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These changes are not the changes any of this site that we wanted.

These changes are too confusing and people are leaving this website that we all used to enjoy.

People can barely find ways on how to make blogs anymore. The views that blogs got, aren't getting ANY views anymore because we don't even know if we have mail or not. So this is going to completely kill blogging as a whole.

Also, throwdowns won't get viewed much anymore. 4 throwdowns on the page at a time? It used to be 8 in progress, 3 Completed and 3 Finished. The throwdowns would get tons of views and votes. The number of votes on many throwdowns will possibly even have zero. The throwdown page was fine the way it was. Why was it messed up?

Moving to the groups. Since the blogging is almost completely destroyed now, so are the groups. No groups are going to be very active at all because we won't know what is going on, on this website because we don't even know if we have any mail. The groups are going to go down the drain now too.

The problem was that blogs do not get any views as it is with groupmail, so now the mail is set up so that we don't even know if we have personal mail. So now, blogs will have a lot less views.

The throwdowns page was not much of a problem at all. The leaderboard was just getting on a couple people's nerves but you didn't change that at all. You changed something that didn't need change and for that nobody will have throwdowns even looked at. That is one thing that a lot of people come to this site for. Now it is going to get ruined by this new "system" that nobody likes. The throwdown page did not need change.

Groups took a big hit when the groupmail took effect and now we don't even know if we have groupmail. It is even impossible for us to start groups here, now. SO the fact that groups were less active than they were before groupmail. Now they aren't really going to be active at all.

The throwdown page was not a problem. The cheating and threats were the problem. There were a group of kids telling other members to go kill themselves and they made blogs about calling them out. But nothing was done about it. That was the real problem.

When there is a site with a community of people like this. We your help fixing the problems that we all catch as a whole on this site. This new format is causing us more and more problems and is making many people want to leave this site. This format is ridiculous and it will make the site go down the drain, and I don't want that to happen.

All of us on Fannation would gladly like the site to be changed back, and here is the proof:

Now, I myself would gladly like to help run this site and moderate if you are willing to let me get the opporitunity. I believe I would be able to help people with their problem and not go to drastic measures with fixing them. I would only go as far as any of the other moderators would. I would just be able to moderate the site for more of the time. I don't even care if it is me or not moderating this site, really. I just want someone here so we can get some answers and help when we need it, because those are the real problems here. This is not an improvement to the set up at all.

So that is what I propose, and this is what the community of fannation believes in. I think we need this changed back and we need the problems that we have had before, solved.

This just isn't the same to anyone anymore. It is causing and creating more problems for people too.

I hope you can take this in consideration and I hope I can get a personal response.


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