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By my clock it's now 4 hours and 49 minutes until the most exciting NBA Draft in years kicks off. According to ESPN, the Portland Trail Blazers have already notified Greg Oden that he will be the top pick, which means Durant goes to Seattle. But we already knew that was coming. As an extension of my blog from last night, I have run across several other trade rumors involving the first round that are worth exploring.

1. The Mavericks sending Devin Harris to the Milwaukee Bucks for the #6 overall pick. No, this is not another of my Mavericks fantasies like the KG deal from yesterday. Apparently there have been discussions. Now, whether they go anywhere or not is another story. But if I'm Dallas I jump on it in a minute, and not for the chance to select another PG. At number 6, the Mavericks should have a decent shot at either Al Horford or Joakim Noah, and one of their big problems has always been interior rebounding and low-post presence. Honestly, I think Noah would be a better fit and a huge energy boost, though Horford would be better offensively.

2. Seattle sends Ray Allen to Boston for the #5 pick and Theo Ratliff. If I'm Boston, I jump all over this one. Paul Pierce finally has his veteran sidekick and the Celtics don't have to give up Gerald Green or Al Jefferson. Seattle can then select Horford or Noah.

3. Another KG deal between Minnesota, Phoenix and Atlanta with KG to the Suns, Amare to the Hawks, and Marvin Williams, James Jones, Kurt Thomas and multiple picks to Minnesota. This is close to the deal I mentioned last night, with Jones and Thomas presumably being the expiring contracts. The kicker to this deal is Williams, who is in a bit of a logjam right now behind Childress at the 3 and Josh Smith and Shelden Williams at the 4. I still stand by my position that Amare should not be moved. But that said, if Atlanta offers Williams, Jones, Thomas and 3 and 11, Minnesota shouldn't have to think too long.

Here are some trades that could happen, which you may or may not have heard about.

1. Memphis sends Pau Gasol to Chicago- It's been talked about for months, but could happen tonight. If Memphis pulls a stunner at #4 and selects Yi Jianlian, it could move Gasol to Chicago for the Number 9 pick and Ben Gordon, along with expiring contracts. Memphis could then use the #9 pick on Spencer Hawes to fix the center position.

2. The Bobcats move #8 and/or #22. I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more play than it has. Charlotte has been sounding it from the rooftops that they are willing to make a deal involving these picks. The only question is who they go to. If Michael Jordan and Bernie Bickerstaff truly believe this draft is as deep as it looks there is always a trade-down scenario. The Lakers come to mind because they can move up from 19 without giving up Odom or Bynum, then flip #8 and those two for Garnett.

3. Kobe Bryant gets dealt. I realize this has about as much chance of happening as a Texas Rangers starter winning 20 games, but if Jerry Buss really wants to **** Kobe off he can send him to Minnesota for Garnett straight up. Then McHale and Glen Taylor can threaten to withhold his salary if he refuses to play.

Four hours and 23 minutes to go now. Come back afterwards to see what I think of the picks.


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