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Well, my summer is coming to a close as I head back to class and work.  And because of this I will lack the time to really spend a long while on a good blog, so I figured I would go ahead and pick all the NL awards even though there is a month left in the season.  Anyways, commence the selection process:

Hank Aaron Award: Albert Pujols - who can argue with a guy who is going to post a 35 HR 125+ RBI season.  Not to mentoin he is also top 5 in runs scored and runs created.  In my book this is the best offensive player around.

Roberto Clemente: Mike Cameron - The Clemente award is essentially given to the player who gives the most back to his community.  Cameron playing in Milwaukee for the first time has been a key contributor to the MPS (Milwaukee Public School) school system.  Nationally the MPS system is the poorest and worst school system, Cameron in an effort to help inner city kids gain a better education has given millions to the MPS system to afford lunches and breakfasts for every kid.  Cameron has exemplified what it means to be a role model.

Relief Man Award: Brad Lidge - Lidge has come up big for the Phillies.  He has posted a 2.26 ERA, while going a perfect 32 for 32 in saves.  He has also chalked up 74 strikeouts in 55 innings while leading his Phillies ball club in a chase for the playoffs.

Silver Slugger Award:
C- Brian McCann
1B- Albert Pujols
2B- Chase Utley
3B- Chipper Jones
SS- Hanley Ramirez
LF- Ryan Braun
CF- Carlos Beltran
RF- Ryan Ludwick

Gold Glove Award:
Jason Kendall
1B- Adrian Gonzalez
2B- Brandon Phillips
3B- Troy Glaus
SS- Jimmy Rollins
LF- Ryan Braun
CF- Nate McLouth
RF- Hunter Pence
Ryan Dempster

Manager of the Year: Lou Piniella
- Who can argue with sweet Lou?  He has led a team with amazing talent to one of the best records in baseball.  He has managed a average bullpen extremeley well, he has also managed to work in different pitchers into his staff.  The best team in the NL has the best coach in the NL.

Rookie of The Year: Geovany Soto - 3rd in the NL (catchers) with a .286 BA, he has also clubbed 20 HR's and 79 RBI's.  But what isnt told in the stats is how Soto has managed the pitching staff.  As a rookie Soto has stepped in and taken the reigns of the pitching staff, he has managed to keep Zambrano happy, while leading the staff to a NL leading ERA and strikeouts.  Soto has taken the Cubs on his back and carried them to the post season as a rookie, earning him the ROY award.

Cy Young Award: Tim Lincecum - The young right hander edges out CC Sabathia, Brandon Webb, and Johan Santana for the Cy Young.  The reason Lincecum will get it is because even on the horrid Giants roster, Lincecum has managed to get the best ERA in the NL and the most K's as well as winning 15 games (could be 20 by end of the season).  Brandon Webb the next likely candidate will miss it because his numbers arent that great other than his wins.  So as Lincecum leads the NL in nearly every category, he will win the Cy Young.

Most Valuable Player: Ryan Braun - The 25 year old left fielder leads his Brewers to their first post season in 26 years.  Braun has been a monster at the plate, he has hit 34 HR's and 94 RBI's while keeping his BA above .300.  He also has 151 hits and 35 doubles, both top 10 in their respective categories.  Braun has also managed to get 6 triples and 11 stolen bases while only being caught 3 times.  The young left fielder also leads all outfielders in fielding with absolutley no errors and 8 assists.  Braun eventually leads his Brewers to the playoffs, getting much TV exposure leading to his eventual vote as MVP.  Because he is possibly the best overall hitter, fielder and team player in the NL, while leading the Brewers to the post season, Braun made the final push to be the MVP of the NL.

Coming up next: 2008 AL Awards.


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