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Maybe my nerves were rattled while watching Amare Stoudemire destroy my Mavericks on multiple occasions this past year, but if the latest rumor is any indication (like so many other rumors are...yeah, right), the Suns are actually considering shipping him out in a three-team deal.

Does Steve Kerr have STUPID written on his forehead?

I would like to think one of the greatest clutch shooters in NBA history hasn't finally dropped the ball. Moving Stoudemire would be the biggest mistake Phoenix has ever made. Yes, Kevin Garnett is a future Hall of Famer. Yes, he is a terrific low-post player. Yes, he is a former MVP. Precisely all the things that Stoudemire will become in the next 2-3 years, only he's 31 and Stoudemire is 24. Big difference when you consider Garnett's body has taken 10 years of wear and tear already. That said, here is what I think of the current proposals being circulated.

1. T'Wolves/Suns/Celtics- KG to Phoenix, Shawn Marion to Boston, Al Jefferson/Gerald Green/Celtics #5 pick to Minnesota. Believe it or not, I like this deal the best. I would deal Marion long before I'd part with Stoudemire. The only hitch is if I'm Boston do I really want to give up 2 good players and a lottery pick just for Marion? Perhaps Phoenix sends its 24th pick this year to Boston and its pick from Atlanta next year to Minnesota. If I'm Minnesota I'm liking this deal very much, because I've already got Randy Foye at the point. If I get Gerald Green he immediately becomes my two-guard, Al Jefferson becomes my power forward, and I draft either Corey Brewer and slide Green to the three or Jeff Green and plug him in at three. That's four guys under 23 starting for the T'Wolves who happen to be good players, plus a guaranteed lottery pick next year.

2. T'Wolves/Suns/Hawks-KG to Phoenix, Amare to Hawks, #3 and #11 picks to Minnesota. I hate this trade, plain and simple. Yes, Minnesota will get 2 good picks, but as I said it's the Amare factor I don't like, and as Heyman points out on, will Minnesota even take just two picks for KG? If I were Kevin McHale I would be demanding one of the Hawks young forwards (Josh Childress?) in addition. If that happens, and if Minnesota flips #3 to Portland for Zach Randolph (which Atlanta had been rumored to be doing), I like this trade on the whole a little bit more.

3. T'Wolves/Lakers- KG to LA, Bynum and Odom to Minnesota. Won't happen like that. The Lakers pick has to be included, along with Kwame Brown and probably another player. Too complicated to do with just the two teams.

4. T'Wolves/Mavs/Celtics-KG to Dallas, Josh Howard, Jason Terry and future draft picks to Boston, Al Jefferson/Gerald Green/#5 pick to Minnesota. Okay, this is my dream scenario. We know it probably won't happen. Number one, I don't want the Mavs trading Josh Howard. Number two, I don't think Boston's that stupid. That said, can you imagine KG down low, kicking out to Dirk on the wing, who no longer has to worry about being an inside presence? Ouch.

Of course, the inclusion of other players/expiring contracts in any of these deals could be enough to make them work. But the deal that ultimately makes the most sense is the first one. 


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