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Now I am just a simple computer jockey who loves sports.  I have no affiliation with the NFL or the NFLPA.  That being said.  I could do a much better job of running the NFL than Roger Goodel is doing. 

First off.  The whole Patriots thing.  Come on man.  This isn't hard.  You take away a first round draft pick.  La di da.  They had the 7th overall pick anyway.  So you let em take a much higher draft pick.  Why were we still subjected to a "perfect season"?  The pats shoulda been disqualified from the Jets game thus giving them a loss.  Then they shoulda been banned from playoff contention.  And even though I still rank them getting there **** handed to them by Peyton's baby brother as one of the best expiriences of my life.  We as average football loving joes should never have had to listen to the verbal love fest that every sports outlet gave a pack of cheaters.  "The patriots are a dynesty" "the pats are the greatest team ever"  please be aware of the sick bags located next to your remote.  And now its the ol' "moving past" phaze.  It never happened right?

Next off we have the suspensions of players for violation of rules.  What happened to 3 strikes and your outta here?  Chris Henry has 5 strikes and hes coming back for more.  Brandon Marshall will serve all of one day of his original 4 week suspension.  I know that we as a society are very lax when it comes to people who are in the news but come on.  When will Mike Vick return to the NFL?  I know it's coming.  Watch out Jamarcus Russell.  He'll be coming to the Prison Raiders soon enough.  

Last.  Why is there no minor league in football?  Hockeys got it.  Baseballs got it.  You have like 120 college football teams.  each team has like 60-80 players on it.  You have 32 NFL teams with 53 players on each of them.  Do the math.  Hook it up with the canadian football league or lets get the AFL back up and running. That way when Donovan McNabb goes down you can just call up some no name from the Arlington Grasshoppers or something.  Hook it up with the Arena Football pansys.  Sorry.  No outta bounds seems kinda wimpy to me.  It can't be that hard for this to take place.  

So I left one thing out.  Chad Ocho Cinco.  That sounds real dumb.  Chad "Don't call me" Johnson. You're in the wrong league man.  The XFL closed down remember?  You can't just chose any ol' name to slap on the back of your jersey.  The NFL wants to appear to be family friendly and professional, remember?  And if your gonna change your name, pick up a spanish 1 text book first man.  ochenta y cinco, dummy.


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