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    Fellow Fans, hear me, hear me well. I love the Chicago Bears and I know you do too. For those of you who also love the Cubs here me as well. I would like to begin my letter with a hearty disclaimer: It hurts to lose, I know, I really do. And with losing comes a certain amount of pessimism, negativity, and defensiveness. I understand. I liken it to dating a woman (or man if pleases ya). When you get burned, it hurts, and you always enter the next conquest with a bit more guarded optimism, until that guarded optimism inevitably becomes bitterness and downright negativity. We've all been there. It's self defense. Its needed for the continuation of our species. Okay, that last part was overstepping my creative license, I apologize and I digress. (end of disclaimer).

     What I'd like to say is this. We, as Chicago sports fans, must put an end to the negativity. I've never been a Chicagoan, but I've been a Chicago Bears fan all of my life. I got my first bears tatoo as soon as I turned 18. It's my worst tatoo and my very favorite. I love the Chicago Bears so much that I have a hard time thinking about much else sometimes. When they lose, it hurts. They've done a lot of losing in my tenure as a Bears fan, and I've done a lot of hurting. So have you, I'm sure. And as a result, we've become a very negative fan base. We proudly sport our colors, no matter how dismal the season. The problem is, we also proudly bash our team, our quarterbacks, our running backs, our coaches, our g.m.'s our star linebackers. Even Deven Hester on occasion. Devin Freakin Hester! I've seen the same thing among Cub fans. Like I said earlier, it's understandable. But it has to stop. I remember when the Cubs were in the playoffs a few years ago and were playing so well. And then bam, the dude tried to catch the ...well, you know the rest. Bad things ensued. For the Bears it has been numerous losing seasons, numerous underachievement of our good teams in the playoffs, and of course, Super Bowl XLI and the downward spiral that followed.

    What I'm getting at is this, I believe that the power of suggestion can have a major impact on our lives. If you are someone who believes you are going to fail, you will propably fail. If you are someone who believes you will triumph against all odds, then my bet is no one can stop you. I've seen the same thing in the players I've watched and admired over the years. Walter Payton never went down on the first hit, because he didn't think it was possible to go down on the first hit. Michael Jordan believed he would win, period. It is the power of the will that propelled these men to greatness, not shear athletic majesty. But I believe it is more than that. Not only can my negative or positive energy affect the outcome of my life, but the negative and positive energy around me can as well. My parents told me that I could do anything. So I never believed otherwise. The very idea that I might fail never entered my mind. And guess what, I've succeeded at just about everything I've ever tried to do in my life. Their confidence in me was a powerful ally. On the other hand, I believe if enough people have the same negative energy, thought, or attitude, then the events and people around them will inevitably suffer negatively because of it. Now imagine a whole city of people whose thougts and attitudes are centered on you. If that entire city believe in you, I think the odds become stacked in your favor. If that whole city is just waiting for the next screw up, believing in a curse, or just bad mouthing you in general, well then you can't help but hear it. And as soon as the negativity has a found a way in, it can hurt your confidence and then your performance.

    I don't know, it may be all new age b.s. but I believe it, and what's more, I believe we all have nothing to lose by trying it.  So the next time the Cubbies make the playoffs (this year) think positive thoughts, believe that they will win, and let them know you believe it. Not by holding up stupid signs that say "I believe" but by not getting on the internet and ripping them. The next time Grossman takes the field, don't boo him when he smartly throws the ball away to avoid a sack in a preseason game, stand up and cheer him on. Make him think you believe in him. Don't make him consider that he may fail. We should stand by our team, at least while they are on the field. Believe in your Bears. Believe that they can still be a great team, that they are not rebuilding, that their defense can be dominant, that their offense will be successful. And let them know you believe it. The Bears have yet to even play a regular season game, and already, the blogosphere is filled with naysayers. Let's just support our team and hope for the best. We are the fourth phase. We have a role to play. Let's not be that disgruntled locker room faction, let's be the Mike Brown of fans. Let's have a good season. I believe it. I have no other choice. 


    Nitty Gritty 


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