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Hey FanNation members,

I received a throwdown challenge last night from Let's Scissor that I think is pretty funny. His argument was this:

"AdamLee your time has come.To lose.Im sick and tired of u winning because people want to see u go undefeated.You've become fan nation's b.i.t.c.h.yes, U r a good throwdowner but u r not deserving of 37 W and no L. U have dominated fan nation so far but now its your turn to lose.I dont kno about every1 else but i think that instead of u beating people, people beat u!"

I turned down the challenge but left a detailed rebuttal in the comment box. I decided to put it on here for everyone to check out if you want. Maybe in the future before people like Pokesn8 or Let's Scissor get bent out of shape over my record they can read this. I also have an idea that I think will be a breakthrough in FanNation members' attitudes. Read on and enjoy.

(Originally posted on June 27,2007)

Hey everyone, I just got onto the page today and saw this. I have a final for my Summer biology course in 45 minutes so I'll say this and be back later.

Has anyone noticed that the people complaining, like Pokesn8 or Let's Scissor, have a combined win total of 3? Inferiority complex much?

I checked out Let's Scissor's throwdowns and he had a classic one I failed to see titled " When Roger Clemens retires he will be in the Hall of Fame." NO WAY. CLEMENS IN THE HALL OF FAME? Why? It's not like the guy won 7 Cy Youngs or any...wait.

So Let's Scissor, unless you are the modern day Rip Van Winkle and have been asleep for 20 years then I would probably recommend you don't insult my throwdowns.

I would never accept a throwdown like this but for fun I wanna break down your argument in the comment box. So here you go.

Apparently my time has come. To lose. (By the way Let's Scissor, thank you for breaking the sentence into 2 so I can understand what you meant. For a second I thought the Grim Reaper had decided to end my life in throwdown form but thanks to your clarification I now know this is just about the record. whoo.)

People don't vote for me to see me stay undefeated. In fact I see comments all the time, often from people who ,ironically enough, have asked me to be their friends on here that say "AdamLee needs a loss. The other guy gets my vote. So I would guess that evens out anybody who "votes for me because of my record" even though I doubt many do.

"You are FanNation's b.i.t.c.h." When I read this and how you initial after every letter I thought of the commercials I see on tv for childrens' songs like B-I-N-G-O. The least you could do is put biotch or some other slang that Snoop or someone above the age of 4 uses.

Then in a comment you tell people that if I don't lose soon I will run all over people and use them like doormats. Wouldn't that make them my b.i.t.c.h? B.i.t.c.h.e., b.i.t.c.h.e.s., and b.i.t.c.h.e.s. was their name-o.

I will never abuse friendships or act better than people on here. And I won't beg for votes.

I would comment on your lack of proper grammar or spelling but I kno howw upzet U must have ben whille U rote this throwdoun.

Since I have been on this site I have never said I was great. Anytime someone says something like "AdamLee is the greatest" I always defer and make it a point to commend other members in the throwdown community. As I ALWAYS have said, there are tons of great people on here who I enjoy reading their arguments and are very deserving of credit.

And yet there are always a few people who, not knowing me at all, make it a point to say "I could take him" or "He cheats. I know it" When I first saw things like this I was confused because I don't walk around flexing my internet muscles or do anything to deserve the bitterness. Why don't I? Because this is NOT a real sport. Throwdown streaks are fun but don't merit being jealous over. There are no Ripkens or Dimaggios or Aarons on here. This is a sports site meant to be fun and spark healthy debate. I decided to take some great advice I learned as a child and consider the source.

What is funny about this throwdown to me is that before Let's Scissor made it he asked me to be his friend. Then he sends out a mass fanmail message under the topic "adam lee needs to go down" that says this:

"i am versing adamlee one of the best and he needs to get his first loss so please everyone i need your vote thank youu guys and i need all the votes i can get this guy needs to takin down
thank you for your support"

So Let's Scissor tells everyone how bad I am at throwdowns, then begs everyone for their vote in order to beat me, and sends ME a throwdown asking for a vote. haha.

I would never take this throwdown for these reasons:

1. This throwdown is not about sports and therefore has no place on the site.

2. Anyone who is so focused on beating me that they send out mass messages to get votes obviously is more focused on petty things like streaks than I am.

3. I don't encourage nor have an ego big enough to go 3 argument rounds in a throwdown all about me.


And can we lay off the insults that are derogatory to females? Members like LanalikesBrady and others should hav shown you by now that in sports and intelligence there is no greater sex. To say I argue like a 14 year old girl or that my mom votes for me are some of the weakest insults ever written.

Before I go I want to make something clear. I do not win throwdowns because I ask for votes or cheat or have a group of people on here who vote for me no matter what. People like Big Ben 68, who I am friends with, have voted against me if they disagree with my argument just like I expect them to. I am a sports fan just like the rest of you and don't expect special treatment.

Let me ask you this Let's Scissor, what is more sad: the fact you feel the need to make a throwdown devoted to giving me a loss, the fact you send out mass messages to try to give me a loss, or that after your begging for votes you still would be down by 10 votes IF I were to accept this argument? (which I won't)

I'll let this throwdown simmer for a little bit so people can respond if they'd like but I won't accept it. As r.edward70 said, to take a win on a throwdown on something like this would tarnish my record. And we all know how very very very important to me the record is. It's my precious.

Now if you don't mind I am going to wait by my phone for the endorsement deals or the Bud Selig of FanNation to call saying he will be present on the day I break the hallowed 40. Better yet maybe I will study for my biology final, you know, something that actually matters instead of a mythical throwdown streak. Let's Scissor, I have no problem with you. Focus more on yourself and less on the feats of others.

Sorry this was so long but I figured all the people who were nice enough to say something deserved a proper rebuttal.

AdamLee | 06/27/07

I think we should all make a 5 dollar donation and start a 12 step program for people like this. We can call it "FanNation Haters Anonymous." The 1st step will be admitting you're bitter and have nothing better to do than try to bring others down. A mirror will be put in front of the bitter member and they will repeat the words " I am a hater and I have a problem" until they break down and cry or vent that their mothers didn't hold them enough, or Barney didn't hold them enough, or their fathers didn't play catch with them. You know, whatever has caused this hostile behavior. Kleenex and security blankets will be provided to all the haters.

With your help FanNation members we can cure these people of the disease that is "Throwdown Record Anemia." The Bestselling novel "Chicken Soup for the Throwdown Hater's Soul" will be on bookstores this fall.



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