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So after last week, I feel confident in my projections, and am back again to offer some advice for those owners with tough decisions to make when it comes to their lineups for week 2.  With all of that being said, here are my suggestions for this week:

Start em: QB - Aaron Rogers - Packers vs. Lions - This will be Rogers' coming out party, as I look to see him light up the Lion's secondary.  Last week, some bloggers critisized my pick of Matt Ryan as a sleeper, and he put up modest numbers in his NFL debut.  This week, Aaron Rogers will be far more poised and ready to have a huge game in his first matchup against this NFC North foe.  250 yards and 2 TDs

Sit em: QB - Phillip Rivers - Chargers vs. Broncos - This week, Champ Bailey and Dre Bly will be all over the WRs of the Chargers creating bad matchups and a long day for Rivers.  He did show me some improvement last week with a solid performance, and the Broncos WERE playing the Raiders, but you cannot argue with that DB combo.  185 yards 1 TD

Start em: RB - Edgerrin James - Cardinals vs. Dolphins - If this was 2004, this would be a no brainer, but with James' advanced RB age, he is always a shaky start.  If there is going to be a good week to run him all day long, it will be this week for the Cardinals home opener against the nightmare that is the Dolphin's run defense.  120 yards and 1 TD

Sit em: RB - Chris Perry - Bengals vs. Titans - This matchup makes for a terrible day for the Bengals running game.  The Titans boast one of the league's elite run defenses, and they look to feast on the Bengals offensive line.  60 yards 0 TDs

Start em: WR - Anthony Gonzalez - Colts vs. Vikings - With this week being overly important to both team's post season interests already, I see the Colts throwing the ball all day.  Last week, it was clear that Peyton Manning was not himself after the off season of recovery, but this week, I see him returning to the field general role he fills so well so often.  With all of that being said, Harrison and Wayne will be the top 2 targets, but also draw the most coverage.  With Dallas Clark on the mend, Anthony Gonzalez will be relied on more this week than ever before.  85 yards 1 TD

Start em: WR#2 - Ronald Curry - Raiders vs. Chiefs - This is the one week to star a Raider not named Fargas or McFadden.  Curry looks to see a week DB on just about every down, and this is the week that he may be able to break out for a big game.  I have more faith in Jamarcus Russell than most, and I thought that even though his TDs last week were in junk time, this game is sure to be 60 minutes of junk time, so I look for him to have a big game.  110 yards 1 TD

Sit em: WR - Roy Williams - Lions vs. Packers - Calvin Johnson is in the process of establishing himself as one of the NFL's most elite WRs.  The team is bad on both sides of the ball, and they will be down in most games.  Even though you expect them to throw a ton in that situation, John Kitna is a subpar QB to place in this position and to expect great results.  The success he does have will likely favor Calvin Johnson, as oposed to Roy Williams.  75 yards 0 TDs

Start em: TE - Vernon Davis - 49ers vs. Seahawks - The Seahawks have lost all 4 of their WRs, their starting RB, and have a coach on his way out.  This is going to be a long year for Seahawk fans, and this all means a lot of 3 and outs leading to more time on the field for the 49ers this week, and a great oportunity for J.T. O'Sullavin to find Davis early and often.  He will see the ball a lot around the end zone, and field position will help him produce solid numbers.  90 yards 1 TD

Sit em: TE - Mercedes Lewis - Jaguars vs. Bills - The Bills defense looked great last week, and they really made it difficult to generate passing yards.  This week will be no different, and Jacksonville will be looking to reestablish their running attack.  This will eat into Lewis' stats as well.  55 yards 0 TDs

Start em: K - John Carney - Giants vs. Rams - This guy won't die.  Carney has been around since the dawn of time, but still finds a way to be crazy accurate.  Last week wasn't a fluke, and against the dreadful Rams defense, the Giants look to beat up on the Rams in every sense of the word.  3 FGs 3 XPs

Sit em: K - Jason Hanson - Lions vs. Packers - This week, the Packers D will be very effective in stopping the Lions run game and forcing John Kitna to beat them through the air.  That makes for a bad situation for the Lions with his limited skill set.  Hanson will be the big loser here with few oportunities to kick outside the kickoff.  1 FG 1 XP

Start em: D - Kansas City Chiefs vs. Raiders - This is a great week to start the Chiefs defense against an unproven QB in Jamarcus Russell, and unproven hands in Darren McFadden.  There is sure to be plenty of oportunity for them to generate points, and with their size ans speed, they look to have a big day.  2 INTs 1 FF

Sit em: D - San Diego Chargers vs. Broncos - This week they face a QB in Jay Cutler who has proven to be very accurate, and very poised in the pocket.  He usually doesn't turn the ball over, and with Brandon Marshall returning, they will have plenty of options on offense to spread the ball around and keep the D on their heels.  0 INTs

That's it for this week.  Good luck to all!  Unless of course you are in my league and go by the team name the Chi Town Punks.  In that case, I hope you lose.....no offense of course :)


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