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First things first, Let me get my own PERSONAL feelings about Cassidy out of the way.

I don;t care

Really, I don;t.

I don;t care that the user with the name Cassidy is a male or a female- for some reason there are a lot of user IDs that do.

It STUNS me that there are 50 user IDs that seems to make it thier highest priority on the gender of a person that they will never meet.

I mean really? That is the biggest worry you have in your life?

Must be nice.

I mean really, I'm a father of Four, got a job I hate and rent is past due. And you biggest worry is that a person sitting behind a keyboard is a male or female.

Must be nice- I hope you spill you Yoo-Hoo on the school bully today.

Next the fact that Cassidy gets a TON of votes

I don;t CARE that the user may/may not cheat- I have seen Adam Lee S*** 20 votes in 10 minutes, I have seen GOATHCW S*** 20 votes in 10 minutes, I have seen Lana, Bombers and even I have even S**** 20 votes in 10 minutes in several TDs

Yet for some reason The User Cassidy get all this venom.


I have TDed the User Cassidy a lot- and find the User to be a VERY good TDer- and on Football one of the best on here male or female. And for the most part enjoyed doing so.

But with all the Drama its hard to get a good judgement on who won the arguement. So I stopped TDing the User.

And that was that- I got out of the flaming the stupidity and so on. When I came across a User Cassidy TD- I voted on the 6 arguements and stopped there- and ignored the rest.

When anyone sends me a TD I vote on it and move on (unless its baseball)

So now we come to today.

and I get this note on a TD

Sorry, Darth. Gottta load up the votes for Prodigy. The new rage around here is gonna be "a vote from Roy means twenty votes for the other guy."

Judge Chamberlain Haller

and boom- I'm down in the TD.

So let me get this straight, I do the work to come up with a TD topic that don;t stink (hopefully)

I come up with an arguement

My OPPONENT comes up with an arguement

and then a user votes- and I get slammed the other way no matter WHAT I say?

and users like Porkins, Stowe, MoonDizzle and Ghost wonder why the TD board is so empty and why they stopped waisting thier time on it.

Great Job Fellas- you have made this site worse.

Now 2 questions

1. I start more TDs than ANY 2 users in this site history put TOGETHER- and what are you going to do if the User Cassidy votes FOR my opponent? Does that mean I win this one?

2. Considering how many losses Cassidy has CAUSED me by beating me head to head in TDs. Do you ACTUALLY think that me losing 100 Tds is going to make Cassidy leave? Or shed a TEAR?

I wish I had your problems

Oddly enough all these votes come from accounts I have never heard of The Judge was created on 06/25/08- and has done no TDs or Blogs

Sounds like a Dupe to me

No wait! That is why everyone hates Cass right? So lets all make dupe accounts to protest an alleged Dupe account!!!!

and someone remind me why Stowe Left?

So my Drive to 1K seems to have derailed a bit.

Thanks Fellas.

And the sad thing is- If I became a Mod tommorrow- What could I do?

IP checks are worthless- They are like locking your car and leaving a grand in cash on the seat thinking its safe.

Too easy to get around.

Ban user Cass? Why? I might be able to see evidence of a Dupe- yet it don;t matter in the long run does it?

If user Porkins admitted that the person behind the keyboard was a Female- or Muslim, or Black or Red-Headed- or even a 75 pound white kid from Iowa-  It does not change a thing about one of the best TDers in this sites history.

Congrats people- you made made a site that most people use as a diversion for fun and sports worse- and created an issue even "Saint Josh" can;t fix.

I wish I had your Problems

**If I have offened anyone by the use of the Tag "user" sorry

please keep in mind I will delete ANY comments that may cause a flame war. I have NO intrest in seeing 50 pages of comments on here with accusations and threats from 10 year olds behind keyboards.


Remember to keep your posts clean. Profanity will get filtered, and offensive comments will be removed.

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