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These are my rankings for the 2007 College Football Conferences. This list reflects the conferences that I think have the best teams from top to bottom, the best depth. The Above Par, At Par, and Under Par describe how I think each team will do next season.

1. SEC- The SEC is without a doubt the best conference in college football. This year's SEC could even be the best conference in history. Yes, it will be that good.

Above Par: Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee

At Par: Alabama, Kentucky, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Vanderbilt

Under Par: Mississippi State

2. Big 10- The Big 10 is this high for its four legit BCS bowl teams, although it's likely that a max of two will actually get it.

Above Par: Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin

At Par: Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue

Under Par: Illinois, Indiana

3. ACC- I know that the ACC isn't the most popular pick as the #3 conference. However, I think that the average teams here overcome the more top-heavy conferences overall. This will be the best ACC that we've seen in a while.

Above Par: Virginia Tech 

At Par: Florida State, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Miami (FL), North Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest 

Under Par: Duke, NC State

4. Pac 10- The Pac 10 is traditionally known as a push-over conference with USC and no one else. However, this year's conference looks to be very tough, and may be Top 3 material, if it weren't for a couple of teams.

 Above Par: California, Oregon, USC, UCLA

At Par: Arizona, Arizona State, Oregon State, Stanford

Under Par: Washington, Washington State

5. Big East- There's no doubt that this conference has three of the best teams in the nation, but they have three more teams that just cross the line of average, and they only have eight teams.

Above Par: Louisville, Rutgers, West Virginia

At Par: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, South Florida

 Under Par: Connecticut, Syracuse

6. Big 12- Honestly, I almost put the Big 12 at number two, so how did they get pushed down this far? Well, the more I analyzed at, the more I saw that there are some very good teams here, but also some below average and just plain bad ones. The Under Par teams in this conference and the lower at par teams are what costed this conference, otherwise a great one, the lowest spot among the Big 6.

Above Par: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas

At Par: Colorado, Iowa State, Kansas State, Missouri, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech

Under Par: Baylor, Kansas

7. WAC- This conference almost broke the Top 6, but the last 5 conferences should probably be in their own little list of mid majors. This league can't be of the same caliber as the Big 6, but it's certainly no cupcake.

Above Par: Boise State, Hawaii

At Par: Fresno State, Louisiana Tech, Nevada, San Jose State

Under Par: Idaho, New Mexico State, Utah State

8. Mountain West- The Mountain West looks to be pretty good this season, by mid major standards, of corse.

Above Par: TCU, BYU

At Par: Air Force, New Mexico, Utah

Under Par: Colorao State, San Diego, UNLV, Wyoming

9. C-USA- This is certainly a sub-par conference, but still gets 9th place honors because of the three or four legitimate teams that it does have.

Above Par: Southern Miss, Houston

At Par: UAB, Memphis, Rice, Southern Methodist, UTEP, Tulsa, UCF

Under Par: East Carolina, Marshall, Tulane

10. MAC- Definately one of the worst conferences in America, but it still has its charms.  

Above Par: NONE

At Par: Akron, Central Michigan, Kent State, Northern Illinois, Ohio, Toledo, Western Michigan  

Under Par: Ball State, Bowling Green, Buffalo, Eastern Michigan, Miami (OH)

11. Sun Belt- Middle Tennesse and Troy seem to be the only hope of this conference in ruins.  

Above Par: NONE

At Par: Arkansas State, Florida Atlantic, Louisiana Lafayette, Middle Tennessee, Troy

Under Par: Florida International, Louisiana Monroe, North Texas

Well. There you have it. I know there will be a lot of controversy here, but this is the hardest and most grueling blog I've ever written. Please comment and tell me what you think.




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