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CJM- Final Chance

Here we are, we are going to find out who will be the number one challeger for the BVOF TD and Blogging title at Halloween Feast. Halloween feast is a day where all the titles in our group that will be defended. Bigalke will be defending his BVOF blogging title and Nickb23 will be defending his TD title. But the question is who will be the number one challeger for the title? That question will be answer once the tourney is over.

Here are the TD seedings and the rules. The seeds were picked by the hat.

#1 Bigalke (Blogging Champion) vs. # 8 Lakers #1

#2 NY vs. #7 Gu3

#3 Dyhard vs. #6 PhillyEagles36

#4 Roberts #1 vs. #5 Mets Fan is Matt Forte

We got a great first round matchup. Best vetrans going against each other with one goal in mind and that is to become the number one challeger to challege Nickb23 for the TD title. Good luck to everyone!

Rules for TD tourney

1. Highest seeds gets to pick the topic but the low seed starts the TD

2. No sending FM for voting for you. (If I find out that you are sending FM to vote for you, You will face a suspension from the group.)

3. First rounds TD must be done by Monday (8/15/08).

Good luck to everyone.

Now for the Blogging Seeds. Bigalke is the Undefeated Champion and he is waiting for his challeger and that what we are going to find out. I pick the seeds since I am the commissior.

#1 Goes to the former champion Dyhard vs. #4 ox NBA/NFL Champion

#2 Gu3 vs. #3 Yoda

The blogging can be anything you want to be about. You can change the font and you can add pictures. The blogs must have at least one picture.

The blog deadline for first round is Monday 8/15/08

Once the blogs are done, the votes to goes to me by sending FM to me (Sports Fan). Remember the winner of this tournment will get a title shot against Bigalke at Halloween Feast.

Now we got some new group members and I am more happy to welcome them to the group.

1. NY (came back to the Group)
2. Yoda                                                                                                                                                 

3. Cowboys-Celtics-Chisox

4. Roberts #1

5. ox NBA/NFL Champion

6. Danbash

7. [The] Coach

8. Lakers #1 says Roll Tide

and lastly but at least, Steveo is a GGTK

Welcome to the group and I hope this group will be hopeful to you when you make a resume for Fannation Hall of Fame.

Weekly Blog schedule for This week

Today: Roberts#1

Tuesday: No one since I didn't give much notice.

Wedensday: [The] Coach

Thursday: Bigalke, This is your chance, Bloggers from the blogging tournment to check Bigalke out.

Friday: Gu3

Saturday: Pitt Panther Strikes Again

Sunday: Danbash

That the schedule for this week for the Weekly blog. Good Luck to everyone in the tournment, Bring your A game to the tournment.

Have fun and Go for the title.

That's all the updates that we have and have a nice day.


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