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I watched the first three games of the season to see how all the new players are meshing together and how well Favre is acclimating himself to this offense. I think it has been a mixed bag, with a few good series here and there. But overall I've seen some strange playcalling on offense, and special teams. These are my thoughts on the first three games and the direction of this team.

1.  This team gets no pass rush without Kris Jenkins in the middle. They need to get a big DT to sub in for him (or when he's injured with a bad back), someone that can push the pocket back to the QB, while the pressure fromt he edge. Their pass rush was horrible without him on the field, as Philip Rivers had all day to step up into a spacey pocket to pass. Pouha and Mosley are decent at stopping the run, but offer nothing in the way of pushing a pocket back.

2.  Passing first has lost them two games. Running early has won them a game.  Stick to the run, early and often. I don't care if it's Brett Favre. He can learn to hand off 20 times every half to Jones and Washington. If everybody knows Jones needs a few carries to get into the game, why not GIVE him carries? This should be a run to set up the pass team, not the other way around. Also, what happened to play action? Offensive gameplanning has been subpar.

3.  They need a vertical threat, or at least SOMEONE going deep. I hope Clowney comes back from injury soon. And if you don't have speedsters, use screens for Washington and Brad Smith. Even Dustin Keller. The Chargers, Colts, Cardinals, Broncos, or even Green Bay haven't had any receivers with 4.3 speed in a few years, but they find ways to get the ball down field. The Jets need to find ways to keep downfield attempts up to at leas a few a game. Shotgun may help.

4.  David Barrett, if he can get his shoulder right, looks like he could be a pretty good safety in sub packages or in a cover 3 alignment. He has years of experience giving guys a 15 yard cushion anyway.

5.  I really like Dwight Lowery. Outside of getting burned by Vincent Jackson on an audible, he did a pretty good job throughout the game. If this team can get pressure on a QB, he and Revis should be pretty good at covering anyone in 3 or 5 step drops, and even deeper passes for a while. 

Mainly, I think this team just goes as far as Kris Jenkins goes. He is the base of the 3-4 defense, the focal point of any penetration. Without him, I have seen that they get little to no pressure, no matter how many guys they bring. As I've said, this is just my opinion on my beloved Jets at this point in the season. I welcome any differing opinions.


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