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4 games I'd like to watch today:

I'll start off by picking the Carolina at Minny game.

The Panthers go into Minnesota 2-0 playing a team that is 0-2 but is still expected to make a run at the playoffs. The arrival of Steve Smith will fill the air with excitement, but the Panther's run game is what everyteam will be looking at. Minny's run defense still might be too powerful for the Panthers to run over. However the Vikings will test the run game of the Panthers D all day. But if the Vikings can't get their "new" Quarterback to get going, what will?                                                                    

Final Question: Will AP play?                                                                                                    Final Score: Panthers 24 Vikings 21

Dallas at Green Bay.

So both teams are undefeated, and Green Bay is undefeated against Dallas at home (5-0). Arron Rodgers is still the player to watch in this game but I want to see Felix Jones and Marion Barber and how they might cuase trouble to Green Bay's D. But the Packers have Ryan Grant, enough said. The passing attack will be fun to watch in this game as Rodgers looks to conect with players like Greg Jennings, James Jones and Donald Driver. On the other side Tony Romo will hook up with T.O. and Jason Witten as the two are tearing up defenses this year.

Final Question: Will this be Offense vs. Offense like the Philly vs. Dallas game?                             Final Score: Green Bay 38 Dalllas 35

Pittsburgh at Philly.

Donovan McNabb could have a great season this year, let's just hope Jackson doesn't fumble again. Westbrook and company will try and keep the Steelers busy but Big Ben could expose the Eagle's D for the second straight game this season.

Final Question: How well will the Runnigbacks do in this game?                                                     Final Score: Philly 30 Pittsburgh 27

Jets at San Deigo.

Two teams that don't play to their full potential go head to head. The Bolts offer what looks to be a great D and Offense but can we tell? What about the Jets who managed to not manage to take advantage of Tom Brady's absense during week2? It all comes down to a number of things- passing. running, run D, pass D so it'll be hard to tell the outcome in this one.

Final Question: Will either of these two teams play to their potential?                                                Final Score: San Deigo 35 NYJets 14

Other Picks:

Jags at Indy - Indy wins 31 to 17                                                                                               Clevland at Baltimore - Baltimore wins 17 to 14                                                                                 St.Louis at Seattle - Seahawks win 14 to 3                                                                                      Lions at San Fran -Lions win 27 to 7                                                                                                Saints at Denver - Broncos win 31 to 28                                                                                       Cards at Skins - Cards win 17 to 14                                                                                         Houston at Tennesee - Houston wins 21 to 17                                                                           Cincy at NYGiants - NY wins 35 to 7                                                                                               Maimi at NE - NE wins 21 to 0                                                                                                     Tampa at Chicago - Chicago wins 21 to 17                                                                                  Oakland at Buffalo - Buffalo wins 28 to 7                                                                                       KC in A*Town - Falcons win 28 to 10






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