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Sunday Night Quarterback
Week 1

Big Story of the week: Tom Brady's year might be done.  That opens a huge, gaping door in the AFC, and it looked like only a couple teams wanted to walk through it.  San Diego lost on a last second touchdown pass, Indianapolis looked more like the Bears offense as they struggled Sunday night, and Jacksonville lost a tough divisional game against Tennessee.  The only two AFC teams that seemed up for the challenge were Pittsburgh, who destroyed Houston, and Buffalo, who dismantled Seattle.  With New England losing Brady, the AFC is wide open for the taking --- question is- who wants it?

The Fine Fifteen:
New England (1-0) - Yea, they struggled without Brady, but they hold the number 1 spot until we see how they do next week.
2. Dallas (1-0) - The Cowboys had an all-around great team game beating a decent Browns team on the road. 
3. Pittsburgh (1-0) - The score was no indication of how dominant the Steelers were.  The Texans got 14 of their 17 points after the Steelers had started pulling starters and looking forward to the Browns
4. New York Giants (1-0) - Strahan who?  Osi who?  The G-Men looked impressive as they faced a Redskin team that looked lost for most of Thursday night.
5. Philadelphia (1-0) - They showed why many were picking them as the NFC representative in the Super Bowl.  Keep in mind that they were hosting the lowly Rams.
6. New Orleans (1-0) - HUGE week 1 win at home against the division rival Bucs.  Let's see if this team rides the momentum.
7. Buffalo (1-0) - Dismantled the Seahawks at home both offensively and defensively.  If Brady is out for significant time, these Bills could win the division.
8. Tennessee (1-0) - This team surprised me the most in week 1, beating the division rival Jags at home.  More impressively, they forced Garrard to throw 2 interceptions and held the Jags to 33 rushing yards.
9. San Diego (0-1) - That last second TD ruined an otherwise great game by Rivers.
10. Green Bay (0-0) - Will Rogers make the Pack forget about Favre?
11. Minnesota (0-0) - Will AD pick up where he left off?
12. Carolina (1-0) - Beating San Diego on the road without Steve Smith might be proof that this team will be a contender come January.
13. Jacksonville (0-1) - Unfortunate to run into the Titans at home, a team that always plays the Jags tough.
14. Indianapolis (0-1) - Losing at all in the first 2 months of the season is a surprise.  Losing at home to the Bears is unacceptable.
15. New York Jets (1-0) - Darrelle Revis saved the Jets from total humiliation.  The next two weeks will show us if these are the Jets of last year or the new Jets (vs. New England and at San Diego)
Stat of the Week:  Before the Dolphins lost today, the previous six teams to finish the season before with only 1 win won their opener.

Players of the Week:
QB:  Donovan McNabb - 361 pass yards and 3 TDs
RB: Michael Turner - 220 rush yards and 2 TDs getting a chance to show he was worth the offseason money.
WR: Plexico Burress - no touchdowns, but 10 catches and over 100 yards plus a big fat extension..
D/St: Chicago Bears - If they keep this up all year, they might be the back to their Super Bowl form.

Goat of the Week: The Indianapolis Colts.  Losing your home opener against the Bears in a new building just screams of bad karma.
Honorable Mention: St. Louis Rams.  This just in: these games count - please show up next week.

MVP Watch: (I know it's early....but why not?)
1. Donovan McNabb
2. Drew Brees
3. Albert Haynesworth (he needs some recognition)
4. Michael Turner
5. Tom Brady - with the injury, we'll see how valuable he is

Random Thoughts for the week
Thank God the NFL is back
2. Brett Favre still throws the prettiest deep ball around
3. The hit on Brady's knee looked horrible.  I wouldn't be surprised if he's done for the year.
4. Nice victory for the Saints and the people of New Orleans
5. So this is the Reggie Bush we've been expecting for a couple years now
6. Good to see Marvin Harrison back.
7. Nice ballgame Joe Flacco
8. Start packing your bags Marvin Lewis
9. Was it just me or did the Indianapolis/Chicago game drag on forever?
10. Lot of upsets in week 1
11. Warner should lead the Cardinals to the playoffs if he can stay healthy.
12. NFL = No Fun League.  No Ocho Cinco yet.  Flagging TO's sprinter celebration.  Seriously, let the players have fun.
13. I doubt Ricky Williams will make it through the entire year
14. Is East Carolina for real?

Parting thought of the week: Usually the Monday Night Football matchups are dull and boring, but week 2 should be a thriller: Philadelphia at Dallas.

Second Parting thought: How much did the Colts miss Jeff Saturday?


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