I am back already have a fresh new storyline for you guys so lets sit back and enjoy yourselfs here is What You See Part 1!


Troy McKelvin was at the top of the world. He had finally made it through Pepperdine University and earned his degree is Sports Management. The world was his oyster now, he could do what ever he wanted. His main goal was to become coach of the Oakland Athletics. His favorite player to ever live was pitcher Dennis Eckersley. All he wanted was to produce a caliber pitcher like that and his life would be complete. Troy was sitting at his desk when the phone rang. He glanced over at the clock. 11:30. 

 "Who could be calling at this hour?" he said to himself, he picked up the phone and held it to his ear. 

 "Troy McKelvin speaking?" 

 "Yo Troy stop acting all nice and manerly and get yo butt over hear."

Troy recognized the voice as his friend Antonios, he invited Troy to a party at his place hours earlier, but he was tired and felt he needed a good nights rest.

"Nah man Im in bed" He lied.

"I can tell your not, ive been your best friend for years i know whats up, if you aint hear in 10 minutes ill come over there and drag yo **** over."

You could hear him hang up the phone. Troy was very tempted to just wait it out and see if Antonio would indeed come, but he knew he would he didnt feel the need to test it. So Troy put on his jacket and walked out the door. Antonios house was only down the street so he didnt feel the need to drive. Troy lived in a genreally safe area in Oakland. Only one crime, a theft, happened in the last 70 years in his neighborhood. As Troy neared the house he looked over across the street at Lawrence McLeary's house. He was 79 years old and had all the money in the world. But never flaunted it with big houses and cars. Sure he has a house in Malibu also, but for the most part he saves his money. For some reason though his house looked strange kind of quite. All the lights were off, that never usually happened with Lawrence. The only times he turned of all his lights were.....were...... never. Even when he went to his Malibu house the lights were on. 

"I guess his powers out," Troy thought to himself. 

He went up to Antonios door and knocked. He heard the music playing from down the street he know the party was still young when he arrived. A drunk man opened the door.

"Oh look everyone its Troy the weeping willow say hi everyone!" The man fell to his knees and threw up all over Troys shoes. Antonio rushed over to the door.

"Yo man whats ha---" Antonio stopped midsentence. His jaw immediatly dropped and his eyes widened.

"You alright there buddy?" Troy said, in reply all Antonio did was point across the street towards the McLeary house.  A light had flicked on in the McLeary house and Antonio and Troy saw perfectly what was going on. A man with a ski mask was holding a gun to the 79 year olds head. 


a loud shot was heard and you could see McLeary fall to the ground. Still locked into the scene Troy was the first to speak.

"Oh My Lord."

As if scripted, the gunner turned and was facing them. As if the gunner knew they saw what he had done.   


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