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Week 3 has come and gone, and there were some surprises and some disappointments. And then there was the usual stupidity in the polls.

My take on the SEC this week.

 The worst game of the week had to go to Auburn and MSU. The Tale Of Inept Offenses. Both teams were woefully pathetic, but I have to admit that MSU's looked the worse. Time after time, Auburn gave them opportunities and time after time MSU choked.  No blocking and when there was a hole, the running backs couldn't find it with a tour guide and a search party. Sure, Auburn's "D" did its job, but how much of it was how good the defense was or how bad the offense was? Either way, no matter how you view it, it was not the performance of a top 10 team. I think they will get exposed by LSU. Even if AU's defense is that good, their crappy offense will get killed by LSU's defense. If they turn it over 3 times against LSU, it will be a rout.  I like Sly Croom and wish him well, but that was a poorly coached team. The receivers looked lost. The offensive line looked totally confused. And the QB was just bad. And their kicker couldn't hit water kicking from a boat. The defense did play well, but they were playing against the Spread and Sputter offense.

Georgia and South Carolina was scarcely better. Georgia sure didn't look like the #2 team in the nation. And if Moreno is Heisman material then I should be the Pope. He looked average. The whole Georgia team looked average. And don't think that South Carolina is that good. To me it was just an overall sub-par performance by the Dawgs. Maybe it was fluke game - we will see next week against ASU. Although the step up in competition won't be that great as Arizona State blew it Saturday night. It might be the week after that we find out what Georgia (and Alabama) really has.

 The Vols looked good against UAB. But anybody could look good against the Blazers. And it doesn't erase the embarrassment that UCLA handed them. A UCLA team that got smacked down Saturday. If Florida comes in and whips them, I wonder how long it will before the Tennessee fans start calling for Fulmer's head? I think if Myer has the opportunity, he will pile it on the Vols.

The Gators sure did against the Canes. I don't care what anyone else says, they dominated Miami in every phase of the game. And that last minute field goal was well deserved considering all the smack Thug U was talking before the game. You shouldn't let your mouth write checks your **** can't cash. Rest assured, Miami would have run it up if they could have.  I think Florida may be the team to beat in the East - at least so far. Let's see how they do when they get to the SEC schedule.

LSU and Alabama took care of business. As they should have against obviously weaker opponents. Anything less than a rout would have been a big disappointment for both teams. But Bama did look much better than last week. There seemed to be less mistakes and more intensity. And I like the running back by committee as it keeps fresh legs in the game. It will be very interesting to see how this young Bama team responds to a hostile environment in Arkansas. But it is a game they SHOULD win. If they do, it will set up a very interesting matchup in Athens.

 And how about those Commodores? 3 - 0! I really am looking forward to the game with Ole Miss next week. Could Vandy be the big spoiler in the SEC this year? They rained on several parades last season but then choked on the games that they were supposed to win. This year they seem to be taking care of business. But before they face the top of the league, they better work on a more consistent passing game. But could we be talking bowl game?

The week 3 Polls are out in all their idiotic glory. Through week 3 we still have many "Top" teams running wild on the cream puffs, i.e. Oklahoma, Penn State, Missouri, etc.  And they get highly rewarded by beating the crap out of teams they should beat. And how does Wisconsin, after barely escaping Fresno State, gain two spots in the AP poll? And poor old ECU can get no love. Having already beaten the defending ACC and Big East champs and still undefeated, can't get ahead of Texas Tech who has played no one?  I think that the pollsters should at least remotely consider the competition level.

Next week there will be much more to talk about as we finally get into the really interesting games.


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