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The king of politically incorrect comedy has recently passed away


So I thought it appropriate to re-vist George Carlins most famous routine of them all and how it still affects us today.

As George used to say "there are 400,000 words in the English language, and there are 7 of them you can't say on television". That routine from 35 years ago is still among the best attacks on political correctness ever. In those 35 years, how far have we progressed? Well, those same 7 words are still banned on network television. And far MORE than Carlins "dirty seven" are banned on various sites around the internet.What?!?!? The internet? The last bastion of absolute freedom of speech? Well that's what is was supposed to be, anyhow.

As the internet becomes more and more commercialized the censorship increases exponentially. This is NOT a good thing. Now, I understand the Disney site has to be much more careful with what it allows than the Girls Gone Wild site does, I'm not THAT in favor of no censorship. 

Not to pick on SI or Fan Nation, but since that's where you are reading this, it's the easiest to give examples from. I believe you have to be (supposed to be?) 14 to join this site (too lazy to go re-read the TOS right now) so, basically a teenager. Georges dirty 7 are most assuredly not allowed. Fair enough, I guess. Even though you only have to be 13 to get into a PG-13 movie where you can hear every one of them, but I won't complain too much about the dirty 7. It's an industry standard and there ARE parents who won't allow their teenagers to attend PG movies because they don't want them exposed so while I disagree in principal, I can understand the reasoning behind it.

Now...what about all those other words SI deems unfit for 14 year old eyes? You can't use "the N-word" that has become so much a part of todays hip hop culture that it's almost benign in this day and age, but you CAN use the words spic, wap, dago, etc. that are ALSO ethnic slurs.

Did anyone at SI's censorship crew ever go to school? Attend a world history class? The last name of the man almost solely responsible for WWII is a bad word? So is the name of his party? Is Fan Nation going to change history by erasing Adolf's surname and affiliation from it's web site? 

OK. We can't talk about histories bad guys or dare to offend a single ethnic group, though offending the others is quite fine, but we CAN have naked women as our avatar? Yes, the woman in my avatar picture is completely naked. Pull up the full size pic in my profile and it's obvious. The only thing she is "wearing" is body paint. Now, THAT is perfectly fine for 14 year old eyes, but the name of the man who started WWII isn't? Makes a lot of sense, I guess. Make love not war, right?

Oh, wait. In the interest of full disclosure, I did leave something out. See, the picture that is my avatar is a Sports Illustrated pic. I guess that makes the difference. Bet if I put up the pic I have of a woman in Mickey Mouse body paint it wouldn't pass muster...

Site moderation is another PC tactic most all web sites that allow user interaction, utilize. It tends to be completely subjective and without any rhyme nor reason other than the whim of the designated mod. Don't get me wrong, moderation of a site such as this is extemely important...IF it's being handled properly and consistently. 

Those of you who know me, know I don't pull many punches. I've been rightfully accused of crossing the line on occasions (even by my own loose standards). But the randomness of comments being deleted just makes me laugh. For example, in one forum on this site a couple weeks ago I referred to someone as a jackass or some other such benign comment. It was deleted and I received the typical form letter via email informing me of such. Yet, IN THE SAME forum and on the very next page I called the SAME PERSON a high school drop out, drug addicted, transexual who enjoys wa/nking to sweaty men in tights. THAT comment is still there.

One mod might read this blog and laugh his behind off all the while nodding knowingly, while another might see it and with hearty disapproval hit that delete button faster than Ahaminejad hitting the fire button on a nuke tipped missile to Israel. At least with television you know up front what you can or can't get away with. On the internet these days, the PC police don't play from the same rule book so who knows what is coming from day to day.


Remember to keep your posts clean. Profanity will get filtered, and offensive comments will be removed.

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