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*ATTENTION! If you are looking at this blog, obviously you're interested in the opinion shared here. For the sake of everyone else and to promote further conversation on the matter since you took the time to read it, LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS!* 

Two blogs in the same day for me... this MUST be a record....

I derive great pleasure from reading many of the different offerings here on Fannation. You get solid blogs (J. HOVA, RUGATOR, and many others) and the collection of both great throwdowns and asinine ones, too. I also have a good relationship with many of the respected member of the 'nation as well, but apparently I'm just another one of the collection of "haters" that seemingly run amok here. Lost? Bewildered? I'll elaborate...

Yesterday, I made a few comments in a TD held between two members of the 'nation regarding the question of which NFL conference would have the LEAST amount of wins between the NFC East and AFC West. Here's the TD:

As it would stand, I chose to point out a few things about the AZ Cardinals' golden boy, Matt Leinart. I stated that despite the obvious choice to be replaced due to his recent lack of worthiness, Leinart would still be the starter. I had a reliable source to back my proclamation, but I was immediately put on blast for it and accused of being an idiot:

Wrong Skybill, wrong.

Needless to say, I was not surprised. How come, you ask? Because I've received similar treatment from the party in question once before for voicing an opinion as well as not choosing to play her side. I'll get to the latter part later. Naturally, I was taken aback since I had a reliable source (as reliable as a TV interview gets... more on that later) and a fairly reliable one in the local newspaper to back my claim.. Apparently my source was not sufficient enough. Here's the response I got:

"If you think Leinart is the starter because your local fish wrap tells you so then you live in internet darkness. Everyone and their cousin has read that Warner has been named the starter, and if there is any doubt as to why, look at Leinart's 3 picks Sunday against a soft Raider defense, and read those links on page one of this TD in the comments, then try to come at me again with your local rag is right. Who writes it, you?"

Sounds like sour grapes to me. How about you? Yes? I thought so.. let me continue. After pointing out that the other source was an interview with the Cards' coach, I received no more lip. That is, until today on something completely unrelated. So, today I decided that the nonsense had gone too far after I'd written a blog about Jason Kidd and received a nasty response in return. I had done nothing more than mention it when I was called something that got bleeped out. I was again accused of being the overused and asinine term of "hater" and lumped in with all the other people on here that don't see things her way. Boo hoo, you whiner.

I've also gotten harassed for voting against this person in other TDs through my Fanmail which is, certainly, a classy means of asking someone why I chose to vote against them. Once I provided my opinion, I was blasted again and insulted more. Again, highly classy. Has it stopped? Not a chance. Here's the few I got today before removing this TROLL from my friends list:

"Great. I look for people with great minds that think alike with mine. Yours was always two steps short. Expect to see me on this site, but not in ways you will remember me by."

I guess having an opinion other than hers is just not cool or allowed, for that matter.. Hmm..

"Dude, if you were actually an Italian like me, you would know that means goodbye in that language and not some farewell you saw in a movie. P!ss off and stay back from contacting me again, less I report you to the mods for harassment."

Wow. Just, wow. Why don't you carry out that threat? Not like I can't do the same. :)

 Sooooo... Stand up and take your crown of thorns and your throne of juvenile foolishness, Cassidy. By all means, you've earned it.


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