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Mac is Drowning Some Riot

Lately, I've been on a new-rock binge. As strange as it may seem - and is - it's true. Between a few new albums and songs done by older artists to fresh, up and coming bands that have come to my attention, the truth remains the same: modern rock n' roll is getting a crash course into the ears of Mac. The five-songs beset in this post are diverse through their styles, providing I'd say most of the people who will view this with at least one song to click upon.

1. Disciple - Slayer

First up, it's the one song that might be skipped over. It's Slayer, the ‘80's speed-metal band that has during its career given birth to a sub-genre of metal - Black - and driven home messages of the atheistic and morbid to millions of underground music enthusiasts. Slayer had their years when they were unshakeable; albums like Reign in Blood, Seasons in the Abyss and South of Heaven put Slayer on the map in the metal realm and as one of the elites in the sub-genre beyond the years of British Heavy Metal. In 2001, after years of sub-par albums in accordance to past productions, Slayer released the album God Hates Us All, bar-none, and even by their standards, one of their angriest albums to date. This song here is the second track, and easily one of the bigger ones of the record, the other being "Bloodline" that has its own menacing video to go with it.

2. The First Vietnamese War - The Black Angels

A few weeks ago, my buddy and long-time resident of this site Coletrain raved about the band The Black Angels somewhere, either being in Dogs, Pigs and Sheep or in the Chat Room Group. Their album Passover was what he was gushing about, an album he made out to be a modern-day version of a Doors record. Surely, he must've either been out of his mind to have been comparing a band of today to the gods he's worshipped for some time now, or there really was something to it, and these guys were masters of psychadelia. The latter ended up being the reality of it, as Passover is an orgasmic album that provides foot-stomping beats and rhythms every step of the way. Personally, I don't think this is the best song on the album, but it's just the one I featured.

3. An Audience With the Pope - Elbow

Staying with Coletrain here, this is another album I took a hint on from him. And I guess Cardsox as well as the both of them were talking about the band known as Elbow one day that ended up getting me curious. Cardsy introduced the song "Grounds For Divorce" to me, which was the spark I needed to spend $9 on iTunes to get the album, The Seldom Seen Kid. Overall, it's good, sometimes things sound the same and are drawn out unnecessarily, but I still enjoy the album, as it's a wonderfully refreshing piece of work that I use to break from my daily routine of nothing but Metallica.

4. Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Dont - Brand New

Here again is an album that was referred to me by a guy online. This time being solely on the shoulders of Cardsox and the album review he wrote a bit ago. The album Deja Entendu is supposedly the closest thing to the soundtrack of his life, equaling the simple idea of his favorite album. It's pop emo rock, the style in rock that I've always ignored due to its generic sound and popcorn lyrics. Deja lyrically and ideally is something to reckon with, sadly, though, the music never grips me, which even more sadly in the case of the band, allows me to let the lyrics go unnoticed for how bored my mind is. But like I've said already, after spending $10.83 on it off iTunes, I'm gonna keep trying with it, especially so because so many songs and artists I now love were first turn-offs. So... we'll see.

5. The Day That Never Comes - Metallica

You knew it was coming, right? I think you did, and if you didn't, you must not know who I am. Metallica's 10th studio album, Death Magnetic is to be released on September 12th, only seven-days from now. They have released three-singles on their website -- along with three-more Thursday night, dubbed a "Feast of Death" (All Nightmare Long, Broken, Beat & Scarred, The Judas Kiss: all of which were damn good) -- and this is the one that has to anyone's knowledge been made into a music video. It was debuted on their site just a few days ago, and has already hit Youtube, with I'm sure the likes of MTV and VH1 to follow. The song itself in my obsessive opinion is the best they've had in 11-years, unless you count cover songs like "Astronomy" or "Turn the Page", then the competition to me gets a bit tough. This ballad that shifts into a blitzkrieg worthy of being noted as thrash metal with a modern twist is a wonderful piece of music, and the video, although seemingly not related to the song's meaning, is brilliant as well.


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