What's that? You say you can't wait until the new AP top 25 comes out? Well, wait no more. Here's my take on what it will look like.

1. Georgia-The Bulldogs had a solid enough performance (excusing the 21 points allowed in the 2nd half) against Georgia Southern to hold on to the top spot.

2. Ohio State-OSU looked even stronger than last year in their opener, and barring any injuries, should continue to stay atop the polls.

3. USC-USC had the most impressive performance of the top 3 teams, but it's to be determined if they're even the best team in the Pac-10 (another blog for another day).

4. Oklahoma-Half a hundred at the half, you say? Then what's with the 57-2 final? I guess Bob didn't want to deal with the criticism that comes with running up the score.

5. Florida-Tim Tebow only had one total touchdown? Wow, production has really dropped off, hasn't it? Wait, what's that? He had less than 1/4 of the Gator's carries? Did they lose? No, they won? 56-10? I guess the rest of the team does know how to play football. I foresee this team winning on November 1st.

6. Missouri-Nice win over a top 20 team. Not much for defense though. This team better start some secondary drills, or they could get torched by the surplus of talent at QB in the Big 12.

7. LSU-Ryan Perri who? Who needs a QB when you can average 7 yards per carry? Nice job putting Appalachian State back in their place.

8. West Virginia-This team won, but their Big East defense is still lacking. They might want to do something before heading off to Greenville. The Pirates had 369 yards of offense against Virginia Tech.

9. Auburn-Wait a second... Where'd Clemson go? They were here 36 hours ago. Oh well... Auburn is another SEC team with apparently no passing game. Well, just like before, if you can average 7 yards per carry, who needs one?

10. Texas-I guess Texas is getting sick of hearing Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas Tech, and Kansas get all the hype. Impressive win. If last year was a sophomore slump, this year looks like it could shape up to be a junior jubilee. Congratulations, Colt McCoy, you just earned your way back into the top Big 12 QBs conversation.

11. Texas Tech-Hmmm... Impressive offense. Now, let's work on that defense. You know that's what you're supposed to be playing when the other team has the ball. Giving up 17 points in one quarter to a Division I-AA team doesn't scream, "Big 12 Champs!"

12. Wisconsin-P.J. Hill? Try not to go over 300 yards against Michigan. We want them to keep some dignity.

13. Kansas- Aquib Talib? PHILLIP STROZIER!

14. Alabama-It's still to be seen if Clemson is just that bad or if Alabama just really is that good. If it's the latter, the Crimson Tide's return to prominence might be coming a little earlier than expected.

15. Arizona State-If I'm judging by performances on Saturday, then the Sun Devils are the 2nd best college football team in Arizona. Nevertheless, they won in double digits so they get to stay.

16. BYU-The good news for BYU is that they are already 4 spots ahead of where Hawaii was this time last season. The bad news is that they face 2 Pac-10 opponents in the next 2 weeks, AND they might not be the best team in their own conference.

17. South Florida-There's nothing like being 3 deep at the RB and QB positions. Of course, it was against Tennessee Martin. Next week will be a tougher contest and the week after versus Kansas will show whether or not the Bulls are legit.

18. Oregon-I guess the departure of Brady Leaf didn't hurt the Ducks too badly. Wait, that's not right. Brady Leaf was the sucky QB; Dennis Dixon was the good one. Either way, thank the Lord for Jeremiah Johnson.

19. Penn State-Penn State scored an impressive 66 points, but honestly, had anyone ever heard of Coastal Carolina? Oregon State will be a good non-conference test for the Nittany Lions.

20. South Carolina-The embarrassment of the ACC began with the "Old Ball Coach" and his Gamecocks. The most impressive part was that they posted a shutout while their QB was trying to give the game away.

21. Wake Forest-Wake Forest beat a BCS conference opponent. Unfortunately for them, that BCS opponent will finish last in their division. Also, the fact that the rest of the ACC didn't show up keeps Wake Forest from moving too far up from where they were.

22. California-Another season. Another nicely played opener. Let's try not to let the fans down this time.

23. Fresno State-Fresno State surpassed my expectations. I honestly didn't expect them to get past Rutgers on Monday. They were 27th in the preseason AP poll so they move into the top 25. Fortunately for them, next week is a bye week. Unfortunately for them, their stay here in the top 25 will be short lived as they take on Wisconsin in their next game.

24. Illinois-I don't expect the voters to keep too many of the teams that lost in the top 25, but you can't punish Illinois too harshly for losing by 10 to #6.

25. Utah-Utah did exactly what they needed to do to get into the top 25-beat a respected BCS team. With their schedule, Utah has a shot to bust the BCS. Chances are that their November 22nd meeting with BYU will be for a lot more than just a conference championship.


Disclaimer: This top 25 is not a reflection of where I would necessarily rank each team. This is strictly how I think the voters should vote based on the preseason rankings and individual team perfomances.


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