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Well, since I'm fairly bored right now, I figured I'd take a swing at a mock draft with the real draft set to begin in just under 4 hours, so here is the first round, cut and dry of my mock draft:


1. Portland Trail Blazers- Greg Oden (Ohio State)C --Seeming as the reports are they are taking Oden, I'll take their word for it.

2. Seattle Supersonics- Kevin Durant (Texas)F -- The easiest number 2 pick in the history of the draft.

 3. Atlanta Hawks- Al Horford (Florida)F/C -- Although they took last minute glances at Yi, in the end they say ney, and go with proven big man.

 4. Memphis Grizzlies- Mike Conley Jr. (Ohio State)PG-- Reports are Jerry West loves this guy, and although he's stepping down after the draft I expect him to have close to total influence and select a possible top 5 PG.

 5. Boston Celtics- Yi Jianlian (China)F/C-- While Green and Brewer are attractive, Oden and Durant aren't walking through that door. Boston needs some size up front, and this will bring in a lot of money from merchandise, which they desperately could use.

 6. Milwaukee Bucks- Jeff Green (Georgetown)F-- I'm sure Milwaukee would love to snag Conley here, but if he is gone I'm guessing they look at the two remaining Gators, Brewer and Noah, but decide on a versatile forward.

 7. Minnesota Timberwolves- Corey Brewer (Florida)F-- This was a tough one; it sounds like Kevin McHale might really like Spencer Hawes, but if Garnett isn't going to be traded, they need to help repair the marriage between KG and the T'Wolves, what better way than adding Brewer to a Hudson-Foye-Juwan Howard-KG mix.

 8. Charlotte Bobcats- Brandan Wright (North Carolina)PF--If they keep the pick, I can see Nick Young going here, but I think Jordan & Co. will be too tempted to grab this freak of nature who could possibly blossom into the third best player in the draft. Wouldn't that be lovely to add with Okafor? Or he could be the second coming of Kwame Brown.

9. Chicago Bulls- Spencer Hawes (Washington)C--  You have no idea how bad I want to put Noah in this slot, but I just have a feeling that Hawes and coach Scott Skiles are a match made in heaven, and this is what the Bulls need an old-school, hard-nosed big man.

10. Sacramento Kings- Joakim Noah (Florida)PF-- The Joakim slide stops here, ESPN can stop showing Noah sulking. I love this guys energy and defensive prowness.  The Kings might be looking to rebuild by moving Bibby and Artest; adding Noah is a good start. I still think Phoenix will pull off a trade and select the big man.

11. Atlanta Hawks-Acie Law (Texas A & M)PG-- Billy Knight passed on Conley earlier, there is no way he can risk not selecting Law at this spot. Atlanta needs a big man and a point guard, they can address both needs very nicely tonight. Hopefully Knight stops the trend of first round big men right here, otherwise, he'll be laughed out of Atlanta.

12. Philadelphia 76ers- Al Thornton (Florida State) SF-- Underrated swingman who could have an immediate impact in the weak Atlantic Division on a weak Philly team that lacks a proven scorer. AT and AI (Igoudala) could prove to be a nice pair.

13. New Orleans Hornets- Thaddeus Young (Georgia Tech) SF-- Unless someone slides, I guarantee the Hornets will get Younger. But the question is will it be Nick or Thaddeus? I might have well just flipped a coin on this one, but I'll go with Thaddeus.

14. Los Angeles Clippers- Javaris Crittenton (Georgia Tech) PG-- I'm feeling the sting with back-to-back Yellow Jackets. The Clip could very well go wild Nick Young, a pick I would endorse. But I have a feeling they'll bolster their other backcourt position. With Livingston's injury, and an aging Cassell, this pick also makes sense.

15. Detroit Pistons- Nick Young (USC) SG-- I have my doubts that Young falls this far, if he does I hope Boston trades up and snags him. If he's not around expect Rodney Stuckey to go to Motown, otherwise, Detroit gets a great scorer in Young in case they need to replace Billups scoring.

16. Washington Wizards- Julian Wright (Kansas) SF--Incredible value here for the Wizards. Stuckey would be attractive as well, but you have to go with this guy. It's a crying shame he's slipped this far, except for Arenas who should be cheering his pants off inbetween EA commercials.

17. New Jersey Nets- Jason Smith (Colorado) PF-/C- Now that it looks like Vinsanity is going to re-up with the Nets they can address their need of a big man to be more competitive in the weak Eastern Conference. Smith looks like he runs the floor pretty well for being 7 foot, and I'll go out on a limb that he'll enjoy recieving passes from J-Kidd.

18. Golden State Warriors- Josh McRoberts (Duke) PF-- It really is murky here, I could go in a couple different directions. I know they'll go big, but which big will they go with? I'll go with McRoberts because he seems like he'd fit in NellieBall a little better than Tiago Splitter. My only concern is if McRoberts is too close of a carbon copy of Andris Biedrins.

19. Los Angeles Lakers- Rodney Stuckey (East Washington) SG-- Unfortunately for Dr. Buss, the Lakers could use a top 10 pick to help satisfy master Kobe, but they are barely in the top 20. My reasoning here is GM Mitch Kupchak starts thinking Kobe not returning is a possibility and looks for someone he could plug into his spot. Either that or he likes the idea of complimenting Kobe with an athletic scorer.

20. Miami Heat- Daequan Cook (Ohio State) SG--  I wanted to go with Sean Williams here, I figured Shaq being a cop could keep him in line, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. They could use some depth in the back court. I don't think they take one of the international guys here, so it's Cook or Gabe Pruitt.

 21. Philadelphia 76ers- Morris Almond (Rice) SG-- Pick 2 of 3 first rounders, I'm fairly sure they go 2-guard here, but who? I don't know. Could be Belinelli, Fernandez, Pruitt, Almond. I can't flip a coin so I'll just go with Almond. He's a nice player, and a killer scorer, with 4 years of college experience, with Thornton these guys could actually help make the 76ers better and right away, better not tell Billy King.

22. Charlotte Bobcats- Marco Belinelli (Greece) SG-- The streak of guards continues and it looks as if there is no end in sight. From what I've heard Belinelli can shoot the ball, and is pretty athletic, this and some fans is just what the Bobcats could use.

23. New York Knicks- Paris Hilton (Jail) B-- She would fit right in with all the rest of the misfits of the Knicks. And after watching Isiah build this team, then snag Ronaldo Balkman last year WAY too early, it wouldn't surprise me. She might even pass the ball. But if Isiah gets sidetracked with trade negotiations to acquire Zach Randolph's large contract, I will predict they take Wilson Chandler, a big man out of DePaul.

24. Phoenix Suns- Rudy Fernandez (Spain) SG-- Reportedly he could make more money playing oversees, but his dream is supposedly to play in the NBA, and who wouldn't want to play for the high powered offense of the Suns? If Belinelli's still available, he goes here.

25. Utah Jazz-Alando Tucker (Wisconsin) SF/SG--  I'd love to put McRoberts down on the block with Carlos Boozer if possible. But it ain't happenin on this, and I think they take a reach here and try to come up gold. I like Ronny Brewer, but if AK47 is dealt, it could open up a hole.

26. Houston Rockets-Nick Fazekas (Nevada) PF-- Since they traded Juwan Howard to Minnesota for Mike James, it eliminates their need for a point, but opens up their need for a big man. I don't really like Chuck Hayes, but I do like placing Fazekas, an excellent rebounder beside Yao.

27. Detroit Pistons-Tiago Splitter (Spain) PF/C-- Detroit tried with another foreign 7 footer with Darko Milicic, but if they can actually get Splitter off of his team overseas, he can develop into a very nice player for the Pistons.

28. San Antonio Spurs- Jared Dudley (Boston College) F-- My boy makes tons of sense in this slot for the Spurs; he's molded into a player Popovich would want, hard working, doesn't attract any negativity, and highly motivated. He can score and rebound, and would be a nice asset off the Spurs bench.

 29. Phoenix Suns- Petteri Koponen (Finland) PG-- If the homework I've done on this one is right, we could be looking at Steve Nash's replacement, not a great fastbreak player, but solid nonetheless. I'm growing more and mroe confident this pick will be made.

30. Philadelphia 76ers- Kyrylo Fesenko (Ukraine) C-- The 6ers really need a PG, Andre Miller is aging. I think this Billy K's will pass on one. Is this the right move? Maybe, but I'd take Glen 'Big Baby' Davis, but I'm guessing they won't see eye to eye with me. Taurean Green is the guy I'd take if I'm thinking point.


Well thats my first round predictions, I'd do the second round but Isiah wants my help with his draft. So I'll just leave a few names I think will go early in the 2nd and that will be good players:

Glen Davis (LSU) PF
Gabe Pruitt (USC) G
Sean Williams (Boston College) PF/C (First Round talent with some behavioral problems in the past, I'm hoping he winds up playing proball in the same city he called home in college.
Marcus Williams (Arizona) F/G
Derrick Byars (Vanderbilt) SF
Arron Afflalo (UCLA) SG
Marc Gasol (Spain) C
Taurean Green (Florida) PG
Dominic McGuire (Fresno State) SF
Demetris Nichols (Syracuse) SF




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