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I said nothing after the loss to Florida, no complaints after the shocker against Illinois, nothing in the beatdown against LSU, but it is time. Every hater is right, all the SEC fans are correct, this is a bad team in a bad conference that is slow. Maybe not to the extent that the fan's claim, but we would be an 8-4, 9-3 team in the SEC, Pac-10, Big 12, and maybe ACC. So Mr. Tressel, I am your biggest fan, and I am grateful you are the head coach at Ohio State, but it is time to rebuild and here is what I propose we do.

    First Fire Jim Heacock, and Jim Bollman. Firing such successful coordinators is never easy, but it needs to be done, and done fast. Heacock is a good, solid "D" coordinator, against teams like Minnesota, Purdue, and Northwestern. In the 4 aforementioned game OSU has allowed 370, 400, 326, and 348 total yards, as well as allowing 41, 28, 38, and 35 points. Really the only quality performance in the last 3 years against a good offense was OSU's performence against Texas in 06, holding them to 6 points. Now who to hire as the new defensive coordinator. I say go out and get either Greg Hudson of ECU or Dick Bumpas of TCU. Maybe Hudson is a 1 year wonder, but it is tough to overlook him, 17 points to Va. Tech, then 22 to Va. Tech, then 7 to West Va., he really coaches his players to fly around the field, and make plays. Bumpas has been very successful at TCU, his teams have been very spund defensivly, and in his first game he held OU to 10 points in an upset. He will bring an attacking style of defense here and I think that both would change the way we play defense. On offense bringing in a new coordinator would be interesting also. I think the smart hire would be Dave Christensen from Mizzou. He would be tough to get from Columbia, but if we could do it it would be great as he can transform a team, and really knows how to play to an offenses strengths. Or maybe a more likely choice is the innovative Andy Ludwig, of Utah. Ludwig has kept the offense on track to where they were under Urban Meyer, averaging 30, 27, 27, and thus far this season 41 points per game, playing against quality defenders as well. I think other notes, bring back speed coach Butch Reynolds, and add in a new offensive line coach, Mark Markuson, of Ole Miss, and Arkansas and you have yourself a solid coaching staff. 

    While this move may be a bit drastic, and maybe I am not thinkings straight, but we should bench the seniors on offense, and some on defense. I think first off start Terrelle Pryor. Pryor was decent against USC, for sure better then Boeckman so he needs to start. At RB have Beanie split carries with Boom Herron. At Wide Reciever have Robo splitting time with Devier Posey. And on the o-line bench Alex Boone and Steve Rehring for Mike Adams and Connor Smith. Why you ask, to get ready for next year. JT should realize regardless of what happens this year, OSU will get no respect, prepare for next year by playing the young guys, and going into a transition to the new looks. On defense do some of te same. ave Ettienne Sabino see time with Laurinaitis. Have Brian Rolle and Marcus Freeman split time. And have Malcolm Jenkins sharing his time with Checkwa. Like I said, it seems, dumb but prepare for the future. Instead of having brand new players, you just got a little enhanced roles. Maybe it keeps OSU from going 11-1, instead they go 9-3. Well instead of 10-2, or 9-3 next year they go 11-1 or 12-0. Also there is 1 more big reason which I will explain in a second.

    The next big thing to do is transition. There was a reason I chose Dave Christensen and Andy Ludwig as my offensive coordinators. They both run spread offenses similar to the one, OSU should start installing. With the news thatPryor will be starting, I think that we start transitioning during the season. Yea it sounds hard, but OSU already as 2 or 3 spread packages. I think just install 1 a week and by the end of the season, you are basically set. Now this may seem very questionable, and stupid, but First of, we have not had the offensive lineman to make plays, nor the playmakers to have huge games. Switching to the spread will help with this, and I am not talking about the Steve Spurrier spread, or the Urban Meyer Spread, or the Spread Option of Chip Kelly, I want a spread like the ones run at Mizzou, or Utah, or BYU, or like the one Penn State is using this season. All of those offenses except BYU have been and were run by scrambling QB's, but all developed into quality QB's as passers, and that is what OSU should do with Pryor. Now the defense needs to change as well. Now this might seem crazy, but I think that under Bumpas or Hudson, we should transition into a 3-4 base defense. This will do a couple things. #1, it will allow us to have more speed, and better tacklers on the field. #2 I don't think it hinders the pass rush at all, in fact it may help it. #3 It helps with recruiting, a lot of teams run the 3-4 in the NFL, scouts will like that the players already know the 3-4 and it will lead to more NFL success (Shawne Merriman) and Last #4 It gives college players a confusing look they likely would not have played against in the past. I think we should have the same transition period as the offense.

Now comes the tough part recruiting. I think with the new changes in the schemes, we will be recruiting a new breed and type of player, but here is what I propose. When recruiting "O" lineman do not go for the maulers. Recruit the speedy "O" lineman under 310lbs, and must run under a 5.20 40 time. Michael Oher, and Eugene Monroe are perfect examples of these types of players. These are the type of lineman you want, they can move, they are versitale, and you know they can still drive with power. Next recruit athletes. For example a player like Sam McGuffie, JEff Demps, Nate Davis, Gerald Jones, and Joe Haden. It is no coincedence that most of the top 10 athletes are going to top 10 schools, the big programs know who to recruit. Next at RB target either a small jitery back, who runs under a 4.5, and can catch the ball, or an all-purpose back, who can really be a leader at wideout or running back. Then wide reciever, there really needs to be no change. Defensivly recruit versitale lineman who can play tackle or end, in the 3-4 it is necesary to have athletic lineman, and when recruiting ends, amke sure they have great speed, because they could be a playing a hybrid role as a 3-4 OLB. The LB's need to be fast, recruit faster smaller linebackers over biggers slow LB's. In the secondary go after the aforementione athletes. Many great CB's and safeties are athletes coming out of high school. (Taylor MAys, Joe Haden, Alphonso Smith, MAcho Harris). I think this would leave you with these players currently in your recruiting class:Dorian Bell, Jamie Wood, Bradley McDougald, C.J. Barnett, Jamaal Berry, Duron Carter, Storm Klien, Corey Linsley, James Jackson, John Simon, Corey Brown, Chris Fields, Carlos Hyde,  Jack Melhort, Jordan Hall, Marvin Fellows, Dominic Clarke, Johnathon Newsome, Jordan Whiting and Justin Green. That leaves OSU with 20 players in the class and the need to sign 5-8 more. Some players to target are: Darren Jones, QB/Ath, Marlon Brown WR, Marcus Hall OT, Logan Thomas, WR/TE, Tavon Austin, WR/RB/KR/PR, Craig Roh, DE/OLB, Corey Adams, NT/DE, Denard Robinson, WR/CB/ATH, and Josh Evans, QB/CB/ATH/RB.

Thats all I got, thanks for listening.    



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