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We watched a hell of an effort by the Defense. They are already at 1/2 of the sack total from last season, 3 games in. We lost another D-end, but with any luck he'll be back next week. There really wasn't much of a drop off anyway. The guys are moving well and actually tackled well this week. I think that the week off will help, Bo will be all over them on pass coverage. We are still getting way too many interference calls. I'd bet that that will be a key point in the next 2 weeks.

The offense flexed it's muscles this time around. Putting the option in, letting Ganz keep the ball and run a few times, All of the running backs got playing time, and even having Lucky throw a TD pass. That last kind of concerns me a bit, as we haven't gotten away with it very well since Crouch caught the pass against OU. Now everybody knows it can happen and can defend it better, since Lucky won't have the time to look for alternate receivers.

Lucky looked pretty good. Even with the yardage that we put on the ground, I'm still concerned with the O-line's ability to block. With NMSU running that 3-3-5 defense, ANYBODY could run against them! I still think that Helu is the better all around back, but Lucky had his day Saturday.

Helu looked fine with limited touches Saturday too. Anybody who is averaging over 8 ypk is OK in my book. Castille ran hard, and as someone wrote in an earlier discussion, should not be considered a short yardage back. He is a tailback, not a Fullback. He just likes to hit people and make them pay when trying to get a tackle. He is a bit prone to drop the ball, but he is getting better and a lot of fun to watch.

After the Spring Game, I mentioned that Zac Lee should be backing up Ganz. Any doubt about that now??? Witt dropped 2, count 'em 2 snaps in 2 series as QB. This is the most fundamental play in football and he couldn't handle it. Now, I'm not sure of the amount of snaps he gets in practice, but the guy has played QB his entire career so he should be able to get the ball from the center without putting it on the turf. Lee didn't get much playing time and was 3 and out, but at that point in the game we weren't going to throw the playbook at him with 30 odd seconds left. I'm anxious to see what he can do with some quality playing time. Unfortunately that probably won't happen the rest of this season, but I'd bet we have a major competition for QB next year.


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