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  I went to the Orioles vs. Twins doubleheader on September 13th. I arrived at 11 AM and hung around ‘til 11 PM. Here are the autographs I got in the order I got them.


  • Dave Trembley - Orioles Manager
    Where?: Players' parking lot

            This was the first time I was at the ballpark early enough to see the manager arrive. Where I was standing, I saw him through the window of his car. I then ran around to the other side of the cage that him, and the players, park in. When he got out of his car, I reached my ball over the fence and said "Mr. Trembley, can I have your autograph?" He said he would but to hold on because he was on the phone. I waited and he eventually signed my game used baseball from a game vs. the Yankees. He was extremely nice and was very happy to sign.

  • Brandon Fahey - Orioles' Utility Man
    Players' parking lot

Like Trembley, I saw Brandon pull up in his car with his girlfriend and I proceeded to run around the side of the cage and ask for his autograph. After he told his goodbyes to his girlfriend he started to walk my way when I said "Brandon, will you sign?" or something to that affect. He then walked right over to me and took my game used baseball that was already signed by Dave Trembley. He signed it and I thanked him. He said I was welcome then continued to go towards the ramp that leads to the locker rooms.

  • Jim Miller - Orioles' middle reliever
    Where?: Players' parking lot

I got Jim Miller's autograph in the same place and on the same ball as Fahey and Trembley. However, I got it in a slightly different location. We saw him pull up and one of the Twins fans that I was having a conversation with thought it was Brandon Bass. He walked by the street and waiting for him to exit his car. The guy then called him over. However, Jim Miller said "Sure, I'll sign, but are you sure you have the right person?" The Twins fan then said Brian Bass and Jim Miller responded that he was actually Jim Miller. After the Twins fan apologized, I then asked for my autograph from him on my game used ball. He gladly signed it.

  • Denard Span - Twins' rookie right fielder
    Where?: In front of the main entrance to Camden Yards

            Mr. Span exited his taxi to be surrounded by around 7 or so people. He gladly accepted the attention and signed every autograph. My autograph was signed on a clean, brand new baseball on the sweet spot. One person said "They miss you in Rochester, Denard." To which he responded "I don't miss them." Spanking 2 homers in the first game doesn't seem like a bad autograph to have.

  • Jamie Walker - Orioles' reliever
    Where?: Players' parking lot.

Just like Trembley and Fahey, I just had to reach my baseball over the fence and ask for his autograph. However, I did not have to run on the other side of the fence for he parked on the closest side. He happily signed my autograph and responded to my thank you after he did so. So, Dave Trembley, Jim Miller, Brandon Fahey, and now Jamie Walker have all signed my game used baseball.

  • Jeremy Guthrie - Orioles Ace
    On his bike near the player's parking lot.

Unlike any other player arriving to the ballpark, Jeremy Guthrie arrived on his bike and happily stopped to sign autographs. He signed my game used baseball, the one that he had pitched to Hideki Matsui for him to foul it off. Then, I said to him "love the shirt." He was wearing an Orioles Magic shirt that was the first I have seen. He laughed and responded, "thank you."

  • Joe Nathan - Twins' closer
    Where?: By the main entrance of Camden Yards.

            Two taxis arrive at the same exact time. Four players exit these taxis. The one man that stood out the most was closer Joe Nathan. He gladly signed for everyone. My autograph of him was on a brand new baseball on the sweet spot.

  • Nick Markakis - Orioles Outfielder
    Where?: Players' parking lot.

            Just like Trembley and Fahey, I ran to get Nick Markakis' autograph from the other side of the parking lot. All I had to do was reach my baseball over the fence and say "Mr. Markakis, will you sign?" once he exited the car. He then continued to walk toward me with a McDonald's bag in hand and sign my baseball on the sweet spot. Like always, I said thank you and he responded with "no problem."

  • Joe Mauer - Twins' All- Star Catcher and A.L. Batting Champ
    Where?: Third baseline before the game.

            Unlike the previous autographs of the day, I got this one inside the ballpark. Joe Mauer was signing autographs down the third baseline. He signed a few people's baseballs  but was unable to get to mine for I was in the back of the mob. However, he knew the girl that was in front of me and proceeded to hug her. While he hugged, her, his hand hit me (just thought I would throw that in there). After he hugged her I said "Joe, can you sign one more?" I reached the baseball out and he signed it. However, for some reason, he would not sign on the sweet spot.


Overall, this was a great day for autographs.


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