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I have a confession.  I absolutely love football.  As you can tell from the screen name, I am a Cowboys fan, but I am addicted to the NFL.  I watch every game that I can, and then I watch the highlights of every game.  After that, I watch them again, and read about them, and watch them again.  I have had as many as 12 fantasy teams in one season.  I think that the absolute greatest thing in the sport is watching a linebacker come through clean on a blindside blitz and smoke the living crap out of a QB.  I think I would rather try to ride a bull than to have that happen to me.  Therefore, I have to say that it impresses me greatly when that same QB gets up, pulls the grass out of his facemask, and fires a bullet through traffic.  I have had the priviledge of watching several great QBs in my life do exactly this.  I can't remember Montana flinching.  I watched Aikman get buried for a year before he even thought about becoming a 3 time superbowl winner.  God only knows how the guys in leather helmets lasted for more than 2 or 3 games.  The QB position is filled with men who have gained legendaary status because of their ability to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and fight through the pain for their team, for their pride, and for the honor of simply being graced with the opportunity to do what millions of kids act out on playgrounds every day.

This brings me to my rant for the day...today's QB.  Where the heck have the likes of Brett Farve gone?  Is Tony Romo's 16 stitches and playing the next week a thing of the past?  I just finished reading an article about Vince Young wanting to call it quits because he is hurting inside and out from the boo's he received last week after his second INT.  Donovan McNabb has to be peeing his pants over this one.  If McChunky had decided to quit every time he was boo'ed by the Philly faithful, the NFL community would have been deprived of what has been a very good QB career.  What a freakin joke!  Jeezus Vince, suck it up and play ball.  If you can't do that, be a man...fork back the money you took, and walk away.  Don't go doing a Ricky Williams and taking a 2 year gonja sabbatical on us, and then come back saying it was a mistake.  Remember the feeling you had when you were hoisting the National Championship?  Remember the feeling you had when the Titans picked you to lead them to the future?  It is still possible to live up to the things you felt you could do then, and I'd lay odds nobody ever told you it was going to be a walk in the park.  Take a page from the Bart Starr/Johnny Unitas playbook.  Hell, call McNabb.  He should know better than anyone how you feel right now.  Parking your **** on the end of the bench and pouting aint gonna get the fans cheering.  Stand up, buckle up, and fight.

Open message to Oakland and Minnesota...keep an eye on your QB's.  I haven't seen a lot to impress me so far, and God forbid one of your fans gives them a Philly style cheer.  Their psyches could be permanently damaged.  You might want to put a "NO BOO'ING THE QB" clause on all ticket sales.

I have faith that this is an apparition, and there are more Farves than Youngs.  For the sake of the NFL and the NFL rabid, there better be.


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