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 I've been "away" for a while, and I can't help but wonder...  What happened to this site?  It used to be AWESOME!  Now, it S--U--C--K--S!  :( 

Anyhoo, here are some random things about my "summer break" and other stuff: 

I've gotten back into camping this year (see profile pics), and I'm loving it at 39 years old!  With all kinds of state parks and campgrounds within driving distance of my home, I couldn't be in a better spot for it.  Casey and I are going to try to take ALL five of our kids (who will range in age from 14 to 3) on a camping trip next summer.  I'm sure there will be a blog to follow that expedition as it will be pandelirium on an epic scale...  Just call me "Clark."  :)

The Cubs and White Sox are both leading their divisions, and while I don't think both will make it to the postseason, it's sure been a great summer to watch baseball in Chicago. 

Flag football season started three weeks ago (see profile pics).  It's great to see my little linebacking corps in action!  Anna is playing for the first time.  Michael (now in his third season) scored a touchdown on a long run and pulled a flag in his first game.  His touchdown run was nice, but I was more excited about the flag.  It was four weeks into the season last year before he pulled one.  Anna (who like her brother, is specializing in blocking her first year) played well also, providing the classic moment of the first week.  I was following the team down the field as they marched on offense, and ended up talking to a parent from the opposing team.  He asked me which player was mine, and I answered, "Mine's the big blond girl who just knocked that little boy down.  Who's yours?"  He answered, "Mine is the little boy who just got knocked down by your daughter."  Ah yes.  I'll remember that as long as I live.  I better enjoy it while I can.  I'm not sure if Anna will play again next year.  She still hasn't made up her mind whether or not she likes flag football, which is okay.  I'll support her in whatever she does.

Someone talked me into joining a fantasy football league this year.  It's been a LONG TIME since I had taken part in one.  Let's put it this way:  The last team I had was pretty solid, and my horses were Drew Bledsoe and Tim Brown.  Raymont Harris (Bears) was my sleeper pick who came through as my #2 RB with a career year.  Drafts were done live and in person back then.  Trades were conducted over the phone.  There was no waiver wire; free agents were picked up on a first come, first served basis.  No one really researched much besides last years' stats.  Yeah, so this year I took part in a live online draft with 90 seconds time limit per pick and having had no time for research in advance.  This year my horses are Ben Roethlisburger, Brian Westbrook, and Marques Colston.  Not bad, but the rest of my team sucks buttermilk.  I wasted a lot of middle and late draft picks on back-ups at EVERY position, including TE, K, and Def/ST.  That's what everyone did back when I last played fantasy football in 1997...  Yeah, it's going to be a long fantasy season.

Okay, now on to business...


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