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1. This USC Team may be one of the top 5 teams of all time.- While Ohio State was pretty bad on saturday aside from Malcolm Jenkins, and Terrelle Pryor, they are not as bad a team, as this game portrayed them as , USC is that good. It was utter domination, and imo, the worst of the 3 big losses OSU has suffered recently, as they had no answeres on defense, and looked out of place on offense. This is a USC team that will go 12-0, unless they are shocked, and I think this team will go down as one of the best to ever play the game, because I doubt that any team on there schedule, that suddenly looks weak can challenge them. Oregon, they barely escaped against Purdue, and are down to there 4th string QB. Arizona State? They just lost to UNLV. UCLA? Lost by 59 to BYU. Arizona? Shocked by New Mexico. Cal? Lost to Maryland(who lost to Middle Tennessee State). Oregon State? Nope, got killed by Penn State, and upset by Stanford. Right now the biggest challenge to SC may be themselves. It appears they have no teams that are top 25 quality left on there schedule, and 12-0 and loads of blowouts seem eminent. Oh not to mention the talent. I count  12 future first rounders( Mark Sanchez, CJ Gable, Joe McKnight, Damien Williams, Kris O Dowd, Everson Griffin, Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing, Fili Moala, Rey Maualuga,Taylor MAys, Kevin Ellison) and that might be short. Realistically they may be the best in the nation at every unit there is aside from special teams.

 2. This Years Heisman race is Wide Open- Usually by now one of the favorites has established themselves as the leader, and rarely falls back )I.e Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush), but that is not the case this season, there are a load of players who deserve consideration. Mark Sanchez has to be the favorite after 2 magnificen performances and great numbers (7 TD's 2 INT's 510 yards), but it appears he isn't. Sam Bradford has been dynamite going against quality teams (Cincy, Washington) and has 12 TD's, against 2 picks, with 80% completion and nearly 300 yards a game not to mention the fact his team is in the title hunt as well. Missou has a pair of Candidates all-purpose demon Jeremy Maclin, and star QB Chase Daniel. Both have lived up to expectations with Daniel averaging 325 yards a game and has 10 TD's against 1 pick, while Maclin has 5 TD's and nearly 550 total yards. Then there is the lone RB in the chase Knowshon Moreno of Georgia. He has been dynamite with 7TD's. Oh and we forgot the regning heisman winner Tim Tebow, his Gators appear ready to roll, and he has been his usualy explosive self. Then there are the sleeper candidates like BYU  QB Max Hall, who has over 1,000 yards and 12 TD's through 3 games, and the Texas Tech tandem Michael Crabtree, and Graham Harrell, who cintinue to put up there ridiculous numbers. As of right now as many as 17 or 18 candidates can make a legit case to be inthe top 4.

3. The SEC is not a "Super-Conference"-For all those who claim the SEC is "the super conference" I think not. While the SEC is still right there as far as the top conferences go, there is no large gap that I see between them and any other conference. Mississippi State and Auburn played a horribly ugly game, combing for 5 points and 4 turnovers, and a grand total of 4 offensive plays netting more than 20 yards. While Georgia got lucky, beating South Carolina by 7, in a game they should of lost with South Carolina fumbling on the goalline, and turning the ball over 1 other time in the red zone. Then a team supposed contender Tennessee lost to in UCLA went out and got dismantled 59-0. And don't even claim it shows the depth of the conference. after last years Illinois upset over Ohio State all we heard was how bad the Big Ten was.


4. The Big 12 Is Home to The Nation's 2 Best Freshman (and they are not who you think they are)- The Big 12 has the 2 best Freshamn in the nation, and they eached showed off their stuff this weekend. Oklahoma Wideout Ryan Broyles showed what all the fuss was about when he came on campus last year, but the buzz died down after he redshirted, but Broyles maybe this seasons Jeremy Maclin/Michael Crabtree. Broyles followed up a huge first ccareer college game against Cincy with a big time game against Washington. Broyles had 3 catches for 85 yards and 2 TD's against the Huskies following up his brilliant debut against Cincy. He leads OU in recieving with 10 catches for 225 yards, and 3 TD's and did we mention he didn't even play in the first game of the season (he was suspended). By seasons end expect Broyles to be a household name and one of the top recievers in the nation. Maybe the most surprising Frosh is Baylors talented dual-threat QB, Robert Griffin. Griffin was a 4* prospect, and maybe the biggest recruit in Baylor history. Griffin had one of the best games of any player in Baylor history running for a school record 217 yards and 2 TD's on only 11 carries, not to mention he threw for 127 yards and a TD. Calling out the opponent? Nope it was against a BCS conference team in Washington State. Griffin beat out former 5* Miami QB Kirby Freeman, and last years starter for Baylor, Blake Symanski, who threw 22 TD's last year. On the year Griffin has 548 yards passing, 62.3 completion %, 4 TD's and 0 INT's and on the ground he has 32 carries, for 290 yards, a 9 yard per carry average, and 4 more scores. Baylor has played Wake, Washington State, and a d-2 opponent in Northwestern State. Call me crazy, but I think he can be the next great dual threat QB, but already he seems to have a solid grasp on the passing game. Donovan McNabb comparisons spring to mind, and I think he will by years end be considered one of the top 15 QB's in the nation.

5. This Is the Year of the Mid-Major-Maybe I am just seeing things, but I think that this years mid-major crop is loaded. Obviously there is ECU, who is ranked 15th and already has 2 wins over borderline top 25 teams, including 1 on the road. What about BYU, they have 2 wins over BCS conference teams, in cluding 1 win 59-0 over UCLA, there QB Max Hall, threw 7 TD's! They are ranked 14th, and have a legit chance to make the BCS as well. Then staying in the MWC, Utah has a legit chance to make a BCS game. They have a win in the big house, over Michigan, and are ranked 20th. Oh then there are other teams, like TCU, which just knocked of Stanford, something USC couldn't do and Boise State, who is always tough on the Blue Turf. Despite a tough 13-10 loss to Wisconsin, Fresno State, stil lhas a chance to make the BCS. I am calling it now, there will be either a 1-loss mid major in the BCS, or 2 mid-majors making the BCS, maybe both. Soon, we may see a non-BCS team playing for a national title.  


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