Appalachian State @ LSU: My Pick:Appalachian State Maybe it's a little wishful thinking on my part. Maybe it's me jumping on the Armanti Edwards bandwagon. Nevertheless, give me the Mountaineers. Final: ASU-13 LSU-41

Youngstown State @ Ohio State: My Pick:Ohio State Honestly, was there any other choice? Final: Youngstown State-0 OSU-43

Akron @ Wisconsin: My Pick:Wisconsin Luckily for Akron, they can look forward to playing Syracuse next week. Final: Akron-17 Wisconsin-38

Virginia Tech @ East Carolina: My Pick:East Carolina I know that many of you think that this is a long shot, but VT barely pulled out a victory versus ECU at home last season. ECU returns a lot of talent, and I'm looking for Virginia Tech to have their worst season of the decade. Final: VT-22 ECU-27

Coastal Carolina @ Penn State: My Pick:Penn State I'll be honest; I had never actually heard of the Chanticleers. Maybe because they've only had a football program for 6 years. For your information, a Chanticleer is a rooster from medieval fables. Final: Coastal Carolina-10 Penn St.-66

Bowling Green @ Pittsburgh: My Pick:Pittsburgh I don't like Pittsburgh. I think they get more publicity and hype than what they're worth. Nevertheless, I just can't see them losing to Bowling Green. Hopefully, they won't let me down. Final: Bowling Green-27 Pittsburgh-17

Syracuse @ Northwestern: My Pick:Northwestern Northwestern is not good, but they're still good enough to beat Syracuse. Final: Syracuse-10 Northwestern-30

Western Kentucky @ Indiana: My Pick:Indiana Why did Western Kentucky even come to Division I-A? They were 6-5 in their final season of Division I-AA competition, and last season half their games were still against I-AA teams. However, now that I mention it, why is Indiana even playing Division I-A football. They open against Western Kentucky and then get Murray State at home the very next week. Final: Western Kentucky-13 Indiana-31

Maine @ Iowa: My Pick:Iowa Do they play football in Maine? Really? Final: Maine-3 Iowa-46

Georgia Southern @ Georgia: My Pick:Georgia With the way the rest of Georgia's schedule looks, I won't knock them for wanting to beat up on a smaller in-state school. However, since they already have a bye week between Alabama and Tennessee, they should have considered wedging this game between LSU and Florida. Final: Georgia Southern-21 Georgia-45

Hawaii @ Florida: My Pick:Florida Honestly, Hawaii's going to feel like the Sugar Bowl was a close game after Florida gets through with them. Final: Hawaii-10 Florida-56

Southern Utah @ Air Force: My Pick:Air Force It's a little tough to pick Southern Utah to pull the upset given that they were 0-11 last season. Final: Southern Utah-7 Air Force-41

Ohio @ Wyoming: My Pick:Ohio Wyoming won by 1 with a second half rally in 2007. I'll give the edge to the Bobcats this season, but honestly, I don't know why the other Ohio teams are still trying. Final: Ohio-20 Wyoming-21

USC @ Virginia: My Pick:USC Virginia had a decent season in 2008, but they only return 11 starters, and Chris Long is no longer there to make noise on defense. USC wins BIG.       Final: USC-52 Virginia-7

Villanova @ West Virginia: My Pick:West Virginia Pat White should total well over 350 yards of offense in this one. Final: Villanova-21 West Virgina-48

Utah @ Michigan: My Pick:Utah Michigan is going to be bad. I know it's Michigan, but I just don't think Rich Rod is going to have a good first year as head coach. Utah is going to be fighting for a possible BCS berth, and I don't expect the Wolverines to stand in their way. Final: Utah-25 Michigan-23

Oklahoma State @ Washington State: My Pick:Oklahoma State While I don't expect Oklahoma State to fare too well in conference play, they ought to be able to escape non-conference play undefeated. Final: Okla St-39 Wash St-13

Towson @ Navy: My Pick:Navy Navy will be under new coaching, but they do return 13 starters to a team that managed to beat Notre Dame a year ago. Besides, Towson is BAD. Final: Towson-13 Navy-41

Delaware @ Maryland: My Pick:Maryland Delaware could pull an upset, but they won't. Final: Delaware-7 Maryland-14

Tulsa @ UAB: My Pick:Tulsa Tulsa will kick off its run at the Conference USA Title by embarrassing conference foe, UAB. Final: Tulsa-45 UAB-22

Illinois State @ Marshall: My Pick:Marshall Both are bad, but Marshall is Division I-A and playing at home. Did I have another choice? Final: Illinois St-10 Marshall-35

Northern Iowa @ Brigham Young: My Pick:Brigham Young BYU gets Northern Iowa at home while conference foe Utah gets Michigan in the Big House. BYU better win impressively or they might still fall in the rankings. Final: Northern Iowa-17 BYU-41

McNeese State @ North Carolina: My Pick:North Carolina Rumor has it that the Tarhill football program is moving on up. They better win big to boost morale going into their bye week; they get Rutgers when they come back. Final: McNeese St-27 UNC-35

TCU @ New Mexico: My Pick:TCU I don't expect another 37-0 blowout, but I don't see New Mexico making a big enough turnaround to manage a win. Final: TCU-26 New Mexico-3

South Carolina State @ UCF: My Pick:UCF Fortunately for South Carolina State, Kevin Smith went pro. Unfortunately, it still won't matter. Final: SC St-0 UCF-17

Mississippi State @ Louisiana Tech: My Pick:Mississippi State Louisiana Tech is coming off of a 4-4 conference record in the WAC. Mississippi State is coming off of a 4-4 conference record in the SEC. You do the math. Final: Mississippi St-14 LA Tech-22

Chattanooga @ Oklahoma: My Pick:Oklahoma If Oklahoma doesn't score 9+ touchdowns or Chattanooga scores even 1, there will be problems in Norman. Final: Chattanooga-2 Oklahoma-57

Louisiana-Monroe @ Auburn: My Pick:Auburn Don't expect Alabama's in-state rival to experience the same type of meltdown. This one could get ugly.                                 Final: LA Monroe-0 Auburn-34

Florida Atlantic @ Texas: My Pick:Texas If the same Texas team from week 1 of 2007 shows up, Florida Atlantic could pull the upset, but I expect Mack Brown to have the Longhorns ready to go. Final: FAU-10 Texas-52

Eastern Washington @ Texas Tech: My Pick:Texas Tech Graham Harrell will probably throw for 400 yards in the first half. If he does, don't expect to see him or Crabtree in the 3rd or 4th quarters. Final: Eastern Washington-24 Texas Tech-49

Tennessee-Martin @ South Florida: My Pick:South Florida South Florida better use this game to boost the team's ego; the next 2 weeks won't be quite so easy.                     Final: Tenn Martin-7 USF-56

Western Illinois @ Arkansas: My Pick:Arkansas If Arkansas had opened against Western Illinois and Louisiana-Monroe last season, McFadden might have gotten the stats he needed to edge Tebow. Final: Western Ill-24 Arkansas-28

Northern Illinois @ Minnesota: My Pick:Northern Illinois Northern Illinois returns 21 of 22 starters from last season. The last time Minnesota won a game was on September 8, 2007 - a narrow 6 point win over Miami of OHIO. Final: Northern Illinois-27 Minnesota-31

Memphis @ Mississippi: My Pick:Mississippi These 2 teams opened against one another last season. Memphis couldn't win at home then, and I don't expect them to win on the road now. Final: Memphis-24 Mississippi-41

James Madison @ Duke: My Pick:James Madison It's not my fault that Duke decided to open their season against a team that lost to Appalachian State by only 1 point in the final game of the 2007 season. Final: James Madison-7 Duke-31

Western Michigan @ Nebraska: My Pick:Nebraska Opening against Nebraska has to be better than opening against West Virginia again. Final: West Mich-27 Nebraska-41

Southern University @ Houston: My Pick:Houston I don't know why.                         Final: So. University-3 Houston-55

Louisiana-Lafayette @ Southern Miss: My Pick:Southern Miss Why am I still picking the games that nobody cares about? Final: LA LAF-21 So Miss-51

Florida International @ Kansas: My Pick:Kansas I've been told that Florida International will be a non-BCS school to reckon with soon. It was them or Florida Atlantic. Oh well, either way, it won't start with this game. Final: FIU-10 Kansas-40

Arkansas State @ Texas A&M: My Pick:Texas A&M Arkansas State almost upset A&M's in-state rival Texas in the opener last season. This one could be close, but no cigar.          Final: Ark St-18 TAMU-14

North Texas @ Kansas State: My Pick:Kansas State While opening against Kansas State shouldn't be quite as rough as opening against Oklahoma, North Texas will still find a way to make it rough. Final: North Texas-6 KSU-45

Boston College @ Kent State: My Pick:Boston College Kent State could actually pull this one off, especially at home, but I'm not going to be the one to pick them. Final: BC-21 Kent St-0

Alabama @ Clemson: My Pick:Clemson This one won't be nearly as close as everyone thinks. Final: Alabama-34 Clemson-10 

UC Davis @ San Jose State: My Pick:San Jose State San Jose State is bad, but at least they're a bad Division I-A team. Final: UC Davis-10 San Jose St-13

Michigan State @ California: My Pick:California I wanted to pick Michigan State. I really did. If this game was in East Lansing, I might have. California will get their fans excited about football after the opener once again, only to disappoint later. Final: MSU-31 Cal-38

Idaho State @ Boise State: My Pick:Boise State How has Ian Johnson not graduated yet? Final: Idaho State-7 Boise State-49

Illinois @ Missouri: My Pick:Missouri This one should be just as close as last season, but the outcome will be the same. Final: Illinois-42 Mizzou-52

Grambling State @ Nevada: My Pick:Nevada Nevada better win this one; otherwise, they're guaranteed an 0-3 start as they face Texas Tech and Missouri in their next two games. Final: Grambling State-13 Nevada-49

Cal Poly @ San Diego State: My Pick:San Diego State I honestly thought Cal Poly was a high school. Final: Cal Poly-29 San Diego St-27

Idaho @ Arizona: My Pick:Arizona USC opened against Idaho in 2007. Arizona opens against Idaho this season. USC won the Pac-10 in 2007. See where I'm going? Maybe not, but Arizona is a definite sleeper in the Pac-10 this season. Final: Idaho-0 Arizona-70

Utah State @ UNLV: My Pick:UNLV Utah State beat UNLV in '04 and '05. They didn't face one another in 2006. UNLV beat Utah State in '07. UNLV will settle the score in the opener. Final: Utah State-17 UNLV-27

Washington @ Oregon: My Pick:Washington I really don't think Oregon belongs in the top 25. It won't be long before people start saying Jake Locker's name. Final: Washington-10 Oregon-44

Northern Arizona @ Arizona State: My Pick:Arizona State This won't be quite the dream season last year was for the Sun Devils, but at least they'll win their opener. Final: Northern Arizona-13 Arizona St-30

I've gone this far so I might as well throw in Sunday's and Monday's picks as well. If you've read this far, you deserve it...

Kentucky @ Louisville: My Pick:Kentucky Neither team will be as good as last year, but that's worse news for Louisville than it is for Kentucky. Final: Kentucky-27 Louisville-2

Colorado State @ Colorado: My Pick:Colorado This game went into overtime last season. Don't expect it to be quite so close this time around. Final: Colorado State-17 Colorado-38

Fresno State @ Rutgers: My Pick:Rutgers There's nothing like squashing the dreams of a BCS buster hopeful early. Oh well, this will get Fresno State to quit focusing on the pressure of the BCS and refocus that energy on fighting for a conference championship. Final: Fresno State-24 Rutgers-7

Tennessee @ UCLA: My Pick:Tennessee Fortunately for Tennessee, they're traveling to California to face a much less talented ball team this time. Final: Tennessee-24 UCLA-27

Well, there they are. 57 picks of college football games. If I miss 17 or more of them, don't expect me to do it again.


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