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DC Sports Nut: Nats, AGAIN??

     That's not a typo, gang. It seems Yard Yoder has given Snyder his new nom de plume, in his blog on the HTTR site. I've fallen in love with it so much, I've already used it on the ExtremeSkins boards. (Don't worry, Yoder. I'm gonna make you famous because of this. Trust me.)

     Now, to our topic...

     If by some chance anyone will be at the game tonight (@ FedEx), could you let us know how the "new" format of getting to games works out?? This is gonna be tantamount to rooting for the iceberg to hit the Titanic, to be honest.

     Now, what am I talking about?? Just this: if you go into cardiac arrest @ the games this year, it's not going to be on account of rooting for the Skins. No, it's because of the "Prima Danna" and his new transportation plan. Let me explain it the best I can...

     Ever since my brother got his season tickets over 10 years ago, we've always gone to the game(s) the same way--leaving here (meaning the Shenandoah Valley) around 9 a.m., getting to Vienna between 10:45 and 11, jump on the Orange Line train (that's Metrorail, for those of you outside the D.C. area) and get off at the Landover stop, then get on a shuttle bus (Metrobus, BTW) to FedEx.

     Because of "Prima Danna", that's out for us now.

     Supposedly, if we're to believe Danny Boy, a private bus shuttle from Landover would've driven the cost of the ride from $6 per $20. So, "Prima Danna" now wants everyone riding Metro to use the Blue Line @ the Franconia/Springfield stop, ride to the Morgan Boulevard stop...and schlep the 1 mile to FedEx on foot. Which means, no more shuttle buses...and no taking the Orange Line from Vienna any more.

     Since we're going to the Saints game on the 14th of September, we get to be the guinea pigs to test out this all-new transportation scheme dreamed up by "Prima Danna". All that means is, I have to leave (perhaps) 1/2 hour earlier than normal, and have my brother drive 20 minutes out of his way to Franconia/Springfield. (Since he works near that stop, he knows how to get there.)

     It's the principle of the matter here. I mean, my feet hurt if I walk anywhere close to a mile (and I get out of breath, too...the result of a bout with bronchitis in childhood). And both of us are diabetic to boot. But does "Prima Danna" give a rat's **** about that?? As Whitney Houston would say, "Hell to the NO!!!".

     So like I said at the start of this piece, anybody that'll be at the game tonight (and writes here in FN) should give us a report on this. I'm curious to know, really.


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