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The Pittsburgh Steelers play host this sunday afternoon to the Houston Texans @ 1pm EST on CBS.  This NFL battle marks the opening of the regular season for both squads.  The overall record between both teams is 1-1 dating back to 2002...  With a win for each team at the others stadium...

Houston Texans:  Are a relatively well coached team.  Have great leadership on either side of the ball.  Are also coming off a record of 8-8 last season...  Don't take this team too lightly Steeler Nation, they are an up and coming franchise that could possibly create problems for the Black n' Gold.....

Matt Schaub (QB): is a 5th year player in the NFL.  He stands tall @ 6'5" & is a highly efficient player.  Tends not to make mistakes.  Also, spreads the ball around on the field.  Not to mention, he is a big target in stature as well. Yet, he stands behind an OL that has the makings of a good group...

Green & Slaton are the two RB's that all the buzz is about.  Green is a power-back from Green Bay... Ranking 2nd on the Packers' all-time rushing list w/ a total of 8,162 yrds...  Slaton is a talented rookie from WVU.  Predicted by the experts to be one of the quickest RB's the NFL will ever come upon...

Andre Johnson (WR): is considered one of the elite WR's.  May very well be the most athletic and humble WR's in the NFL. He is tall and healthy as well.....

Andre Davis (WR): is a top-notch kick returner.  Possibly a very dangerous player to the special teams of the Men of Steel.  Noted mainly for his great return schemes.....

On Defense:  The Texans typically run a 4-3.  They don't blitz very often.  However, are very effective when they do so...  Keep an eye on "Mario Williams" (DE).  This young man is a rising super-star.  Has a unique ability to create advantageous match-ups when down in the trenches...

Black n' Gold in a Nutshell: Defending NFL AFC North Champions.  Lost a heartbreaker to the Jaguars in the 1st round of last years playoffs.  Lead by 2nd year head-coach Mike Tomlin. Who has created a team w/ a solid central nucleus...  In the midst of a new "Tomlin Era".....

Ben Roethlisberger (QB): is the ultimate leader of his team.  The youngest QB ever to hold a Super Bowl ring.  Coming off his best season to date as a pro.  Maybe the best athlete the city of Pittsburgh has ever set eyes on...

Willie Parker (RB): they don't call him "Fast-Willie" for nothin. Is in great physical health after suffering a season ending lower limb fracture last season.  Ammunition of the Steelers rushing game. 

Rashard Mendenhall (RB): Steelers 2008 1st round over-all draft pick.  Is a humble blue-collar kind of guy.  Has shown strengths & weakness during the preseason.  Will definately be a contributer on the field.  Eventaul goal is to create a "1 2  Punch" by the Steelers offense. 

Matt Spaeth (TE): 2nd year in the NFL.  Has had quite an impressive training camp.  Seen by Tomlin to be a high quality player.  He's tall & a big target.  Look for lots more to come during the year.

Limas Sweed (WR): 2008 draft pick.  A tall, athletic WR that is just what Big Ben ordered.  More of him will be seen gradually during the year.

Mewelde Moore (RB): new addition to the team.  Considered a kick returner & 3rd down specialist.  This previous veteran Viking is a strong back & has been impressive thus far this season...

Justin Hartwig (Center): New Steelers Center.  Previous Carolina Panther.  Is a highly talented player up for the challenge of such an important position.  Lookin good.....

Steelers Defense: The Number 1 defense in the NFL.  Troy Polamolu is healthy & will start after being side-lined in the preseason w/ a hamstring injury.  Are very capable of creating several turn-overs.  If they play like they should, will be the deciding factor in the outcome of the game.

Prediction:  Low scoring, close defensive game.  Steelers Win by 10 points.....

Note- Tomorrow is the season opener for the Black n' Gold.  Get up early...  Make yourself some breakfast...  Take the puppy for a morning jaunt... Grab your favorite beverage... Then, get ready Steeler Nation...  Another year of Steelers Smashmouth Football is about to begin.....

Keep it Real...  FEEL THE STEEL!!!!!






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