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First of all, I will not come out and say:Tim Tebow uhhh Beanie Wells.


Nope, I'm gonna break down who I've seen so far that have impressed me.





 #7 Juice Williams, Illinois- Juice looked very impressive against Missouri. He threw five touchdown passes, and had 451 passing yards. His mobility has been noted, and many people see him as a running quarterback. I say he's a quarterback that can run. He has a very, very strong arm, and he got some touch under some of his nicer passes. I see him going mid-late first round.


#10 Chase Daniel, Missouri- System Quarterback? Maybe. Smart, good leader? Yes. If he is a system quarterback, then here is my advice for the NFL teams: If you run the spread offense, draft Daniel in mid-late first round. If you don't, he's probably worth a second or third round pick. I say he would fit the 49ers best if they keep Martz at offensive coordinator.

#14 John Parker-Wilson, Alabama- Who? The quarterback of the Crimson Tide. A player that has gone way under the radar impressed me a lot against Clemson. He is a short-range passer, but he can take shots down the field when necessary. Pay attention to him in the fourth or fifth round.


# 39 PJ Hill, Wisconsin- He looked great against Akron. He is showing to be a good up-the-gut runner, he had two TD's on Saturday. He could be a heisman finalist, maybe a dark horse to win it. I see Detroit, Miami, and Arizona to heavily scout, and maybe draft Hill in the first or second round.

#28 Chris "Beanie" Wells, Ohio State- I know I said I wasn't going to mention him, but I lied. His injury might hurt him here, but not that much. He will definitely be a first rounder if he decides to enter the draft. He will probably be top five, or top ten, so your team will have to trade up for him, or just flatout suck this year.

#41 Ian Johnson, Boise State- Oh yeah now I remember him. He was the runner on the Statue Of liberty play against Oklahoma. He's a complete back, but he's a little small. I see him ranging from rounds three through five, depending on who's available, and who needs what.

Wide Receiver:

#5 Michael Crabtree, Texas Tech- A complete receiver, he had huge numbers last year, and had a pretty decent game against Eastern Washington. He is an almost definite first-rounder unless the same thing happens in this previous draft.

These two might be homer picks, but

#88 Kenny Britt, Rutgers- A big, athletic receiver that can make some moves in the open field. He is a great down-field threat, and he will impress some teams. He could be the second through fifth receiver drafted if he decides to enter the draft.

I couldn't find a picture for him, but

#7 Tyquan Underwood- The other Rutgers receiver. Though he is not as big as Britt, he is much faster and gets great separation from corners. He could go from the second to the fourth round.

Tight End(I will only have one):

#45 Chase Coffman, Missouri- Coffman looked very impressive to me in the Missouri-Illinois game. I compare him to Jason Witten, as he is a huge receiving threat. He had some great moves on one of his receptions, as he juked a couple of defenders, and hopped a cornerback. Expect him to be the first tight end drafted as long as he doesn't get hurt.

O-Line(sorry again, only one):

#74 Michael Oher, Ole Miss- The top rated offensive tackle in my mind. He is a great blocker, and he is even more valuable because he is a left tackle, a highly praised position in the NFL. I see him as a definite top five pick.


I know I didn't do the defense, I'll get to that tomorrow morning.

Keep your eyes on these players on draft day.









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