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Hello and welcome to my first-ever rankings blog.  This is going to be simple and straight-forward.  The top ten best teams from the previous matchday will be looked at, and yes it's only for the Champions League.  No league games will be taken into account, so you could be last in your league and first in my Power Rankings.  With each team, I will give at least one reason for their inclusion.  The higher a team in the rankings, the more I'll write about them.  So, let's get started.


10. Fiorentina- Well, they came out and they played very well in the first half but it just wasn't good enough for the win.  Gilardino has finally played well in Champions League, but they have to close things out.  But they are on the list this week.

9. Lyon- Yep, the team that made the comeback is on the list too.  To me, the comeback is more impressive so they are on.  If Benzema can score and earn tons of free-kicks this team can go far.  But we'll just have to see what happens.

8. Juventus- Finally they are back and they are winners again.  In a very close match, Juventus were able to defeat the UEFA Super Cup winner Zenit St. Petersburg.  I feel that if this team can shut down that team then they should be able to stop a lot of more controlled teams, and it could lead to a deep run.  But once again, we'll have to see.

7. Real Madrid- The Spanish giants are the first Spanish side to make it to the list this week.  They played a bad team but hey they can't help it.  With a few injuries to key members, I just don't see this as their Champions League year.  But you never know. 

6. Inter Milan- They didn't play the greatest team but they basically walked all over them.  If Inter can play to win and not to lose I think they can go far.  But Zlatan better put his boots on first.

5. FC Porto- This side really impressed me and would be up even higher if not for a weird couple of days of games.  In my predictions, I had Fenerbache to move on and I thought they'd at least tie.  But Porto dominated from the get-go and recorded the 3-1 victory and #5 on my rankings.

4. CFR Cluj- They had to make this list.  I respect them so much for what they have just done.  They went to Rome in front of hooligans and they even came back from one down thanks to Emmanuel Culio.  Congrats Cluj on the victory and I hope you return to this list. 

3. Barcelona- They downright killed Sporting Lisbon (who let me remind you has produced stars like Ronaldo and Nani) through the hard-work and dedication of the world's most versatile player in the world Xavi Hernandez.  This guy is slowly getting better and better and he is a serious threat to become the world's best player if he can keep it up.

2. Atletico Madrid- The third and final Spanish side is in.  The Madrid men really played well thanks to one Sergio Aguero.  Their 3-0 victory over PSV Eindhoven has to have put Liverpool, and the rest of the field on watch.

1. Chelsea- Sorry Man. U but you played awful.  But Chelsea didn't.  Now, if A. Madrid dominated, then Chelsea completely nuked Bordeaux.  The complete thrashing by Chelsea was well-deserved and 4 different players were able to score in the 4-0 victory.  Could this finally be Chelsea's year to win the UCL?  Right they look very good.  Book a spot in the final Chelsea, you'll probably be there.




Well, I hoped you liked it.  I was very unbiased in this one and I think it represents the clubs playing level.  It's been Keeper and I'm out.


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