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Back by popular demand are my weekly picks and power rankings. Let me add this one caveat. I will stop posting here if Diehard101 catches on, or until the super top secret web site I am also blogging for releases. I do not yet have permission to advertise for it, but it will be the best sports blogging web site on the planet once it goes live.

I was going to go on a rant and chastise the state of FanNation, but I decided I am bigger than that. I will say that I am not as happy on FN as I once was. Let's leave it at that. I'm not here to preach at you.

So, let me just get on with it. This blog, and only this blog, will be a double feature because I waited too long to get talked into doing this. I will include my 1st Power Rankings and week 1 picks. On a side note, that is all I will be doing - picks and rankings. No more Monday Morning Musings, I have neither the time nor the passion for that this time around.

So, let me ask you this:

Are you ready for some fooooooooootbaaaaaaaaaaaaal?!?!?!?!?!?

My power rankings will only include who I think are the top 10 teams, even though I will have 11 spots. Let me add these caveats:

  1. I am not a professional sports writer (as if that wasn't obvious already)
  2. The rankings are based solely on my opinion and I will not change them to appease the masses
  3. If you don't like them, then tell me who should be there and why
  4. I will not rank them based solely on wins-losses. So don't even go there
  5. If you don't like my blog, well that really isn't an "if statement" is it?

That's it. So without further adieu, or further adon't...hahahaha, get, adieu - adon't? No? Oh well, I'll leave the comedy to the professionals.

Absurd predictions

  1. The Vikings will not make the playoffs
  2. The Cowboys will be in the Superbowl
  3. The Redskins and Eagles and Giants will suck. Oh, that's not so absurd is it?
  4. Adrian Peterson will not lead the league in rushing
  5. My fantasy team will win my league's championship

Week 1 Power Rankings

Well, here is what you have been waiting for - my inaugural power rankings. I do want to say that the first few weeks will be pretty fluid as teams find their grooves. So don't automatically assume that if a team loses then the team right behind them will move up.

  1. Giants - Gah, it kills me to do this. But I did the same for the Colts last season. They are the defending SB champions and until the get beat (in week 1) they get the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Patriots - They still have a potent offense and will score a jillion points. The difference this season is that their defense is even older, as if that was even possible.
  3. Colts - Their entire season hinges on Manning's knee. They have the pieces to make another good run, but just how serious is the injury?
  4. Cowboys - The true best team in the NFC. Jones has done everything he can this offseason to make a run. If they don't do well, it's Little Bum's fault. Their lack of depth at receiver is very disconcerting right now though.
  5. Jags - We'll find out real fast if Garrard is the real deal. I have been critical of him in the past, but I finally gave him some props last season.
  6. Chargers - Despite Norv, they get to start out in my top 10. That is until they lose their first four games as usual.
  7. Steelers - The Steel City's hopes fringe on Tomlin. Was last season for real? Was the end of last season more like what to expect? I don't know why, but I feel that despite a very strong draft, Tomlin will suffer a sophomore slump.
  8. Seahawks - I kind of have to put them here. It's not that I think they have a top 10 team, they don't. They just get the benefit of playing in the weakest division. I don't expect to see them here very long.
  9. Bucs - Again, this is more because of a lack of options. They play in a weak division, but they have a heck of a defense. If they can get the right players on offense, Chuckie could be holding up the Lombardi again.
  10. Bills - This is my surprise pick of this season. They came on very strong the second half of last season. They were just on the wrong end of the lucky bounce a few times.
  11. Cheezhead - He's the reason I'm doing this again, so blame him.






Harry Callahan




Ok, so now you want to know who is better at picking games - me or the Magic 8 Ball. Well, it's the Magic 8 Ball, but you get my picks instead.


Redskins vs. Giants - So, will the Giants have a Super Bowl hangover?Will Campbell successfully run Jim Zorn's version of the WCO? Can I pick both teams to lose? All three answers are no, but the Giants won't start their hangover in week 1. They squeak by in a good old fashioned NFC East bruise fest.

Lions vs. Falcons - Dang, another game where the only losers are the ones watching it. Sorry ATL fans, but Ryan is not going to show why he is the QB of the future for the Falcons in tis game. Fortunately for him, the Lions don't have a defense. As woeful as the Lions are I will have to pick them in the first game. Don't worry; I won't make a habit of it.

Bengals vs. Ravens - And I get the trifecta of meaningless games. Neither of these teams will be in the playoffs. The Ravens have no offense and the Bengals have no defense. So who wins this game? Certainly not the ratings. I am calling the Bengals in a snoozefest.

Seahawks vs. Bills - AHA! Finally a game I can get excited about. No I don't care about the Seahawks (sorry IAM) because they will still win the weakest division in the NFL. I am excited to see what the Bills do. They had a stronger second half last season than most people will give them credit for. I will give them some credit as they are my surprise playoff pick this year. So give me the Bills to give the good people of Toronto some hope.

Jets vs. Dolphins - Everyone is slobbering all over Parcells' schlong. Not me. He inherited a really, really bad team. No check that, they were an inept team. Granted he made some decent offseason moves, but this team is just plain bad. No, I'll take the Jets so Madden and Peter King can gush over Favre on Monday.

Chiefs vs. Patriots - This is one tough game to call. Seriously; where do I start? The Pats are coming off a perfect regular season. The Chiefs are coming off another subpar season. The Pats have a QB who very well may become one of the greatest to ever play. The Chiefs have Brodie Croyle. Ok, enough nonsense, of course I'm taking the Pats in one that will be over by the second quarter. BTW, how did a team that finished 16-0 last season get the easiest schedule this season?

Buccaneers vs. Saints - This one is actually going to be a good game. The winner will start out with essentially a 2 game lead in the division. The Bucs have a very old offense. How old is it? It's so old; Garcia and Galloway remember when Captain Crunch was a Lieutenant. The Saints have a powerful offense but not such a great defense. So give me the Saints because Brees is my fantasy team QB.

Rams vs. Eagles - I'll keep this one short and sweet because I am running of witty remarks. I'll take the Eagles because the Rams suck more.

Texans vs. Steelers - By all rights this should be a pivotal game in the AFC. The Steelers are trying to right the ship after their late season swoon. The Texans are the team on the rise. Team on the rise? Yeah right. It's the Texans we're talking about. Nah, give me the Steelers in a beat down.

Jaguars vs. Titans - This is what I'm talking about! This is the way to start off the season - with a slobber knocker. This will be an epic battle in the toughest division in the NFL. We have the Jags who are trying to prove last year was no fluke. Garrard is doing everything he can to make me eat my words. We have the Titans who are trying to prove they belong in conversations about division titles. They have a QB who threw an unbelievable 6 touchdowns last season. Yeah, exactly. That's why I'm taking the Jags to prove they are the only team who can challenge the Colts in this division.

Cowboys vs. Browns - On paper, this should be a scary game for the Boys. They have no depth at receiver. Their secondary is still suspect. Rainman is not the answer to the defense. But the good news for the Cowboys is that they are playing the Browns. This one won't be pretty, but I'll take the Cowboys. Duh.

Panthers vs. Chargers - There isn't a lot that I can say about this game. So I'll take the Chargers despite Norv.

Cardinals vs. 49ers - Oh boy, another game between two perennial non playoff teams. Do I take the 49ers who don't have a clue what to do at QB? Or do I take the Cards who don't have a clue what to do at QB? I think the Cards suck less than the 49ers.

Bears vs. Colts - Oh yeah, Superbowl rematch baby. Let's do a quick comparison. The last time these two met, the Colts had a high octane offense and a great defense. The Bears had a good defense. How about now? The Colts have a high octane offense and a great defense. The Bears have a good defense and Kyle Orton. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. Colts in a blow out.

Vikings vs. Packers - Well, anyone who read my power rankings already know how I feel about the over rated Vikings. So, let's talk abut Packers. This will be the first game without the Drama Llama in 265 years. Most people seem to think that Rodgers can hold his own. I'm not so sure about that. However, I think he will hold his own in week 1 and give Packers fans some hope.

Broncos vs. Raiders - Oh sure, I make it all the way through 15 games of trying to come up with commentary and I end with this game. I'll keep it simple. There is no stinkin' way the Raiders win this one. Give me the Broncos in a field goal battle.


Well, that's it folks. If you don't like, I really don't care. I am sorry this first one was so long, but I had to do it to get on track.


Remember to keep your posts clean. Profanity will get filtered, and offensive comments will be removed.

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