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Oh my we're back with the 16th edition and it's been...yikes, 3 months since the last one, some problems,( and laziness on my part) came about and I'm gonna either try and get things going again or just abandon it.


And I apologize to Fn for taking so long with this (though I jold no obligation) and I apologize to Nomar and Cardsox as well, this could have been run a lot better by me. This took a very long time and I had to delete a lot of the interview so yes, it'd be even longer. I  bet you'll enjoy this interview with Cardsox, oh and a special surprise and interview first!


C:Okay Cardsox how are you?Oh and I see you brought your soulmate Nomarfan with you.


Nomar: We prefer the term BFF.
Cardsox: Indeed we do, Cincy. Regardless, we certainly are here together. After the cyanide inciednt the doctor says we should never separate again.


C:Ooohhh,cyanide incident, do tell........BFF's.


Cardsox: We'd rather leave that for the viewers to research with the good ol' Google bar.
Nomar: *stares at Cincy*


C: Something to do with tylenol?


Cardsox: Oh my god.
Nomar: Lets just move on to the real questions.
Cardsox: Before the joke is beaten further into the ground.


C: So what brought you guys together?




Nomar: Sexual chemistry, probably.
Cardsox: It's a little known fact that we're actually Siamese twins. Medical experts and Native American shamans agree that we're probably conjoined at the soul.
Nomar: ...Which explains our similar interests in music, sports, and ..... umm, yeah that's it I think.
Cardsox: We both share similar interests in Megan Fox.
Nomar: Yes...and Megan Fox.
*sighs, daydreams about Megan Fox*
Cardsox: *dreams alongside*

Cardsox: Wait. Timeout. I'm pretty sure we're here for something......Oh yeah, some interview! Wake up, BFF!
Nomar: Oh, yeah, the interview....Damn.
Cardsox: *turns off The Notebook for the rest of the interview*
Cardsox: Well, I think you're starting to grasp a whiff of the friendship bond that Nomar and I share together. Musically, we're like two half notes in a measure. I guess. Nomar, care to expand?
Nomar: (whispers, I can't read music) But yes.
Cardsox: Oh you.
Nomar: Since expanding our friendship to AIM, we've had a lot more time to share music tastes with each other. As important members (seemingly the only ones) of Karma Police, we have lots to talk about: favorite bands (The Mars Volta for me, Bright Eyes for him), least favorite bands (too many to count), stuff like that.
Cardsox: But since our least favorite bands suck harder than Lil Wayne on a lollipop (yeah, that just happened), they don't matter! So we're only going to talk about the Wrath of Cedric and Omar and the Church of Bright Eyes! Hooray!
Nomar: Wow.... Lil Wayne allusion, you do know he's not talking about lollipops, and that he's not the one doing the sucking, right?
Cardsox: I don't follow you. Please explain in exact detail.
Nomar: Well, I'd rather not. Anyway, The Mars Volta is a new prog rock band that I'm sure most of you would dislike because they are much too complex for your narrow musical tastes. But anyways, they have released 4 critically acclaimed albums, the best of which (in my opinion) De-Loused in the Comatorium, tells the story of a man who, while in a coma, realizes all the faults in the world, and upon awakening, kills himself. It's dedicated to one of their friends and bandmate, who coincidentally went into a drug induced coma and then killed himself after waking up.


Oh fine,geez you two have too much chemistry.

Well this is quite odd,this is a first for the interview segment.What happened to make you two such great friends?


Cardsox: We were born on the same planet. At that point, there was nothing that could've stopped us.
Nomar: We also both enjoy long walks on the beach and The Notebook, so...


C:(looks oddly) so why do you think you're such great friends?Would it be the music,sports,lifestyle?


Cardsox. Wow. Shut up. Anyway, I think he's done talking about things that no one cares about. With that said, everything he said is right. The Mars Volta destroys lives. Weak lives...that need destroying. Their music has been known to cause seizures and cardiac arrests in those with lesser minds. On to the main event: Bright Eyes. Remember that one guy, Bob Dylan? Well he has a protege in the world of modern folk rock, and his name is Conor Oberst, aka Bright Eyes. His beautifully emotional intricacies in lyricism rival that of anyone alive or dead. For this reason, he's perfect for all those emo freaks out there (*turns* My soul bleeds for you, Nomar). Hell, take away all the music and singing, and he's still one heck of a poet. There are no words, really, to describe this Herculean half-god Second Coming. I just let his music do the talking/singing.
Nomar: My heart bleeds for you too, Cardsy. Wow. Cincy's still here.
Cardsox: I thought he left.
Nomar: Sorry, Cincy. Please continue.


C:*Rubs eyes frustratingly*Well then,how would you two describe your time on FN?


Cardsox: Similar to our time in real life, without the s.. --Nomar: aaaaand, thats enough typing. Most of our time spent on this site has absolutely nothing to do with sports. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I talked about anything relevant in sports. Most of the time we hang around The Chat Room Group, or try to breathe life into our floundering group, Karma Police, which is about modern music (everyone join!)
Cardsox: Yeah, I'm with Nomar. I don't really spend a second on this site for sports-related material. Hell, I legitimately get angry when people start talking about sports in Atroo. I mean, honestly. There's a time and a place for that sort of thing, and is NOT it.


C: So would you say friendships are the best part of FN?


Cardsox: I think Cassidy is the best part of FN. I support her 100% in everything she does. Also the Mods. I love them.
Nomar: I would say the Mods are my favorite part. They're always on top of things, always quick to respond, and great at damage control. Also, I love the Goup Mail addition. And I hate Hemo. He's a loser.
Cardsox: I second THAT.


C:Ok what do you think is the worst part of FN?


Nomar: Blogs. And throwdowns. And groups. And contact with others.
Cardsox: I'd say fun. I hate fun


C:What direction do you think FN is headed in?




C:Do you two see yourselves going to another site in the future?


Nomar: I consider going to many sites. In fact, I go to Yahoo, google, youtube, facebook,, and all the time.
Cardsox: Yeah, me too. All those except the first 5.


C: Alright here's the pain. What's your political party?


Nomar: I support the Whig Party.
Cardsox: Is there a political name for writing in Nomar's name in every election?
Nomar: I don't think so.... There should be.
Cardsox: The Nomar Fan Club?
Nomar: Nomacracy?
Cardsox: What about YOU, Cincy? Yeah. Turning this around now. What do YOU support? Let the hunter become the hunted...


C:I'm republican. I'm going with the old dude who'll probably croak in office.


Cardsox: I hate you. So...What made you want to become FanNation's Interviewer?
Nomar: Yes, do tell *folds knees, clasps hands*


C:Hey I'm asking you guys!This is not about me.

*Sigh* If you really want to know,I just thought of it one day out of the blue.


Cardsox: Well, it certainly has become quite the FanNation phenomenon, so congratulations. Moving on. *shuffles notecards* Is their anyone on this site you would consider your mentor?


C:Damnit Cardsox!Get your own interview segment!*Snatches notecards*.Would you like sharing more of your musical interests with us?


Cardsox: Well I'm flattered that you
consider me your mentor of sorts. That means a lot. So what improvements would you like to see made to FanNation?

Nomar: Um...what I think Cardsox is trying to say is that we both have a wide range of musical tastes. For me, at least, I grew up listening to a lot of classical rock (The Beatles, The Who, U2, stuff my dad liked). As I got older, I started exploring music for myself. The first music I really got into was very mainstream, Bob Marley, The red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. Eventually, I got bored of all the mainstream stuff, and started delving deeper into the underbelly of the music industry. And there are some gems there. Some of my favorite current bands (Band of Horses, The shins, Modest Mouse) are all indie bands (on an independent label, less famous). So.... yeah, there's my musical life story.

Cardsox: Well, according to Nomar, apparently "musical interests" is our cue to post our musical memoirs. In that case, I suppose it's my turn. *cracks knuckles* My entire family is musical, but trained as classical and Broadway musicians, and so I was pressured to do the same. I resisted strongly, and pushed myself away from music until about a year ago. At that time, I began to introduce myself to the classic hits, starting with arena rock and hair metal (Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister) and moving up to the fine classic gems (Bruce Springsteen, The Doors, Rush). As I started to gain a better foothold on my musical surroundings when school started, I began to slowly situate myself in the indie world, falling in love with Band of Horses and Modest Mouse. From there I've continuously dug deeper into that endless pot of gold, while also hesitantly approaching the pop punk scene that sits dangerously atop a perilous cliff of musical conformity (Mayday Parade, The Maine, Hit the Lights). And here we are, Cardsox, FanNation's self-proclaimed resident modern music co-extraordinaire!



C:So the preseason has started, what storylines are you most interested in?(this should be good)


Cardsox: Well, I'm really excited to see Rees' contributions to the effort this year. He's always sort of played third wheel to Wallace's teaching ability and Dawson's lecturing, but I think this year is going to be the make or break for his future career. Not everyone gets a chance to hit it big time in the vast world of Extreme Cello Playing, so he's got to take advantage of every opportunity he gets.


C: So where do you two see yourselves as friends in 2 years?


Nomar: Living in an apartment in San Francisco probably.

Cardsox: Now why would you say that, Nomar?

Nomar: I don't know.... San Fran always looked nice. No reason really.

Cardsox: I'd love to get a piece of

Nomar: Plus, on an unrelated note, they legalized gay marriage. Don't know why that's relevant... but, it's cool.

Cardsox: Gay marriage! Hah! How silly! As if two members of the SAME sex would....would...they........*gazes deeply into Nomar's eyes*

Nomar: *glances at Cardsox, confused* would they what? I don't understand what you're trying to... oooohhhhhhhhhhh *return's Cardsox's gaze*

Cardsox: briefly breaks deep gaze* Ahem...uhm...excuse me, Cincy. We have, uh...some....urgent business to attend to, at the....uh. Apartment. If you'll excuse us, we've ahd a wonderful couple of months in the interview room with you. Lovely chat.

Nomar: Bye (hurriedly runs out of room with Cardsox in hand)


*Stares at doors*


Umm....well, there you have it. Quite the odd couple. We'll see you later, this is Cincy over and out.





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