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Well here we go off to another 20+ weeks of NCAA and NFL action. This year I will post some of my thoughts for the upcoming season. Most thoughts will be around teams I follow and major occurences I think/hope will happen. We will start with the NCAA since they kick off on Saturday.

 Michigan may be in for a rough season. Although I like the defense and the new spread offense may give the lesser Big10 teams some trouble. 6 wins should get them into a sub-par bowl game but keep the bowl game streak alive is the hope. Utah, Miami(OH), Notre Dame, Toledo, Purdue, Minnesota, Northwestern are the beatables teams for Rich Rod's bunch.

MSU, OSU and Illinois will be the front runners of the Big10. Sad day though on 10/25. I think MSU finally has enough to get by Michigan at the Big House. I look forward to another upset down in the land of the toothless many, Columbus.

The SEC will again win the title either Georgia or Florida. Went to the LSU Auburn game last year for my 1st SEC game and was quite impressed with the LSU and SEC experience. Game couldn't have been any better obviously and the fans are 2nd best to the Big10 by far of other conferences. Lived in Oakland and follow Cal still but the PAC10 fans just aren't into the college football experience as much as the Big10 and SEC. Speaking of Cal looking forward to a nice Saturday match-up vs. MSU. Have a gut feeling MSU wins.

Now the pros, the Black & Gold with that horrendous schedule are +/- 9 wins this year. I think that is the max. To get to 9 they need to sweep Bal, and Cincy. Doable but always difficult to win on the road. The other 5 wins Cle, NYG, @Was, @Ten and they will either beat SD or Indy, but not both. The Browns will have QB controversy by week 6 so the Steelers will win the division...again with 9 wins. Other winable games are @Cle and @ PHI.

Lions oh brother the Lions. Lucky they play in the NFC North. 5 wins only loss is @ Minnesota. @ Atl and @ SF are wins and the Lions are now 3-0 and Millen is well Millen and the luckiest man alive. Now the Bears at home 4-0. Uh-Oh what is going on. Reality 3 losses in a row to @vikes, @Ten, Was. sneak in a win vs. Chi and now two more losses to Jax and @ Car. so 5-5 and Bucs and Ten at home, now 7-5. Final 4 games Vikings, @Indy, Saints and @ GB. 10-6 and the division with a win @ GB on 12/28. (FYI just in case you needed to know the loss will be @ Indy).

The Steelers will win it all because I'm a fan. If I had to bet big money here is where I'd put my money: Lions and Steelers for 2 of the 12 to reach the playoffs. The others, Minnesota, Dallas, Philly, Arizona, Carolina, New England, Indy, Jax, San Diego, Denver. Dallas vs. Philly and Jax vs. SD. Jax to beat Dallas in the Super Bowl.


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