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Great upset with East Carolina downing West Virginia.  I went 23-2 in my first week of picks:

Here are my 25 picks:

South Carolina vs. Vandy- South Carolina- Coin Flip.  You never know which SC team will show up but Vandy is down and SC has the edge.  This could be a close game but probally will be a win for SC, but may be an upset.- Incorrect- Same old SC.. never know which team will show up.

BYU vs. Washington- BYU- should be a close game.- Correct

Navy vs. Ball State- Ball State- Two decent teams and they are evenly matched.- Correct

Ohio State vs. Ohio- Ohio State- It will be over in the first quarter...- Correct- Ugly game.. talk about looking ahead!!!

Wisconsin vs. Marshall- Wisconsin- Marshall has improved but this will be a blow out.- Correct

Illinois vs. Eastern Illinois- Illinois- They will get back on the winning side in a soft game and easy win.- Correct

Michigan vs. Miami (OH)- Michigan- It may be a long year but the future will be bright and this will be their first win. They may not make a bowl game but they will get better every week.- Correct

Michigan State vs. Eastern Michigan- Michigan State- joke game and easy win.- Correct

Purdue vs. Northern Colorado- Purdue- Correct

Auburn vs. Southern Miss- Auburn- This is a solid team and they will have a strong year...- Correct

Virginia Tech vs. Furman- VT- They are clearly weaker this year but this still will be a solid win.- Correct

Georgia vs. Central Michigan- Georgia- This is a game they need to stay healthy.... They have real tests coming the next few weeks.  Should be a blow out.- Correct.. better play D next week.

Oklahoma vs. Cincy- Oklahoma- Blow out- Correct

Wake Forest vs. Miss.- Wake- May be very close- Correct

Clemson vs. Citadel- Clemson- Still picked to win ACC and this will be a solid win..- Correct

Penn State- Oregon State- Penn State- Correct

Kansas vs. Louisiana Tech- Kansas- They have a soft schedule and this should be an easy win.- Correct

Pitt vs. Bufflao- Pitt- Pitt has issues.. real talent but clearly having and showing is a real struggle for this team.- Correct

South Florida- UCF- SF- SF will win this game.- Closer than thought- Correct

Alabama vs. Tulane- Bama- Interesting game- Correct

Florida vs. Miami- Florida- blow out.. Correct

LSU vs. Troy- LSU- They are a solid team and this will be a huge win.- Verdict still out.. delayed..

Texas Tech vs. Nevada- Texas Tech- Huge win- Correct

Texas vs. UTEP- Texas- Blow out- Correct

Missouri vs. SE Missouri State- Missouri- very strong team and a team to watch out for.. only Oklahoma stands in their way.  Huge blow out.- Correct

Game to watch on 9/6: West Virginia vs. East Carolina- West Virginia- If WV comes in asleep or looks ahead.. East Carolina will win. They are the better team but East Carolina is a solid team and may keep it close.  If WV starts slow.. EC will shock the world again.- Incorrect- not even close.. huge win for EC and huge loss for WV..

Upcoming Games to watch on 9/13:

Georgia vs. South Carolina- Georgia- 9/13

USC vs. Ohio State- USC- 9/13

Your picks or thoughts?





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