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These are the match-ups in the 2007 season that I am most intrigued by right now. These are not the best games, in all cases, but the most interesting. The list goes from 10 down to 1, counting down the games that I think will be the best match-ups.

10. Nebraska vs. Texas (Oct. 27)- This isn't necessarily a Top 10 matchup, but Nebraska promises to be a team competing for the Big 12 Crown. They would be third in my Big 12 Power Rankings, behind Oklahoma and, you guessed it, Texas. Therefore, this game of 3 vs. 2 should be very entertaining and undoubtfully will help decide who gets in from the Big 12 South, Oklahoma or Texas.

9. Southern Cal vs. Cal (Nov. 10)- Both USC and Cal look to be very strong this season. This will be a very important game because USC will be looking for a national title bid, and Cal has all of the stops available to end all of their hopes. California is, again, #3 in my Pac-10 Power Rankings, behind, yep, USC, and UCLA.

8. Alabama vs. Auburn (Nov. 24)- This game will be the best that it has been in a long time, even if Nick Saban turns out to be a bust for Bama. It will be a battle of good offenses and unbelieveable SEC-style defenses. Get ready to freeze **** off while watching the ground upturned in this battle of "The Iron Bowl".

7. Louisville vs. Kentucky (Sept. 15)- This game will be overshadowed by some other games on this date, such as Michigan/Notre Dame and Tennessee/Florida, but is still, in my opinion, the best matchup of the day! This game features the best passing offense in the Big East against the best passing offense in the SEC. That's right: Andre Woodson vs. Brian Brohm. Could it get any better?

6. Florida vs. LSU (Oct. 6)- This game will most likely be a preview of the SEC championship game, which I am picking LSU to win. The game will be played in Baton Rouge, one of the toughest venues of all college football. The team who wins this one will be the best of the SEC by any standards, since both are already the best in their divisions.

5. USC vs. UCLA (Dec. 1)- The cross-town rivalry just got a lot hotter. When UCLA upset USC last year in the Rose Bowl it sent shock waves across the country of USC's title hopes crushed. Now, UCLA will be a much better team and this game certainly promises to be one of the best of the season. I have both UCLA and USC in my Top Ten, so if neither has a bust season, this could very well be the best game of this rivalry in a long time.

4. Louisville vs. West Virginia (Nov. 8)- The classic battle for the Big East. Two great offenses, but Louisville gets the advantage, here. And West Virginia takes the advantage on D, but I don't think this game will come down to special teams. One team should rise up and take the Big East title, but both should be weary of a little school up north in feel-good story Rutgers.

3. Oklahoma vs. Texas (Oct. 6)- The Red River Shootout couldn't get much better. This should be the deciding factor in who goes to the Big 12 title game. These are my 1-2 in the Big 12, and it will be Texas's passing attack vs. Oklahoma's ground forces. It should be very entertaining.

2. Michigan vs. Wisconsin (Nov. 10)- I almost put this game at number 1, but I guess this is high enough. I love this matchup so much, and it should be a great game. These two will be the two best in the Big 10, and I'm not sure who to put in front of who. Michigan definately has more talent, but Wisconsin just looks like a team that could very easily dethrone them. This will be a must-watch.

1. Virginia Tech vs. LSU (Sept. 8)- This is what I want to see the most. Virginia Tech will be the best of the ACC, and LSU the best of the SEC. Despite major disprovement, I have the ACC ranked 2nd in my conference rankings, because they should have 10 adequate teams this season, but Virginia Tech should be the one to stand out. LSU is holding the banner for the best conference in America, but this will be no easy game for either team. This is a classic early-season match-up that will play a major role in shaping the college football foundation from the start of the season to the end.

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