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So i'm new at the whole blogging thing but I feel that if some of the people who are paid the bucks to give their opinions continue to have the same misguided thoughts over and over, the least I can do is give my own two cents. Does anyone have the same type of optimism that I have about this upcoming football season?  Seriously, when was the last time the Lions ever had a winning record at any time?!?  I read today that the last time they were 3-0 in the preseason was 1995 when the team finished 10-6 and went to the playoffs.  At this point I would be happy with either of those. 

I think that i'm optimistically looking forward to football season because of the utter disappointment that was the 2008 Detroit Tigers.  Second highest payroll, when its all said and done, probably the third worst record in the AL if not MLB.  If we're going to act like the Yankees then can we at least have a record like the Yankees?  Things to look for in the next year...(if I was Dombrowski) 1. Goodbye Edgar Renteria, Nate Robertson, Kenny Rogers...Keep your pie-hole shut Sheff or you'll join them in the unemployment line.  Find a catcher.  Middle of the road, calming influence behind the plate for a sure to be young pitching staff.  He doesn't have to put up gaudy offensive numbers but needs to be the backbone of the rotation.  One of the Molinas, McCants from ATL or Kenji Jojima (I'm sure he's cheap, its Seattle) will fit I think.  Whoever it is will have o be ready to call games for Rick Poracello, Galarraga, Miner, as well as veterans Verlander and Bonderman.  That could be a stacked rotationl.  Please also, for the love of god, spend some of the money you'll save from dumping Renteria and get a closer.  Open the checkbook...Rodriguez anyone.  Hits the FA market this year!  Move Inge back to 3B and leave Miggy at 1B.  Inge has way underestimated range at the corner and I would put Cabrera wherever I could just to have his offense in the lineup.  Up the middle, Polanco is still the man but I can't help but wonder when his high level of play will start to drop off.  It would behoove the team to have someone waiting in the wings (Carrithers in the rookie league)  Something for damn sure needs to happen at SS.  Renteria obviously wasn't the solution, Carlos Guillen is too old, im not sold on Omar Infante or Ramon Santiago or whatever other journeyman the decide to throw over there.  Beg, borrow, steal, draft, trade for, i don't care get a SS!!  The outfield is good to go.  Granderson is poised to become the standard for CF in all of MLB.  Cut from the same cloth as a young Andrew Jones or Jim Edmunds.  LF is set with Thames and Joyce trading out at DH (the dumbest rule in baseball).  Magglio is still putting phenomial numbers and should countinue to do so for the foreseeable future.  We've all heard the rumors of the Tigers looking to move either Magglio or Polanco.  I don't like either of those options because I don't think that the Tigers could afford losing one of the top batters in the AL.


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