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When getting autographs, people always focus on players. They always want that star shortstop's autograph or that .300 hitter's signature. But there are some categories that are often over looked that can make nice autographs to a collection-the managers.

Here are the top 5 manager autographs to have.

5. Terry Francona- Boston Red Sox-           

            Terry Francona is one of the most underrated managers in the game today. The things he has done with the Boston Red Sox really show. For one, there was him brining back the Red Sox from that 0-3 deficit to the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS. He kept their heads up. Or how bout how he handled the Manny saga? He didn't put Manny above the team. He wouldn't tolerate his crap just for him to hit. Oh yea, and he is a 2x World Champion and has never lost a World Series game. A signed World Series 07 baseball can be sold for up to $200. It is probably easy to get it at games. I'm sure he would kindly sign autographs. It may even bring him back to his playing days.

4. Tony LaRussa- St. Louis Cardinals-

            Tony is a 4x Manager of the Year as well as a 4x 100 game winner. Let's not forget his 11 division titles. Those 3 AL Pennants and 2 NL Pennants really leave a lot of space on his shelves. That is some major hardware for a manager. Oh yea, lets not forget about his jewelry...his rings to be more accurate. He has 2 of those in 2 different leagues. He has managed players like Albert Pujols, Mark McGwire, and Jose Canseco. He is truly one of the greatest managers of our time and all time. An autograph of his can go as high as $160. And like all coaches, it's pretty easy to get.

3. Lou Piniella- Chicago Cubs

            Sweet Lou has been manning major league benches for as long as I can remember. And his win total surely shows it. He has won 1,664 games and is racking up more in Chicago. He has won 2 Manager of the Year awards and 1 World Series win. Let's not forget about his 3 ALCS appearances. Lou Piniella is surely a pioneer of baseball managing and he will be known forever for his coach and his violent screaming at those blind umpires. A Sweet Lou signed baseball can be sold for around 100 dollars. And I'm sure it would be relatively cheap to receive in person.

2. Bobby Cox- Atlanta Braves

            4,136 wins say enough for Mr. Cox. But, I won't stop there. He has those 15 first place finishes in 17 years including a streak from 1995-2005. He also appeared in back to back World Series winning 1. He has won 6 pennants. He also was the leader of the Yankees equivilant of a dynasty in the NL. He is also a 4x MoY. He is the leader in ejections as well. Bobby's autograph can be sold for up to $200. That is surely a nice one to add to your collection.

•1.      Joe Torre- New York Yankees

From 1996-2007, Joe Torre ran the dynasty that was the New York Yankees. Every year they made the playoffs and made their presence known during the regular season. In his time in pinstripes, he won 4 World Series and 1,173 games. He has a career total of 2,123 wins. He wasn't a bad player either. Joe was a 9x All-Star, a MVP winner, and a Gold Glove Award recipient. I would call him the best manager that I have ever seen. He never really lost his cool and treated all players evenly. He can be called one of the best players to become a successful manager. His autograph can be sold for $250.

So, the next time you go autograph hunting, don't forget about those managers!


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