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With 1 day till the big PPV, I thought I would post some quick predictions and state of the union points in this blog.

As for the PPV, I see the WWE as a whole looking to establish its identity.  They have been trying to do so since the draft, and have yet to make the viewers comfortable with the lottery picks thus far.  That being said, here is my PPV analysis:

Raw World Championship scramble - This one can go 1 of 2 ways for me.  I can easily see Batista coming out on top being that he has been pushed out of the World Title picture for far too long.  A year and a half ago, you could make the argument that his work was sub par, but after his year long plus run against the Undertaker, he has shown his ability to carry whatever brand he represents.  On the other hand, with the return of Randy Orton to the World Title mix, and the events of this past Monday on Raw, it is also quite possible that CM Punk keeps the belt and enters a program with Randy Orton.  I think that Punk's title reign started out as a transitional phase, but has evolved into an interesting run.  If I had to pick one, I would put the strap on Batista via Randy Orton costing CM Punk the title.

WWE World Championship scramble - This one is a serious soul searching match.  The WWE title has been in flux more so in my opinion than the Raw World title, simply because no one has cared at all about HHH since his move to Smackdown.  The show is in need of a new figurehead, and this match offers several possibilities.  I am leaning towards a Jeff Hardy win here.  The brand is moving to a new network and needs a new face to make the transition a success.  Hardy is that guy,  The other option is MVP, but I can't see the belt on the power ranger wanna be.  Hardy is the man who could carry the brand into the next decade.  The other reason I see a switch here, is because you have to look at these 4 challengers as the top 4 guys they want to push on the brand, and if you have HHH destroy all of them, then what will we tune in to watch each week.  Have Hardy take the title, and have a nice long program with HHH.

ECW World CHampionship scramble - This is the match that I really want to see.....no seriously.  I think there has never been a better time to make either Matt Hardy or Finley a champion, and this match setup is perfect to make that happen.  I have no idea which one should come out champion, but if I had to pick one, I would go with Finley.

Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho - This is the rubber match, and if it goes any other way than a Shawn Michaels win, then they have crushed his reputation and that would be a huge blow for future programs on Raw.  This one goes to Michales in a bloody hellacious matchup.

Other tid bits:

Raw - This brand needs to focus more energy on its young stars in singles competition.  Ted DiBiase Jr is primed to be the "next big thing", and he needs to shed Cody Rhodes as fast as possible to get the process started.  Cryme Time needs a tag title run immediately.  They connect with the fans, and are obviously as deserving as some of the terrible teams that have held the belts in the past.  Their stock has never been higher, and this is the time to take them into the record books with their first tag title victory.  If the rumors of Sid Vicious' return are accurate, then Raw would be the place to put him.  As for the Kevin Nash rumors, I would expect the same from him if indeed he does ever come back home.

Smackdown - This brand looks to be the young lion clan.  With the exception of HHH and the Big Show, this roster is full of new and exciting stars.  We just need to find more TV time for them to showcase their talents.  The show needs more Undertaker, more HHH, and more of a youth movement mixed in.  In addition, can there please be some validity brought back to the Smackdown tag team title picture?  What do Jessie and Festus have to do to get a title run.  Not that I have anything against Hawkins and Ryder, but they need to shed the Edgehead look and get a repackaging.

ECW - This show is worthless.  I have a simple suggestion.  Since WWE is having such a hard time finding TV time for FCW, why don't they move the better ECW talent to Raw or Smackdown, and use ECW as a training brand for the FCW television time.  I don't see a negative side to that plan.

TNA - I may be in the minority, but I LOVE TNA, and I do mean the wrestling brand.  How can you not love a show with a lineup of Sting, Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, AJ Styles, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Robert Rude, Awsome Kong, ODB, Jay Lethal, LAX, etc leading the way.  They have a reputation of having week storylines, but in the past 6 months, they have really turned it on, and with the signing of Mick Foley, they bring international recognition to their brand with another former WWE champion.  I am chomping at the bit to see Mick Foley battle Abyss, and you know you can't wait for it either.

Independents - Bryan Danielson needs to make the move to a major promotion before he wastes his best years on the indy sceen.  That goes for other talents like Teddy Hart, Ruckus, and the Backseat Boys.

 That is my blog for today, and if you don't like me, BITE ME!


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