I thought he handled the TO situation as good as anyone and has made players that look sub-par on paper produce and succeed, one example would be Sean Considine.  In 2005, 4 tackles;  2006, 85 total tackles -- pretty impressive for a kid that wasn't highly touted coming out of Iowa.  As long as the Eagels keep their coach, I feel they'll be in the hunt for awhile.

Quarterback -- Mr. McNabb.  There's not much I can say about him that hasn't already been said.  He's a great improvisational QB that uses his legs to get out of problems -- that is if he isn't injured.  Ever since his SB debacle, Donovan hasn't been the poster-child of consistency.  Yes, injuries hurt stats, but he doesn't seem to be as dominant as he used to be prior to his SB run.  When he plays the whole season, his passing yards have been great, never dropping below three thousand yards while trying to stay more in the pocket as his career has progressed.  IF he stays healthy, I expect the same output from him, but taking the last two seasons in consideration, McNabb has to prove he can stay healthy because AJ Feely isn't Jeff Garcia and losing McNabb this year would be absolutely devastating.

Runningback -- Again, Brian Westbrook heads up the backfield with Buckhalter coming in.  Brian is an amazing halfback with quick lateral speed and the open field burners to leave safeties behind.  He produces silently every year and is a force in their backfield.  Buckhalter is their smashing back that goes after those tough yards.  He's good and holds his own, but without Westbrook, this team isn't moving the ball on the ground.

Wide Receiver -- Reggie Brown and Kevin Curtis.  Two relative no-names in the world of NFL that provide solid yardage and good hands.  Reggie Brown was definitely the Eagles go to guy that just went over eight hundred yards of forty-six cathes for eight TD's.  The touchdowns is what worries me for this team.  To succeed in the post-season again, the Eagles need to find a go to guy in the red-zone that will pick up those tough scoring opportunities.  TO was their guy but have refused to fill this role since he left.

Offensive Line -- The uncomparable Jon Runyan heads up a force of a line this year with big William Thomas anchoring the other side.  Year in these two provide a solid core for a line that allows a very small amount of sacks and huge holes for Westbrook to choose from.  If Andy Reid wasn't their coach, the O-line would be the highlight for the Eagles.

Defense -- Jeremiah Trotter and Takeo Spikes anchor a solid defense that warrants great respect from any team.  The Eagles are strong in the backfield as well, with Lito Sheppards and Brian Dawkins, both great players and both very instinctual when the ball is in the air.  The SS Sean Considine has proven himself, rattling off eighty-five tackles.  The front four is good, but just good.  Jevon really hasn't proven himself since coming to the Eagles, but injuries always marr's a guy's records.

I skipped out on special teams simply because they can change from game to game.  Everyone knows Akers is a for sure inside fifty yards, not much more to talk about on that subject.  The Eagles always seem to be playing with their back against some imaginary wall that they've erected themselves and play with the frantic pace of a team worried that their time is limited, and from what I've seen in the past two years, it probably is.  My prediction for this team is NFC East winner, bounced out of playoffs in Conference round.  I know this is a safe prediction, but no need to go out on a limb for a team that could implode if McNabb finds himself on the sideline again not wearing pads.



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