Here are my college football picks of the week once again. Last week there were 57 games. Out of those, I correctly picked 45 for a 79%. This week there are 66 games (2 have been postponed). Out of those 66, I need to correctly pick 46 to achieve 70%. In order to match last weeks percentile, I will need to correctly pick 52 games. I would love to pick 90%, but let's be honest: If I were that good, I would be writing articles for ESPN instead of blogs for FanNation. Enjoy.

South Carolina @ Vanderbilt: My Pick:South Carolina Right now, the Gamecocks are just building up to September 13th. North Carolina State was a good starting, ego-boosting game, and Vanderbilt will be a nice, safe warm-up before facing Georgia. Final: South Carolina-17 Vanderbilt-24

Navy @ Ball State: My Pick:Ball State Ball State won by 3 at Navy in 2007, and I don't see any reason why they can't win at home this weekend. Final: Navy-23 Ball State-35

Ohio @ Ohio State: My Pick:Ohio State I said it last week, and I'll say it again this week: Why are the other Ohio teams even trying anymore? Final: Ohio-14 Ohio State-26

Marshall @ Wisconsin: My Pick:Wisconsin P.J. Hill ran for over 200 yards versus Akron, and I have no reason to believe that he won't do it again this weekend against the Thundering Herd. Final: Marshall-14 Wisconsin-51

Eastern Illinois @ Illinois: My Pick:Illinois I expect nothing less than at least 400 total yards for Juice Williams in this game. Final: Eastern Illinois-21 Illinois-47

Georgia Tech @ Boston College: My Pick:Georgia Tech This game is one of the tougher calls for me. Neither team was overly impressive in their first week, but I think Boston College's defense may get confused by the triple option. Plus, there's no Matt Ryan to throw for 400+ yards as he did versus Georgia Tech in 2007. Final: Georgia Tech-19 Boston College-16

Eastern Michigan @ Michigan State: My Pick:Michigan State The Spartans managed 17 points in the 4th quarter versus California last week. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late. Eastern Michigan shutout their opponent 52-0 last week. Unfortunately, that was last week. Final: Eastern Michigan-10 Michigan State-42

Miami(OH) @ Michigan: My Pick:Michigan Congratulations, Rich Rodriquez, this game will put you one ahead of where Lloyd Carr and the Wolverines were at this time last season. Don't get too excited though; I see more disappointements headed your way this season. Final: Miami(OH)-6 Michigan-16

Connecticut @ Temple: My Pick:Connecticut Temple is the only Div. I-A team that returned all 22 of its starters this season. Unfortunately, those 22 starters were 4-8 and lost to Connecticut in 2007. Final: Connecticut-12 Temple-9

Florida International @ Iowa: My Pick:FIU Iowa demolished Div. I-AA Maine in last weekend's opener. Unfortunately for them, FIU was busy playing a real football team. Bottom line in this one is that FIU is just better prepared. Final: FIU-0 Iowa-42

Northern Colorado @ Purdue: My Pick:Purdue Surprise, Surprise. Another Big Ten team opening their season against a Div. I-AA school. Oh well, Purdue will get their taste of reality when Oregon comes to town next weekend. Final: Northern Colorado-10 Purdue-42

Southern Miss @ Auburn: My Pick:Auburn Southern Miss allowed 263 rushing yards in their victory over Louisiana-Lafayette last weekend. Auburn ran for 321 yards while averaging 7 yards per carry in their victory over Louisiana-Monroe. I think it's safe to say that the Tigers will be keeping it on the ground on Saturday. Final: Southern Miss-13 Auburn-27

San Jose State @ Nebraska: My Pick:Nebraska San Jose State needed a 4th quarter touchdown to post a win against UC Davis last weekend. Nebraska could end up looking like the Cornhuskers of the 70s, 80s, and 90s in this one. Final: San Jose State-12 Nebraska-35

New Hampshire @ Army: My Pick:New Hampshire New Hampshire posted a 7-5 record last season that included wins over Marshall and Delaware. Army got embarrassed by Temple. You understand. Final: New Hampshire-28 Army-10

Furman @ Virginia Tech: My Pick:Virginia Tech I have to go with the Hokies here. Rumor has it if they lose to Furman, the whole team is going to jump off a bridge. Final: Furman-7 Virginia Tech-24

Brigham Young @ Washington: My Pick:BYU I couldn't have been more disappointed in Jake Locker and the Huskies. This will be a good early test to see if BYU truly is BCS worthy. Final: BYU-28 Washington-27

Central Michigan @ Georgia: My Pick:Georgia Although I don't see any chance of an upset brewing, Georgia might want to focus a little more on defense in the second half this week. Final: Central Michigan-17 Georgia-56

Cincinatti @ Oklahoma: My Pick:Oklahoma The good news for the Bearcats is that they've gotten some good experience playing some highly-touted programs over the past few seasons. The bad news is that Oklahoma has only lost 2 games at home since 2000, and both of those games were in-conference. Final: Cincinatti-26 Oklahoma-52

Utah State @ Oregon: My Pick:Oregon Truth be told, I hate Oregon (something to do with an onside kick). I'll root against them in every game they play. I have to be realistic though. Jeremiah Johnson should have no problem breaking 100 yards in the first half of this game. Final: Utah State-24 Oregon-66

Oregon State @ Penn State: My Pick:Penn State I'm really not sure why so many people seemed to be so impressed by Penn State's performance last Saturday. Had anyone even heard of Coastal Carolina? Nevertheless, they're still a good team and should have no problem getting out of this game with a win. Oregon State-14 Penn State-45

Mississippi @ Wake Forest: My Pick:Mississippi No, you are not seeing things. Why am I making this pick? See "Alabama @ Clemson." Final: Mississippi -28 Wake Forest-30

Sacramento State @ Colorado State: My Pick:Colorado State Colorado State is bad, but they're not THAT bad. Final: Sacramento State-20 Colorado State-23

Eastern Washington @ Colorado: My Pick:Colorado Colorado is one of those teams that I still can't completely wrap my brain around yet. Are they good? Are they average? One thing is for sure: They're better than Eastern Washington. Final: Eastern Washington-24 Colorado-31

San Diego State @ Notre Dame: My Pick:Notre Dame Cal Poly? Chuck Long, are you serious? Some might think Weis is on the hot seat, but I'm afraid Coach Long's seat just caught fire beneath him. Final: San Diego State-13 Notre Dame-21

Tennessee Tech @ Louisville: My Pick:Louisville Kentucky beat Louisville. Gardner-Webb beat Kentucky. Tennessee Tech beat Gardner-Webb. Unfortunately for Tennessee Tech, Gardner-Webb beat Kentucky in basketball. Final: Tennessee Tech-10 Louisville-51

Akron @ Syracuse: My Pick:Akron Here's an Over/Under for Yoda to bet on:1 win for Syracuse. Final: Akron-42 Syracuse-28

Citadel @ Clemson: My Pick:Clemson Not even Clemson can screw this one up. Although... I've been wrong before. Final: Citadel-17 Clemson-45

Air Force @ Wyoming: My Pick:Wyoming While Air Force was playing tiddlywinks with Southern Utah, Wyoming was in a dog fight with Ohio. I picked against Wyoming last week; this week I expect them to pull through for me. Final: Air Force-23 Wyoming-3

Richmond @ Virginia: My Pick:Virginia Virginia got spanked on Saturday. Richmond didn't. The only difference is that Virginia was playing a REAL football team. Final: Richmond-0 Virginia-16

UAB @ Florida Atlantic: My Pick:FAU Just one question: Would you rather lose by 23 at home versus Tulsa or 42 on the road versus Texas? Final: UAB-34 FAU-49

West Virginia @ East Carolina: My Pick:West Virginia Much like the East Carolina-Virginia Tech game, there will be no upset in this one either. Final: West Virginia-3 East Carolina-24

Idaho State @ Idaho: My Pick:Idaho Idaho lost 70-0 at Arizona. Idaho State lost 49-7 at Boise State. The only difference is that Arizona is legit. Final: Idaho State-27 Idaho-42

Texas A&M @ New Mexico: My Pick:New Mexico Who knew that picking this game would take so much thought? Who knew that after much thought New Mexico would be the pick? Final: Texas A&M-28 New Mexico-22

Western Carolina @ Florida State: My Pick:Florida State Penn State takes on Coastal Carolina in their opener. Florida State is scheduled to take on Western Carolina in their opener. Does anyone else get the feeling that Bowden and Paterno are focusing a little too hard on this all-time wins record? Final: Western Carolina-0 Florida State-69

Norfolk State @ Kentucky: My Pick:Kentucky Kentucky's non-conference schedule definitely won't do much in the way of preparing them for conference play, but at least they've got a great shot at being 4-0 before they get destroyed by Alabama. Final: Norfolk St-3 Kentucky-38

William & Mary @ North Carolina State: My Pick:North Carolina State Do you think Tom O'Brien called Steve Spurrier for some advice this week? Final: W & M-24 NCSt-34

Buffalo @ Pittsburgh: My Pick:Buffalo Last week, my instinct told me to go with Bowling Green. I didn't. I refuse to make the same mistake again. Look on the bright side, Pittsburgh: You play Syracuse this month. Final: Buffal0-16 Pittsburgh-27

Western Kentucky @ Eastern Kentucky: My Pick:Western Kentucky I'm still confused as to why Western Kentucky moved into Div. I-A. Nevertheless, they won this matchup by 20 last season, and I don't see why they won't this season. Final: Western Kentucky-37 Eastern Kentucky-13

California @ Washington State: My Pick:California California took care of business last week. Meanwhile, Washington State got blown out by the 3rd best team in Oklahoma. Final: California-66 Washington St-3

Southeast Missouri State @ Missouri: My Pick:Missouri I don't figure we'll get to see the Tigers' starting offense in the second half, but given the poor defensive performance last week, Gary Pinkel might want to keep the starting defense out there. Final: SE Missouri St-3 Missouri-52

Tulane @ Alabama: My Pick:Alabama Word of advice to Bob Toledo: If you call Coach Saban for advice next week, don't let the public find out. Final: Tulane-6 Alabama-20

Louisiana Tech @ Kansas: My Pick:Kansas Kansas needs to pile the points on quick and have the starters out by halfway through the 3rd quarter. They'll need all the fresh legs they can get next week, and there's no sense in risking injuries. Final: LA Tech-0 Kansas-29

South Florida @ UCF: My Pick:South Florida South Florida, my advice for Kansas - Yeah, that goes for you too. Final: USF-31 UCF-24

Kent State @ Iowa State: My Pick:Iowa State These two teams' openers really didn't tell me much in terms of how they'll match up, but the Cyclones have to feel better about coming off of a 27 point win than Kent State feels about coming off of a 21 point shutout. Final: Kent St-28 Iowa St-48

Murray State @ Indiana: My Pick:Indiana Is Kellen Lewis a quarterback or a running back? Last weeks stats make it a little tough to tell. Either way, Saturday should be a great one man show. Final: Murray St-3 Indiana-45

Northwestern @ Duke: My Pick:Northwestern Duke won 1 football game last season. That game was against none other than Northwestern. I'm banking on the fact that it was luck. Besides, when was the last time Duke won 2 football games in a season? (2004) Final: Northwestern-24 Duke-20

Northwestern State @ Baylor: My Pick:Baylor If Baylor loses this game, I'm recruiting Frank to help me get them thrown out of the Big 12. Final: NW St-6 Baylor-51

Tulsa @ North Texas: My Pick:Tulsa You can't help but feel sorry for North Texas, but with a name like Mean Green, you can't help but laugh at them. Final: Tulsa-56 North Texas-26

Southeastern Louisiana @ Mississippi State: My Pick:Mississippi State Fortunately for Mississippi State, this Louisiana team is actually Div. I-AA. Final: SE Louisiana-10 Miss St-34

Texas Southern @ Arkansas State: My Pick:Arkansas State Both are coming off of wins versus A&M teams. The difference? Prairie View vs. Texas. Final: Texas Southern-10 Arkansas St-83

Maryland @ Middle Tennessee: My Pick:Maryland This game is definitely winnable for Middle Tennessee. The only problem is that I don't think anyone has told them that. Final: Maryland-14 Middle Tennessee-24

Arkansas @ Louisiana-Monroe: My Pick:Louisiana-Monroe Louisiana-Monroe is the bravest team in Div. I-A football. In the past 6 seasons, they have faced SEC teams more than 10 times. This season, they take on 3. This is a team with a definite shot at another SEC upset. Final: Arkansas-28 LA-Monroe-27

Stephen F. Austin @ TCU: My Pick:TCU TCU's schedule this season is tough, but if they win the games that they are supposed to win, they should be able to at least match last season's total of 8 wins. Final: Stephen F. Austin-7 TCU-67

Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan: My Pick:Northern Illinois Northern Illinois let me down last week at Minnesota, but I'm not one to hold a grudge. They'll pick up the pieces this week. Final: Northern Illinois-26 Western Michigan-29

Houston @ Oklahoma State: My Pick:Oklahoma State Houston is capable of this upset, but I feel like Oklahoma State's offense will be too much for them to contain. Final: Houston-37 Oklahoma St-56

Montana State @ Kansas State: My Pick:Kansas State There's no reason why Josh Freeman can't have at least 3 more touchdowns this week. Final: Montana St-10 Kansas St-69

Minnesota @ Bowling Green: My Pick:Bowling Green This week, not only do I refuse to pick Pittsburgh to win, but I refuse to pick Bowling Green to lose. Final: Minnesota-42 Bowling Green-17

Miami(FL) @ Florida: My Pick:Florida These teams last met on December 31, 2004. Miami was a 17 point victor in that one. I'm sure Florida fans are itching to settle the score. I know I'm ready for the Miami fans to be shocked back to reality. Don't be surprised if the margin is 3 touchdowns or more. Final: Miami(FL)-3 Florida-26

UNLV @ Utah: My Pick:Utah Don't get cocky, Utah. You may have beaten Michigan, but remember, it wasn't the Michigan of old. You've got a long season ahead of you, and if you plan on busting the BCS, you can't afford a single misstep. Final: UNLV-21 Utah-42

Rice @ Memphis: My Pick:Memphis This one is pretty much a tossup, but since Memphis won at Rice last season, It's reasonable to believe that they'll win at home as well. Final: Rice-42 Memphis-35

Texas State @ Southern Methodist: My Pick:Southern Methodist I swear if I start getting these games that nobody cares about wrong, I'm going to stop picking them. Texas St-36 SMU-47

Texas Tech @ Nevada: My Pick:Texas Tech Graham Harrell will throw for another 500 yards, but this time I expect that Crabtree will be a little more involved. Final: Texas Tech-35 Nevada-19

Stanford @ Arizona State: My Pick:Stanford Kirk Herbstreit successfully picked Bowling Green over Pittsburgh in his upset special last week; so why wouldn't I go with his upset special this week? Final: Stanford-17 Arizona St-41

Toledo @ Arizona: My Pick:Arizona I honestly would not be surprised to see a similar score to the Arizona-Idaho game last week. Willie Tuitama is the best QB in the Pac-10, and Mike Stoops is finally coming into his own as head coach. Final: Toledo-16 Arizona-41

Texas @ UTEP: My Pick:Texas If you ask me, Colt McCoy is now back in the conversation concerning the best QBs in the Big 12. Texas might turn out to be one of the most overlooked, underrated teams in college football. Final: Texas-42 UTEP-13

Weber State @ Hawaii: My Pick:Hawaii Hawaii is definitely down this season, but not down enough for Weber State to post a W. Final: Weber St-17 Hawaii-36


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