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Washington Redskins at New York Gaints. Jacoubs will start the season off with a boom boom. Hell kill that D and it deponds on witch Eli shows up. But most likely the Eli from the playoffs. And that Skins team is gonna suck. Other than Portis. NYG win.

St.Louis Rams at Philadelphia Eagles. WESTBROOK enough said. Mcnabb will start the season healthy witch is nice but who will he be throwing to? Other than Westbrook who is a BEAST. But that secondary is gonna kill them cause they have no 3rd string WR and a ok TE. STEVEN JACKSON either will make or break them. But most likely breakem. Philly Wins.

Hoston Texans at Pittsburgh Steelers. Matt and Andre nice but whose running it? No one good. And Pitt who I hate could win it but this will be the worst game. Houston Wins.

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens. Wait I may have spoken to early. This sucks one has no D and one has no offense. Cinn Wins.

Detroit Lions at Altlant Falcons. This is an ok game. Clavin and Roy vs nothing other than a goal post will stop them or the sound of a wistle. And i dont care whose the cordanator you have Kitna who will gun it. And thell get atleast 100 yds rushing hands down. And all i can say is only if Redman is the QB will they have a chance. Det Wins.

Seattle Seahawks vs Buffalo Bills. I cant wait for this game. Marshawn is great and that Hawks D is also good so this will be good and the Wr core whose left for Matt to throw to? Bills Win

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins. Parcelly The big tuna. What ever you wanna call him. Thell be a ok team but this will be the Brett, Coles and Cotchery. And that lines upgrade will make them great and did you forget Thomas jones who had 1100 yds. Jets Win.

Kansas City Chiefs vs 16-0 Pats. Pats win. lol

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints[ AT TB if changed due to Hurrican ]. Lets try this again thats what id say if I was the coach of the Saints. Pretend if the last season never happened. But still no Caddy wat happened to him and Simms man those to and Joey and that D they where a great team. N.O. Wins

Jacksonville at Tennesse. Fred and the kiropraktor. And Garrad who is much better than VY and Jack is hands down better than Tenn. Jack wins

Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns. Im a homer. Lewis, Anderson, Edwards, Winslow, Stallworth, No Joe and this team will be in the playoffs. But Dallas has the almost same team Marion vs Lewis Romo vs Anderson TO vs Edwards Winslow vs Witten Stallworth vs Crayton. Think about that and Cle is at home. Cle wins. But Dallas is good.

Carolina Panthers vs San Deigo Chargers. I have no idea how Carolina could win do you? LOL didnt think so. LT, Rivers, Gates. All where hurt and merrimans injury will be non factor unless he really get hurt for good. SD wins

Arizona at San Fran. Matt or Kurt man thats hard not. USC or Super Bowl Champ. 400 and tons of TDs and tons of Ints or tons of INTS and 200 yds? And that SF team sucks. Arizona Wins

Chicago Bears at Indy COLTS. Peyton Addai Wayne Gonzo Harrison Dallas. We rule end of story. If you seen the the Super bowl just know that t will be the same resalt. Colts win

Minn at GB. No Favre and now you have Rodgers. But GB fans dont feel bad they have the same crap at QB. But you guys dont have AP or Taylor. But Grant is also a? Will he be a fluke and that WR core did Favre makem with his arm or not. but Minn wins

Denver at Oakland Raiders. Oakland will be a 8-8 team or better. think that over. But Russel Curry Fadden Fargus and they inproved that D. And is The west. Denver other than Cutler who do they have? NO one.[ I love Marshall but hes out for this game] Oak wins.

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