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After one week of football, I still have absolutley no clue what will happen with the NFL season.  Are the Bears for real?  Are the Colts going to choke?  Are the Pats done without Brady?  Can the Falcons actually run the ball that well or are the lions a joke?  All these questions still burning up my mind along with other things, but I come to you today with my predictions on how the 2008 season will turnout.

NFC North:
: 13-3--  Young, talented, and ready to prove that Brett wasnt the whole team, the Packers made a statement and look for that to continue against their opponents.
Bears:  8-8--  Old, tough and hard hitting defense leads the Bears to a .500 record.  While the underappreciated Orton continues to manage the game well.  Watch out for Forte, he is a monster.
Vikings: 7-9--  Is Jackson good?  No.  Is their defense overrated?  Yes.  Simply put, people put way to much stock into Jackson and Allen...both of whom choked on Monday Night.
Lions:  6-10--  No surprise here.  They have a solid offense but a developing defense cant stop anybody, but if I were the Vikings, I would watch out, because the Lions have talent enough to be out of the cellar.

NFC East:
:  13-3--  Talented.  Enough said.
Eagles:  10-6-- This pick depends on McNabb.  If he stays healthy, they challenge for the division title, if hurt, they fall and fall fast.
Giants:  8-8--  They still cant make a believer out of me.  Beating the Redskins was good for their morale, but you cant fool me, their lack of depth will catch up with them.
Redskins:  4-12--  Not a lot of talent.  They need to find a way to stay healthy and way to get a new QB.

NFC South:
Saints:  11-5-- Talented offense even without Colston.  Shockey and Henderson will pick up the slack while a developing defense surprises teams.
Buc's: 9-7--  A QB controversey will be the downfall for the Bucs.  The lackluster offense needs to form under one guy and Gruden isnt letting that happen.
Panthers:  7-9--  I dont know what to say.  I cant make up my mind about this team.  They leave doubts at QB and WR depth...I just dont know.
Falcons:  4-12--  Matt Ryan will be good, but the lack of WR's wont help him.  Overall they need to make better FA signings.

NFC West:
:  10-6--  Very, very good offense.  Even if they put leinart in, they are still good.  But their defensive struggles will continue, but they are getting better.
49ers: 8-8--  Developing.  Lack of WR's wont help but Davis and Gore are beasts on the offense.  Mixed with a good defense will mean a positive for this 49er team.
Seahawks:  6-10--  Never really a good team.  They used a weak division to get in the playoffs and sucked every year.  Now with the rest of the division advancing, their bad talent will show.
Rams:  3-13--  Just not very good.  Thats about all I can say...

AFC North:
:  12-4--  Good defense, good offense.  They are just a solid all around team, and with new offensive weapons in Mendenhall, they should put up some good numbers.
Browns:  10-6--  A repeat season.  But expect a QB change mid season.  They could play for the wild card but thats about it.
Ravens:  7-9--  Flacco is up and coming.  He could lead the Ravens further but injuries are going to happen, stopping their surge.
Bengals: 5-11--  Johnson (screw that Ocho Cinco crap) is a big distraction.  He doesnt help a struggling team, and needs to be traded.

AFC East
:  10-6--  Lynch and Evans can lead this offense to a division title, while a young defense will be the surpise of the team.
Pats:  10-6--  The loss of Brady is big, but not that big, they have enough built around him that they can manage the team still
Jets:  8-8--  Favre isnt the answer.  They need to stop kidding themselves and find their future at QB, and I can tell you Clemens and Ainge arent it.
Dolphins:  3-13--  Its a two game improvement.  But with all the smoke in the locker room coming from Ricky Williams stall, they will get a little high...

AFC South:
:  11-5-- Powerfull runners, good managing QB, and a strong defense will lead them to their first division title in a long time.
Colts:  10-6--  Manning wont be on cue all season and the team will suffer.  Yet, a strong core of players will help them limp into 2nd place.
Texans:  9-7--  Next year.  They are one year away from winning the divsion title.  If they can make some improvements to their o-line their are unstoppable.
Titans:  5-11-- Youngs suicide looks inevitable (not actuall suicide but suicide on the field).  He never was that good and neither is the team around him.

AFC  West:
:  10-6--  Look for Rivers to have a big year, LT will continue to dominate, and a defense without Merriman will thrive none the less.
Broncos:  9-7-- Solid team with Cutler coming into his own.  The running game will be good as usual, I just worry about their lack of WR's stopping them.
Raiders:  7-9-- Surprisingly strong defense will be their fuel.  McFadden and Russell turn out to be major busts but with Fargas they can recover quickly.
Chiefs:  4-12--  In the middle of a needed regime change.  They need to add youth and talent to a old and beat up team.

Green Bay, Dallas, Pittsburgh and Jacksonville get byes.

1st Round:
Saints over Eagles
Cardinals over Bucs
Bills over Broncos
Chargers over Pats

2nd Round:
Packers over Cardinals
Cowboys over Saints
Steelers over Chargers
Bills over Jaguars

Conference Champs:
Packers over Cowboys
Steelers over Bills

Super Bowl:
Packers over Steelers



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