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The Obvious Top Two:

Greg Oden-- Will be a force inside for years to come. Great shot blocker. Can rebound and do some scoring. He's very athletic and has good size to be in the NBA. Has great potential.

Kevin Durant-- Amazingly athletic and good size. Add that to an amazing jump shot and he'll be good. Is an underrated ball-handler who's passing isn't too bad either.


The Battle for No. 3:

Brandan Wright -- What highlights him is his rebounding, quickness for a big guy, defense, his size, and his athleticism. The only thing he needs to work on is his strength.

Al Horford -- He practically never misses from the 15 ft. range. Is a great rebounder but needs to work on his post skills a little bit. He's kind of an unknown due to playing on a team with so many weapons in college.

Mike Conley, Jr. -- In my opinion he is overrated and the least like to go third. He thrived off of Oden. It opened up for him with all the attention on the post. To the contrary, he is extremely quick and is a pretty good all-around player.


Fillin' out the Top 10:

Jeff Green -- Probably the most well-rounded player in this year's draft. Can do everything: score, rebound, pass, play defense. He is a great leader who shows intangibles. He is definitely NBA-ready and could possibly be the third best player to come out of this draft class.

Yi Jianlian -- Good athlete with good size to play in the NBA. My only gripes are his strength and his defense. But he has a good jump shot, nice post skills, and good intangibles.

Corey Brewer -- Great defender. Quick, athletic, and is ready to play in the League. Worried about his passing and his strength.

Acie Law IV --  I think he'll be the best point guard out of this draft class in five years. He's playing that underrated card right now. No one could really see how good he was last year due to a lack of talent around him. He's a good shooter and a great leader.

Julian Wright -- Athletic, quick, shows great potential. He's a good passer and can step it up on the defensive end. Not sure about his jump shot though which will be exploited at the next level.


1st Round Notables:

Joakim Noah -- Two things about him: overrated and one-dimensional. He's a role player and I wonder what NBA GMs are thinking. He can rebound and play defense. That's about it. Might turn out to be a Ben Wallace (and that's a best-case scenario).

Nick Young -- Has a good mid-range jumper, can play defense, is a good ball handler, and can pass. The only thing wrong with him? The question if he can think on the next level. (He dropped out of two high schools.)

Arron Afflalo -- Best way to guard him: stop the mid-range J. Easier said than done. He is deadly with that. That's not all he can do though. He can play D and is an underrated passer.

Alando Tucker -- He is ready. Ready for the NBA. He's athletic and shows great intangibles. The Next Josh Howard anyone? He doesm't do anything great. He does EVERYTHING well.

Jared Dudley -- One thing he does great is score. He fills it up night in and night out. He's strong with a good jump shot AND he can pass.


2nd Round Sleepers:

Taurean Green -- He's a good playmaker who is clutch. And one more thing: he has crazy quickness. The problems? His athleticism and his size.

Glen Davis -- Probably underrated in this draft since he is very strong with great post skills. He needs to work on his defense though if he wants to make it in the NBA.

DJ Strawberry -- Lockdown defender with good athleticism. He's quick too. He has good all-around skills but lacks size for a 2.

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